Gori Prop repair
Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on repairing a Gori 2 bladed folding prop on a splined 1" saildrive shaft. There is a lot of play in the rubber bushing in the hub and clearly...

Private Charter ex St. Vincent
A neighbour farmer friend and I are interested in a private bare boat charter of a 35/45 foot yacht out of St Vincent or Bequia or anywhere in the Grenadines with a view to taking part in th...

Ellen's progress (ex Troll alert)
Wally wrote: > Pete Styles wrote: > > > The trouble is that Ellen is now 2 days infront, a staggering > > performance, and there's not much controvers...

Help with Early Hunter 19 identification
Hi There.... I am hoping someone from the group may be able to help me identify an old Hunter 19 i have just purchased with what may be an interesting history. She appears ...

Kiwi Props
Does anyone have any experience of these props? We are considering fitting one to our Konsort which is fitted with a Buhk 24 MVE. Current 14inch prop is not providing propulsion. ...

Day Sailer One Mainsheet rigging, Halyards and Vang rigging
Greetings! I recently purchased a Spindrift Designs Day Sailer One which seems to have everything there except both sail halyards. Through my research so far it seems ODay first ...

REQ: Help installing a Taylors Heater
Hello all We have just bought a Taylors heater (079-diesel, second hand) for our boat. It has come without the manual. Does anyone know where we can get hold of one? C...

Main reefing question
Hi all i hope you had a good sail yesterday ,we did.....(tried to ) Anyway question time : my main has 2 lines of holes ,on the 2/3 and 3/4 of its height. It is a lose foot mai...

Unknown Boat
There is a boat that has turned up in Liverpool marina and I was wondering what it is. I thought it might of been a Westsail 32 but it doesn't a outboard rudder? It is about 30 odd foo...

Commercial - re the laptop battery thread.
As some of you know, I've had a page up for a while detailing how to open up a laptop lithium-ion battery and replace the cells inside to refurbish the battery. It is something I have ...

Merry Christmas
To one and all. Ian

Classic and Vintage Xmas Quiz
Getting board of the Guardian Quiz.... Telegraph Quiz too easy for you? Why not test your knowledge of classic dinghy sailing by having a go at the Classic and Vintage Racin...

Ever seen one of these?
I'm trying to contact the owners of a little known class of dinghy called a Lazy E. Do you know of someone with one? If so could you get them to contact me.

What time is the Yule Tide?
Decided to look up my tide tables as I have a race on Monday and started thinking about the Yule Tide. should it be the morning or afternoon tide on Christmas Day? After all those three ship...

OT: Dunkirk
Anyone else watching 'Dunkirk' with John Mills? Cracking film. There was a carvel built motor boat a few miles down stream where I used to sail as a kid that had gone over ...

Laptop running on 12V from the boat battery
OK here is a question that i feel a bit stupid for asking but there must be something behind it. Can i run the laptop from the boats domestic battery or is there some reason that the ...

Diesel Furnaces
The best and only effective 'silencer/muffler' for Webasto Blasters and Eberspacher Rockets is to rip them out and chuck them over the side. Sharing a moorage with a bunch of these things is...

Newbie Question - Catamaran Towing
Hi I have to collect a Prindle 18-2 catamaran and tow it home in the near future. The boat has been bought unseen (it was cheap and meets my project requirments). Be...

Sail trim swedish translation needed
here is some info about sail trimming for my boat .anyone could help to translate in english? http://uk.msnusers.com/DanskB31Klub/Documents/Sejlf%C3%B8ring%20og%20Trim%2FSejlf%C...

Bergskil (in swedish).what is it ?
25 kr Bergskil, vinklad Vinklad bergskil. Galvat stål Längd: 20 cm Bil, båt och cykel » Båt » Båttillbehör Artikel 650147 Anyone can tell me what is this for ?I have 4 ...

steel Hull
If the steel hull of a boat could be galvanised before it was painted and fitted out would it protect the boat better? or would the galvanised coat react and remove itself to other part...

Calling Guy Fawkes
In a previous signature, you had an advice page for anyone repairing a laptop battery. I wonder if you can help me, I am really struggling to find a supplier for the cells. The un...

Mass reply to all the Ellen & Death Rate stuff... (Long)
Mass reply to all follows: "skmonel" <don'[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected] > On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 13:45:13 -0000, Stefan <d...

Atoms Wind Vane
Hi I recently lost the rod that links the top of my Atoms Windvane to the bottom. Does anyone know of anywhere I might be able to get spares? Many thanks

Supplier for Fortress anchor
I've decided to buy a Fortress anchor as my second bower, after a lot of thought, I might add - not an easy decision since no anchor is perfect for all seabeds but at least I can lift a Fort...

GPS (Done to death again!!!) Esp. Garmin GPS-II
Just netted my first portable GPS (along with some other stuff[1]). A garmin GPS-II, an antiquated unit, granted, but does very well the important job of giving that distance/bearing from ...

12v separator-charger question
I was wondering if i change one of the batteries with a bigger AH one would i have to change any settings in the separator or is it by itslf regulating what load goes where? Ple...

Coolant/antifreeze ,Glykol,and dilution per water liter question
I have a closed fresh water cooling system installed from a kit of MARTEC ,the swedish makers. I am looking for info on the glykol percentage i must use ,and on what altenrative i can...

Water tank advise needed
I have a 40 liter water tank and as it came with swedish manual i have no clue what to do to maintain it in drinkable condition. I got some liquids that came with the boat ,one that says so...

Wwomen and children first?
Unfortunately, a succinct response could have been rendered by Mr. J. Swift while in his mood of 1729.

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