First time out...
Hi all, I'm just wondering whether I ought to really check out sailing on a trail basis before spending 30 or 40k on a boat of my own. If it turns out I don't get on with life afl...

Dumb question on single-handed long passages
Hi all, I haven't actually sailed a boat yet but plan to later this year. I am therefore still a bit green when it comes to the intricacies of the subject. Say I'm keen to vi...

ye olde spinnaker
Looking at some old pictures of J class (and similar) yachts, I got to wondering why they sheeted their spinnakers inside the forestay, and when the practise stopped. Suggestions an...

Paging Jonathan Scholefiled
Jonathan. Thanks for a well delivered first aid course at the weekend. Looking forward to getting further involved with Ahoy, was very impressed with the facilities and centre....

yoeman plotter
Has anyone used a yoeman plotter? what are they like? are they worth having? Bobby

Help on Jeanneau Attalia 32 Please
UKRS please help. I have not sailed since I was a young lad on the local lakes in Mirror's were I also attained GCE quals in Navigation & Seamanship. I am an active Divemaster a...

Martin where are you
Please send me an e-mail Gerard

Kelsall Typhoon 25' sailing TRIMARAN for sale in Poole, Dorset
Currently at auction on item# 4531033011 or copy & paste: Ends 06-Mar-05 2...

Safety question
Last September I visited my brother in BC Canada and arranged a week long charter on a 30' Pearson out of Nanaimo. I am new to sailing but my brother has experience. We were required to ...

Re: perspex/ acryllic washboard?
Frosted lets the light in but affords some privacy !. Rgds MJ > "Nikki Locke" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected]

Reform of ship radio licences
Our grumbling about the annual cost of the ship radio licence may be about to end! OFCOM have published a proposal to replace the annual licence with one valid for the life of the vessel ...

Sailing books online etc
Hi all There are a number of books available online for free which I have found while researching a RTW trip, most a little dated however, but they may be of value to some. ...

Help me choose a boat...
Hi all, I've decided to buy a yacht of some sort and need some pointers as to what type, size-range and manufacturers to concentrate on. I have no experience of sailing to date, ...

Monel blind rivets
Anyone know of a good source of monel pop rivets? I need a couple of dozen 1/4 rivets and would rather not pay 1 plus each. Ian

Heater for Cabin
Anyone reccomend a cheapish heater for very occasional use in cabin of Westerly centuar? Gas has been taken off. Thanks Rich

Single CQR with potential opposing tide (or wind).
Imagine you've got a CQR of appropriate size for a boat, and suitable chain out, and it 'feels' like it's bitten in a suitable bit of seabed. Can you *really* trust it enough to ...

Recent Items from - A Sailing Community
High Speed Run In Offering Free Crew and Boat Listings Learn about Gipsy Moth and ...

Paint for baby blake
Can anyone recommend best paint for the metal bits on a baby blake? TIA Padz

Heads Up... Ellen feature on BBC1 at 20:00 today... :)
you've got less than one hour to prepare yourselves in... -- Educate and emancipate yourself, use Linux

Poole harbour anchot
Speaking of Poole harbour anchor (someone was earlier)... what is the correct method for mooring in the 'deep' channels? It seems the only places you can anchor in a 1.6M draft boat ...

OT: Teaching...
Ok... looks like I'm seriously considering taking the plunge this year and go train to be a teacher. I accept that the money's crap, the kids are often little b*stards and morale in the p...

VHF SILVA S15- opinions and alternatives at same price pls.
It s all in te subject line. We are looking to buy a new base station for our boat ,and this seems quite nice with its navtex addition. Is it worth it really at around 230??? Than...

aerogen 4
I'm trying to find a mounting manual for the aerogen 4 in french language. Can someone help me ? [email protected]

The food scare (OT)
Re the current scare. I took back a jar of Colman's Sea Food Sauce to our local shop, run by an Indian who speaks Glaswegian , and we had a good laugh about it, I could afford to ...

Ellen in Greenwich
We've all heard many things, mainly good but a few not so about Ellen. Having never met her, I went into Greenwich to see her on Sunday and what a delight it was. There are many...

ICC renewal
What is the process for renewing the ICC? Many Thanks

Volvo Penta 2001
Can anyone suggest the correct Start Battery spec for a Volvo Penta 2001. Note this is a start battery only, there is a seperate domestic battery. Many thanks Andy H ...

B&G instruments communication interface
Hi! I am trying to interface ALL of the B&G instruments on my boat with my PC. I would like to be able to get all the information available from the instruments on the PC (say to ...

SSB & Email
hello I have a ssb setup on my boat and was thinking of getting a modem to access some sort of email client like sailmail. has anyone used this sort of thing? What do you recommend

Anyone know if Martin is OK - I miss his humour. -- A T (Sandy) Morton on the Bicycle Island In the Global Village

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