CN's ship? -- Martin

Want to sail in a Square Rigger
Still two places left on a weeks sail training on a Square Rigger £Cost 307 Outbound 7th May 2005 inbound 13th May detials from me remove the X...

Friesland Waterways
Can anyone recommend a book on the Inland Friesland Waterways. (in English)

Have a 30 foot sail boat and an itch to solo a few hundred miles , 10 to 20 miles offshore. How stupid is the notion of turning on the lights and drifting overnight (taking onshore winds and...


Mediterranean Marina Directory?
Hi, does anybody know of a listing of marinas in the med? Ideally with contact details, prices and a list of facilities. Website preferred but will consider a paper publication if its any go...


Farr 7500 TS Owners Manual
Hi, I am trying to find said item - and will be happy to pay any costs involved - begging, copy, borrow or buy. TIA -- Duncan

Cruising off the Balearics
I'm in the process of doing a deal for a weeks bareboat charter out of Palma in September. My (wheelchair bound) niece is flying over. Partly as earthbound holiday, partly to co...

Add checksum to NMEA sentences
I recently received a question from a boat owner who had installed TackTick Micronet and wanted to connect his Danaplus speed/depth instrument via NMEA. The latter does not add a checksum to...

Any Info on Catch 22 please?
I'm considering getting a Catch 22 (twin keel version) as this boat would seem to meet my needs pretty well. However, in spite of much searching the net, I've found very little inf...

Deck or keel stepped?
Looking at used boats I was surprised to find the same model of boat fitted with keel stepped and deck stepped masts. Apart from the cost and easier handing of a deck stepped mast. Can a...

Liveaboard Insurance in the Med?
Hi, I am planning to buy a Moody 44, (around 1993-1996, £130K +/-), and liveaboard it in the Med. or the Atlantic Coast of Spain/Portugal/France, and Madeira and The Canaries. <...

Sailing Schools closest to London?
Hi, I live in Central London and want to learn sailing from scratch (even though I have sailed 10 years ago; also I windsurf and fly planes and helicopters, so have good understanding of wi...

cruising log?
Two questions, really. I'm learning navigation, putting it into some sort of practice by sailing my Heron dinghy on pre-plotted mini-cruises. Question 1: what would be an average ...

Newbie question Re Yacht Clubs
Hi I would welcome some advice on the necessity or benefits of joining a Yacht Club, particularly with respect to cruising. At this stage I should admit to motor rather than sa...

Yeoman Plotter
Someone recommended the yeoman plotter to me last week Any users/former users out there ? what do you think about it ? Regards None of the opinions expressed in t...

British registered boats entering Havana [Cuba].
A number of us have attempted to find out what is required for a British registered boat to enter Cuba. Most of our questioning of various authorities, end with statements about return airli...

Whereabout of Mut the Custard?
Some friends and I will be bringing a British registered boat from the west coast of Florida to the UK, starting next week. I thought having watched Hornblower last Saturday night we should ...

Dinghy hire
Hello all I'd like to be able to hire dinghies by the day in southern England, preferably in the Chichester, Portsmouth, Christchurch and Poole areas. Does anybody know if anybody...

Tony will be happy tonight - j was relaunched this afternoon in almost perfect weather - he was talking about a wee sail down to Campbeltown. -- A T (Sandy) Morton on t...

wanted sailmaker
know of a sailmaker in the west London or Thames valley area. I need to get some repairs modifications done and would like to use someone near where I live in Uxbridge. Ian

I have a friend who has done very little sailing but would like to gain experience by crewing cross channel or to the med from the UK. What would be the best way to find a decent boat ...

Catamaran choice?
Hi, I've been doing some early stage research into the possibility of buying a boat in a few years time (when the kids are a little older). My current thinking is that a catamaran ...

Re: Blue Ensign
> so for instance the QE2 was seen with a blue ensign. The Royal Yacht Britannia, now permanently berthed in Edinburgh, wears a defaced Blue of the Royal Forth Yacht Club. I unders...

Lighting - Fibre Optic (Nav, interior, mood etc...)
Wondered if any of the list members have come across this before. I work with a FO manufacturing company (in the UK)and am currently developing a boat friendly set of self-install fibre opti...

Blue Ensign
A quick question for Friday. What are the rules governing the flying of the Blue Ensign on board private yachts (and as a pennant)? Can you point me to the appropriate reference? Many thanks...

CN in charge? h...

Weather !
Hows the weather over the Atlantic please. My son is sailing from Miami to South of France this week Jen

Boat transport
Does anyone know of a proffessional company that would be able to transport [By road} a 26' yacht from SW Scotland to SE England.

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