surplus shackles thanks for looking. Dave

Foul weather jacket
Hi all, I'm looking for "Foul weather jacket", XXXL size. Could anyone point me to the store/retailer, selling those? (UK preferred) Thanks.

Sailing Records.
I was look through the sailing records link from Ellen's page and found this complete nutter: Longest series non stop, singlehanded circumnavigations. Jon Sanders, AUS Parry Endea...

For the very bored
Try sailing_game/html/game.stm

Oilies for extra large person
My friend who is over 6'8" (about 2.04m) tall and not very thin as well is looking for a set of oilies (jacket and pants) to use for foul/heavy weather sailing. Does any one know of a UK ret...

Ellen's on her way...
At 8.00am tomorrow. <URL:> Best of luck and fair winds! -- [email protected] (Simon Brooke) http://www.jasmine.or...

Air bubble in compass!
Brought the boat compass from the boat into the house recently observing an air bubble at least the size of a shilling. So made a mental note to ask about procedure for 'topping up such a

LRC Certificate
I've posted here 5 (five) messages that were in the Elecsol thread in case anyone would like to carry on with an MF/HF/Ham discussion...... >>> I'll be interested to how you g...

Headliner deteriorating, 1970s Westerly
The headliner in our 1970s Westerly Tiger which has been stored, is falling away from the underside of the deck. The headliner is/was an off white-vinyl material with a foam backing....

Cheap boat and trailer anyone?
Oh well. Wife doesn't quite see the potential, just the aggro! Red faces all round this end I can tell ...

1st CFV : Create unmoderated newsgroup uk.rec.gps
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- FIRST CALL FOR VOTES (OF 2) Create unmoderated newsgroup uk.rec.gps Votes must be received by 23:59:59 GMT, 15th Dec 2004.

For MAIB accident report readers
Unsuprisingly, the US equivalent is at A couple may be interesting: "Sinking of the Recrational Sailing Vessel MORNING DEW at the Entrance to Harbor of Charles...

advert - for sale
Some excellent yottie books that should grace any self respecting sailor's bookshelf available at

Using cooking oil for fuel
With the possible demise of red diesel has anyone considered using cooking oil as fuel? Does anyone already use it? What are the disadvantages? Do you use brand new, unused oil or...

Shearwater Catemaran ?
I have recently taken ownership of a what i think is a shearwater catemaran II. I don't know any history on the boat and wonder if anyone could point me to the relevant resource, shear...

Alternative liferaft
Was having lunch with a few people I work with the other day. They are the sort that worry about people single handing across the North Sea or in the Channel. We started discussing Christmas...

Starting a cold diesel without glow plugs
Previous winters I've used a boat that had a two cylinder outboard in a well. But I sold that last summer and am nowing using a boat with Yanmar YSE single cylinder diesel, with no preheater...

cheap sailing watch
Cheap because I object to paying 200 for something I'll probably lose in the water. Any recommendations for something with a decent race timer? Andy

Got it fixed - Volvo MD7A Injector Pump
My 26 years old Leisure 27 has a Volvo MD7A engine which died on me. I suspected the injector pump as there was a fuel supply to it but nothing came out of injector pipes. I'm sure I fo...

Cheapest perspex??
Trying to find a supply of perspex to replace two windows on my boat. So far the cheapest seems to be DIY Plastics who charge 60 for a sheet of 3mm 80x59 inches. They also want 15 quid ...

RNLI safety e-learning
If you can find the bit in the material below under rules of the road (sail)/crossing channels, I really like the bit where the yacht puts on the brakes to let the ship cross. The next boa...

Boat 4 Sale
Noone interested in a Vivacity 20?

Garmin GPS with rechargeable batteries
I was thinking of buying a battery charger and rechargeable batteries for use (among other things) with my Garmin eTrex. However I notice that rechargeable batteries have a voltage of ...

Transatlantic: the challenge
Anyone watch the BBC2 programme on a women boxer, who had never sailed, being prepared for a transatlantic record attempt on "Pindar"? She seemed to be getting some clueless advice, notabl...

Sailing around Ireland
I'm thinking of sailing around Ireland next summer (from the Solent). I shall be single handed for some of it, so I want day-sailing as much as possible (I'd probably have crew for the Pen...

Mechanical sanders
Are the electric sanders ("mouse") as sold in B and Q etc, worth the money? Do they make a huge improvement over elbow grease? I'm about to sand off the old paint paint from fibreglas...

Pegasus 800 Spinnaker
I have a Pegasus 800 and want to buy a second hand spinnaker. Can anyone advise what the dimensions need to be? Thanks in advance.

Keel paint
Had my my boat hauled out last weekend and noticed that the plastic ? coating on the keel has started to flake off exposing lead. Can I just antifoul over this or does it need covering with ...

Evinrude Yacht Twin Prop
Anyone know a good place on the Web to get a replacement prop for my 1990ish 4hp Evinrude Yachtwin ?

Admiralty Leisure Chart Plotter
I attended a market research seminar this week, conducted on behalf of UKHO and with 2 of their staff present. Evidently these seminars are being conducted in various other locations as wel...

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