Sail trim /rig tuning puzzle
I'm looking for suggestions on a problem I'm having on a (brand new) 31'ft sailing yacht. Basically, the genoa will set fine downwind, and upwind on the port tack. Upwind on the s...

Cross Channel Experience
Just A Thought. 4 of us are thinking of doing a cross channel hop in the new year (probably early february). The initial plan is to sort out a skippered charter and get the off...

Eventide 24ft project
Hi Guys I am looking for an 10hp engine for a eventide also looking for help with the interior fitting it out. I have tried the Eventide owners Assoc but Have had no luck. Want to get this b...

T-Shirt: luff 'em and leave 'em
I saw an excellent T-shirt at the weekend, but didn't get chance to ask the wearer where she#d got it from. It was a sail-race t-shirt with the phrase "Luff 'em and Leave 'em" on the back...

Aquagen 100 generator
I'm considering buying one of these towable generators second hand. (The poor charging abilities of my two stroke outboard keeps me too dependent on topping up the batteries at marinas.) I...

images ?
Hello, Could you tell me if there would exist a special group for images, as we have, in France with news:/, which completes our group ? Many...

How not to sail under a bridge -- Martin

Channel 15 and 17
Channels 15 and 17 are international ship-to-ship channels, so is there any reason why they should be used by small boats? Ian

Navtex not updating @
I noticed that If I remember correctly this is set up by a private individual for free download, however

Red Flags East of Cowes.
Was heading to Yarmouth yesterday (Sunday) and noticed at least 3 red flags on the Island, just East of Cowes. What were they (not) telling me?

Excellent weekend + COLREG - Situation
Appollogies for this very long, drawn out post... but would appreciate views/flames on the experience. Thanks to those who advised on my Racing Prep prior to our solent event this

For sale
A friend has just sold his boat and he has a few bits and pieces left over he wants to sell. he has just sent me this list so I thought I would post it here it. someone might need somet...

Catamaran expereince wanted.
Can anyone help please: A friend and myself are discussing whether to go for a mono-hull or a cat for some reasonably serious long-distance sailing. We both have lots of mon...

Re Unwanted gest
Well to morrow is the day of reckoning, I have to surrender to bail at 9.30am to morrow, I would like to thank all those that have voiced there support, and I'll ignore the others, and as fo...

Transducers wanted
I'm looking for B&G transducers:- AIRMAR 170khz Depth 31-197--4-01 & Speed 31-277-9-71 If you have either of these in your collection please get in touch. I have a few fo...

I recently bought an Express Pirate 17' with a Plastimo 406S roller reefing system. The headsail is original and is fitted with a number of clips on its luff that look as though they were in...

Meanwhile off the Friesian islands -- Martin

Jouet 920 Info
Can anyone point me to information on the Jouet 920, built by Yachting France Many thanks Peter Sheltrum

towing a boat - what engine size etc
Thinking about buying my 1st boat trailer sailer. What type of vihicle would I need to tow a TS and and advice

Need suggs. on unfourtunate UKSA situation...
I'm a young guy(23) from the states and I need a little advise. I fell in love with sailing while working at a large marina. I was a student yet hed no idea what career path to take. I came ...

FS -Child's lifejacket on Ebay
Suitable infant - toddler See: =ADME:B:LC:UK:1

Propsed uk.rec.gps newsgroup
Is anybody aware that discussion is taking place on unnc about this group. Does anybody care? -- Martin

Wiring diagram needed alternator-regulator-2 batteries
Can anyone point me to a good wiring diagram for an alternator set up with two batteries and the usual 1-2-Off battery switch? I know I've seen a site somewhere giving the layout of the wire...

Kestrel 22'
Any Kestrel 22' fans out there have a look at this.

Kestrel 22'
Any Kestrel 22 fans out there have a look at this.

Building a Boat
Thinking about building a cruising dinghy around 15 or 16 feet. has anyone done this before? if so what is involved? is it really a lot cheaper than buying one brand new?

Steel yachts?
Looking round the net to see what's available in small steel boats these seem to come up quite a lot. Has anyone any views on these yachts built in steel for shorthanded long distance saili...

How much gain from a folding prop?
Hello, I have a 31ft sloop with fixed pitch two blade prop. Hull speed is 7kts, typical cruise speed 4-5kts. If I fit a folding prop, how much will I gain?

RFD: uk.rec.gps
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD) This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the following changes in the uk.* Usen...

Battery Bank question
Hi I have a single 110 Ah House battery which Id like to enhance. Do I have to use additional 110s ? Is there a technical reason why I shouldnt add a couple of 70's for example ? <...

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