Antifouling DIY or not ?
Hello all I'm new to boat ownership and enjoying the learning challenges so far. My boat (benteau 311) is now wintering out of the water on a cradle and will need antifouli...

VHF Radio Licencing
After all these years and having finally bought a cruiser, I suppose I'd better find out how to licence an on-board VHF radio. (I've had my licence since I was 18) Where do I go ...

Ferro Cement - (ex-or present ) owners opinion required
What is your opinion on ferro boats? Did you ever own one?If you care to share your experience i am very willing to hear it. I see that i can get a 35 feet boat with under 25000 ,and i...

RE: [Anyone else having difficulties with Faiways Marine?]
My thanks to those who emailed me. It seems that Fairway's is now talking to their unhappy customer about sending the refund. I will post the result in due course..........

Spring Tides (all year)
just been out for a few beers with me dad, and we were talking about the recent bad weather in the west country, in particular his local news was reporting the problems were made worse by ...

LRC somewhere in London?
I do have valid VHF (restricted) license issued overseas. I would like to upgrade to Long Range Certificate. Do you know any of upgrade training London-based (as close to Ealing as possible ...

Keep eyes open please?
I think I've narrowed my search.. I've seen a Bavaria Oceanis 35 and like the layout. Twin rear berth version. (The one for sale is not on my 'to buy' list - based in Gibra...

Bananas aboard a boat?
I can not recall where I first heard about the superstition of bananas aboard boats bringing bad luck. I do recall reading a book about a Sydney to Hobart Tragedy where it mention...

Vendee Globe virtual following in real time and real winds
The next regatta at VirtualTransat will be ------------------- SAIL THE PLANET RWC ------------------- Nov 7th 2004, 12h00GMT This regat...

Worlds best sailing combi dinghy
Worlds best sailing multi dinghy Which dinghies would you say could compete for the title? ...and what is your argument? Sailing traits? Maintenance? Safety?...

On the rocks
Ouch! See

Anyone else having difficulties with Faiways Marine?
It seems that a friend of mine (in Australia) is having difficulties obtaining a refund for parts incorrectly supplied (and duly returned) with Fairways Marine, Malden, Sussex. They s...

Anyone else having difficulties with Faiways Marine?
It seems that a friend of mine (in Australia) is having difficulties obtaining a refund for parts incorrectly supplied (and duly returned) with Fairways Marine, Malden, Sussex. They s...

Mercury 3.5 o/b problem
i have a Mercury 3.5 outboard approx age 1982. It has forward and neutral gears. The problem is that when i put the engine into gear the propellor spins but only at low speed regardless of...

Day Skipper Theory Course
Hi can anyone recommend a good day skipper theory course that takes place in London, ideally over several weekends or evening classes. I've looked at the RYA website an...

Oh, shit
Well, if the forecast is right, we get a force 9 easterly into my mooring on Wednesday night. I don't have very good shelter from the east, but that doesn't often matter because easterly sto...

Solar panels
Following on a little on the electric boats theme last week, I'm thinking of adding a solar panel to keep my two 80Ah batteries alive. The idea is I can come down for a sail with the confi...

Experience Wanted, Liverpool area
Hello NG I am very new to sailing, I have all of 3 weeks experience but would like to learn a lot more. I have completed a competent crew course and I am curently attending my D...

Old Garmin 90...updates??
I have an old (1995) Garmin 90 which I used to use in my aeroplane. I had an odd occurence of the unit dumping all of it's pre installed way points (which H Mendelsshon thought I'd caused...

surplus stainless Steel eyelets
surplus stainless steel eyelets - bought in error Good Luck David <...

Can anyone recommend a marine surveyor with experience of steel yachts anywhere near Anglesey? Ta Padz AT

E Boat Mast Wanted!
After a major release of the moths (from my wallet!) I'm now the proud owner of an E Boat. The only small concern is that it's mast is broken, so I'm looking for another mast!

Icom hand held vhf
Hi, Having bought one of these, I wonder what is the best way to keep the battery when not in use for long periods? Is it best to let it discharge fully or to try to keep it fully charg...

Red Diesel > White Diesel
it's basically a filtering process, but an exceptionally fine one. Clays are good, kaolin (china clay) gets everywhere from glossy paper to toothpaste, fullers earth was used by fuller...

Use of climbing rope onboard
I know that there are a few (ex) climbers in this newsgroup. I wish to purchase some "springy" climbers' rope for use on board. This is NOT for climbing, but as an up-haul for the dag...

Red Diesel
I have read the proposals on the website about the proposals for tax on red diesel. Many good points raised about why it should not happen, especially the part about us...

aussie girl seeks sailing adventure
I'm an Aussie girl from the Whitsundays (aka tropical island paradise)that has come to the other side of the world (UK) and would love to get back on a boat. I have yachting experience up t...

Spade-anchor users: what are your experiences?
Hi all, I'm considering purchase of a Spade anchor. I'm curious if there are any members of this group with experience. I have seen various reports and I know about the bolt-probl...

Faq - where?
Hello, Where is the charter and FAQ of uk.rec.sailing? -- Nikodem

Dehumidifiers - great value site
I have had all sorts of issues with dehumidifiers icing up in cold weather and during defrosting tipping water all over the galley as the drain hole was iced up. I found this web ...

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