RCD compliance
When does RCD apply? Does anyone know whether a South African yacht home built in 1998, brought into EEA in 2003 and offered for sale. RCD says that if a boat is offered for sale in EEA ...

X Channel in a Dinghy.
A while back there was a massive debate about the danger of going X channel in an open boat. Well if you've read 'all at sea' recently you'd notice there's a teenage girl (IIRC) g...

LAPTOP v VHF (Was laptop Problem)
Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions, particularly John, who came up with the answer. It WAS the laptop screen 'wot did it!' As soon as I turned it so that the screen was ...

more faulty thinking
Lets say you built a boat with a spherical hull that had the same resistance to movement in all directions and put the most expensive sail you could buy on it. Could you make progress...

Re Unwanted gests
Hi all latest up date for those still interested my appeal was turned down by His Honour Judge Devaux because my solicitor failed to put in my appeal within the allotted time, there for...

Bes Internet Weather site I have ever found....
Now that the BBC has kindly stopped showing winds check out www.franksingleton.clara.net Covers weather sources and charts from just about everywhere

Bottom scrub
I have a small long keeled motorsailer 19ft. with a draught of 2ft. I want to tie it to a scrubbing post to give the bottom a scrub. What is the best method of doing this. I thought about a ...

Diesel Engines for Beginners
Any advice on how to learn about diesel engines? What are the best books, courses....any other options? My starting level of knowledge is near zero. And I have to look after (and be looked...

Who's the wanker who posts dozens of posts about my Captaincy?
You were so unnotable that I can't recall your name but just to keep you from having a conniption fit, here is a link to my Captain's license from the United States Coast Guard. h...

Guildford Coastal Cruising Club
Anyone who lives in the Surrey/North hampshire area will really appreciate this club which I joined a couple of years ago. It's very friendly and benefits from frequent informal rallies aro...

Superb photo
http://www.sailinganarchy.com/ has a fabulous picture of the Open 60 Sill at speed And on another thread - anyone who has ever sailed a high performance boat, be it a million poun...

sand bar
Here is an interesting picture of a sandy river mouth. It is called Whitehaven. Certainly white but not a sailors idea of a haven. http://www.shitkebab.com/image.php?image=/spaw/...

DSC Calls to Coastguard - Position Information
Does anyone know if a DSC routine call to a coast station such as the coastguard, or routine to another vessel, includes position information? Thanks, Nick

I guess france is gonna be crowded with south coast UKRSers this weekend!
Aromarches(sp?) for us, apparently in a gentle North Easterly. Kite up and cleated off, and pissed by Bembridge!

An Open Letter of Admiration to Capt. Neal!
Captain, I salute you! You have returned to this NG after a long period of absence, and have, in an awe-inspiringly short length of time successfully trolled simultaneously...

Duct tape residue on GRP. How to remove?
I have used duct tape to temporarily cover a hole and now that it is removed I find its glue residue is very difficult to remove. I have tried nail polish remover and methelated spiri...

BBC weather sans wind...
Do you think that the new BBC weather forcasts without wind are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard? Hmmmm, yes i do, and in keeping with a family tradition i had, of course, to make a ...

On topic about boats
Matthew 4:21 Going on from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John. They were in a boat with their father Zebedee, preparing their nets. Jesus call...

'Competent Crew'
Off at the end of June to Plas Menai to do a 'Competent Crew' course - 5 days living on a 10M yacht. Now I've got the kit list, but I was after any suggestions or 'Top Tips' - e...

Affordable moorings
I am looking for a cheap-ish mooring on the south coast within easy reach of London by train for a fin keeled Newbridge Venturer. Does anyone have any recommendations or links to get me sta...

Services yacht Ensys
Does anyone know how the services yacht Ensys comes to be on the hard in Cherbourg with an enormous hole in her side. When I saw it a week ago there wasn't much gear left on board but ther...

Faulty thinking.
Somebody asks if a sailboat has been invented that can sail right straight into the wind. Myself and others including knowledgeable folks in a physics newsgroup agree that it's imposs...

Windmills and the Craptain
Dan seemed to be genuinely trying to understand the concept, while perhaps causing some bother on the side. He now seems to have read an explanation he's satisfied with, and accepts that t...

Free sail to good home
Hi, On having a clear out of our recently acquired yacht, we found a "mystery sail". It is unused in excellent condition (apart from the piston hanks - see below) and is nothing...

new cruising website-free crewdate and crewmatch
Some of you sailors may want to check out this new website - cheap chandlery, free membership for crewdate and crewmatches-lots of free sailing information and free samples and discounts.

drive plate
I have a broken drive plate on a Volvo Penta TAMD31 with hydraulic PRM transmission. Engine hours: approx. 800. Seems a bit early to me. I know about drive plates on yachts that last for 2...

Avon inflatable valves
Does anyone know of a suitable valve which can be used as a replacement for those in an avon inflateable, which can be fitted inside the existing flanges, without need to cut bits away fro...

Wiring for NAVICO DL200 Log
Hi, Does anybody know what the 6 different coloured wires off a NAVICO DL200 log transducer do? The only problem that I have is that the Log display is showing zero knots, ...

Car direct into wind.
A Phd student and I have just made this and is now operating on my office floor. Lego and cardboard wind mill make it work. Photos will be on my website as soon as we can find the digi...

What the Internet has done for me.
The Internet has been invaluable in that it has demonstrated how the vast majority of the world consists of fools, idiots and ignorant people who don't know how to think, what to think or wh...

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