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Seafarer 465 trailer sailer
I am considering buying one of these 15 foot trailer sailers I have owned sonatas and e boats trailing the eboa around was fine while I had a company car but would li...

FA: Morse throttle control
TAke a look: Good luck

Bradwell 18
I've just aquired one of these and finding nothing on the web I thought I'd set up a website as a repository of information from fellow owners. I'm also hoping to compile a list boats, it c...

Outboard Overboard
Advise for sailing novice. Outboard 4 stroke Mariner been overboard for 3 weeks in sea water. How can I save it?? MCF

marine engine wanted
hi, does anyone know about a good place to get preowned boat engines? i need a second hand around 20-40hp diesel engine for a 37foot sailing yacht.laying in spain. thank´s, ...

Second hand boat search tool Somebody in the Netherlands has produced this tool that integrates lots of separate boat search sites. The sites are not limited to Dutch sites, but are all ...

Trailer sailer
With all the talk just recently about lifting keels I got to wondering about the keel attachment. How on earth do they attach swinging keels to the boat and maintain a seal against wate...

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High Speed Run In Offering Free Crew and Boat Listings Learn about Gipsy Moth and Chiche...

I'm an avid reader of the news groups, read nearly all the magazines, go to the boat shows, am taking a day skipper theory and practical course, and I even sail a Laser and Solo at my loca...

Do anybody transport their dingies to regatas in Italy, Austria or Croatia?
Hi, I would need to transport dingy (505) from UK to Croatia. It would be nice if someone goes to regatta this spring in Croatia or in country nearby, like Italy or Austria...

Cruising Instructor Certificate
Hi I have the option to do the Cruising Instructor Certificate assessment in the next couple of months - has anyone done this, and are there any tips? Many thanks,

Competent Crew to Day Skipper - Intensively?
Hi, Is there anywhere in the UK or the Med where one can go from complete novice to Day Skipper in an intensive fashion? I.e. 3 months non-stop on a boat or something. ...

Ouch 2
Skandia lost her keel this morning in the Vendee. Apparently it snapped off 30 cm below the keel. Ian

Propeller wanted
Hi. I am looking for a RH, 3 blade 14x13 or 14x12 propeller with a standard metric taper for a 25 mm shaft. If you can help please drop me a line to - [email protected] <...

Beginner looking for crewing experience in Southwest Scotland
Hello, I hope to take up sailing while in Scotland for a few years. I visited some clubs on the coast southwest of Glasgow and will take dinghy courses but these only start in a f...

A picture is worth a thousand words: <URL:> -- [email protected] (Simon Brooke) http://www.ja...

DVD worth watching.
The Feb edition of Yachting world has a free 2 hour sailing DVD which is well worth watching. Although much of the two hours is taken up with interviews and on shore stuff, in between there'...

Tohatsu 3.5 owners handbook
Anyone know where I can downlaod a copy of the owners pamphlet for Tohatsu 3.5 long sahaft thanks Ridh

Any advice on this boat?
Hi, my partner and I are thinking of getting into a somewhat sportier an bigger boat than we have right now. Does anyone here know more about this (type) boat? http://home.versatel.n...

Second Anchor
I am planning to sail round Ireland this summer, and the pilot book recommends taking a second anchor. The boat is a Bavaria 34, weighing 4.5 tonnes unladen, with a tendency to rove around...

St Kilda Cruise
Does anyone think this cruise sounds ok? I have never sailed that far before, anyone think it will be a good trip? Cheers

Opinions please
The following is a situation put forward during the RYA VHF exam for attendees to 'script' a response - You are at anchor 1 cable south of the Medway Buoy. A crew member trips ...

Recent Items from - A Sailing Community
High Speed Run In Offering Free Crew and Boat Listings Learn about Gipsy Moth and Chiche...

FS: crap boat good trailer

The joys of sailing!
We used to call it sailing. Now read this:- "I've had a wireless LAN on board Lionheart, an Amel Sharki 41' ketch, for some time. A Compaq Latitude notebook runs The Cap'n nav softwar...

Team Catharsis Can it get any worse? -- Martin

Dynaplate/ zinc anodes
This question is may be a bit off topic here, but I will try anyway since there are so many experienced people on this NG. I am about to fit additional zinc hull anodes from McDuff on my b...

crew places at tall ship cruise around Corsica next week
Ahoy! Next Saturday in Genoa we start our cruise that we organise at the tall ship for a group of our friends. Unfortunately, some of them cannot go. So, we have few crew places. ...

In all inshore areas. BINGO! Inshore Waters Forecast to 12 miles offshore from 1700 UTC to 1700 UTC. From Cape Wrath to Rattray Head including Orkney. ...

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