needed, manual for Volvo AQ120B
hi can anyone point me to an online version ? thanks fragged

Teak oil
The bits of teak on my boat are bleached almost white now and I was considering giving them a dose of teak oil - they've had nothing at all so far (4 years). Any advice or warnings before ...

ABN-AMRO photos © Ronald Koelink - !!! Text etc. at -- Martin...

Forte Agent crack site -- Martin

Radar reflector
I'm a bit sceptical about fancy radar reflectors (and reflectors in general) but I have seen an ad for Echomax that claims great results form a government defence agency tests. An...

Filtering cross-posts
Suppose (hypothetically, of course) that I wanted to filter out posts cross-posted to group A but still see posts cross-posted to group B? With my current usenet reader (Gravity) I can fil...

Anchor Lamps
Last year I tried to use a new hurricane lamp for early evening before turning on the 12V anchor light, and each time found it blew out with only a moderate breeze. Are there an...

Arbroath is North of Inverness
Red faces at the Yachting Monthly team for screwing up the map on page 92 of this (well, next, technically) month's issue. And 5 out of ten for effort on their article about innovative...

Parking lights for boats
Does anyone know where I could get an automatic switch to turn off my parking light - i think some people call it an anchor light ( why? its not on the anchor ) - at dawn? 10W at th...

Come here to find a wrsitwatch for you
Come here to find a wrsitwatch for you

Vous pouvez retrouver gratuitement toute l'actualité de la voile sur Voiles News Magazine :
Vous pouvez retrouver gratuitement toute l'actualité de la voile sur Voiles News Magazine : L'actualité : nouveaux bateaux, accastillage, vêtement, location, presse, école, Fédé...

Recent Items from - A Sailing Community
BMW Oracle Arrives in Valencia High Speed Run In Offering Free Crew and Boat Listi...

to lock Propellor or not Well at least there is an academic establish ment that has a view on drag of a locked propellor. Need to scroll down to sub heading "...

First wire splice
Just completed my first rope (10mm Marlow Braid) to 4mm wire splice. A bit of the splice is a bit nobbly, but not too bad. However, not surprisingly, the 10mm tail is now 13 mm at the ...

What's happening about LED nav lights?
Last time I was looking at replacing nav lights, some people were experimenting with LEDs and getting apparently good results. Can one yet buy a commercial LED masthead unit, and if not why ...

Anti Fouling paint for The Blackwater
We've used Waterways or similar anti fouling for fresh water use, but having left the boat in the Blackwater for the last few years noticed weed growing very quickly (soon went when ...

Trailer Sailer
Have just created a msn group for all interested in trailer sailers in the UK its at

Since half of us are decamping to the West Coast this Summer:

Some more dumb questions...
Hi all, First of all, what's a "survey" - when is it necessary and how much does it cost? Next: How long would it take to sail single-handedly from S/England to the Win...

Mast sheaves
The sheaves on the mast are all quite worn. The profiles aren't bad but the bores are badly worn and I suspect are contributing to excess friction on the halyards. I thought of re...

The Average Cost of Boat Ownership
Hello all Probably impossible to answer this but we should be able to agree an average. If I buy a small yacht for coastal sailing for say £10k (not a trailer sailor) what would...

Father Ted
I will be sailing around Ireland this summer, and I am a real fan of the Father Ted series. I'd love to see the place they filmed the location bits, especially the rock shelf with the stra...

Wassitlike? It's the only one of the Small Isles I've never been to. According to my Michelin map it's got one eastfacing loch with a castle. What's the shelter l...

Opinions: Propdrive when sailing - Neutral or in Gear? and how much diference does a folding prop make.
Got into a discussion in the pub the other day, by a guy who'd recently bought a brand spanking new racing spec Beneteau 36. The price he'd paid for the folding prop option (along with ot...

Webbing - where to get in reels?
I need to replace my forward safety trampolene. The current one is made out of a close-woven net material, but I'm not planning a direct replacement for a number of reasons. First, the peopl...

18 Foot Skiff - Selling it Soon!
In a couple of months time we'll be selling our Australian 18 foot skiff 'Old Snapper'. It has been based in Chichester harbour for a number of years, but now is nearly the time t...

Swiftech VHF Antenna Wiring
I've been trying to run a new piece of co-ax into my (used) Swiftech VHF antenna, with little success. The old bit of co-ax that was removed just had the core exposed, some core i...

I can produce my own wind for sailing !!!
I just have to eat some beans and fart into the sails.So I can always sail at full speed ! Great, isn't it ?

Dinghy Show.
No trip to the dinghy show would be complete without a visit to the British Moth stand. :-) P.

Powerboat wash - a problem?
As we were bobbing around on Sunday a tw*t in a Gin Palace flew past us fairly close to and gave us some wash to plough through. The owner of 'our' boat did his nut, lots of shouting a...

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