Wetterzentrale - Bracknell charts all old
For years I've been getting my Bracknell synoptics; actuals and forecasts, from www.wetterzentrale.de but in recent times I've found the Bracknell charts posted there to be dreadfully out of...

Wayfarer Spinnaker Wanted (S/H)
Having blown out our old Wayfarer Spinnaker on Monday, I'm now looking for another, better one! (more than just the tapes!) If anyone wants to sell a lightly-used spinnaker (any colour...

First boat
It is getting to the time when I move up from a dinghy to a small cruiser. I've done some cruising, but always on large yachts and am unsure what to expect from a small cruiser such as a Cor...

Crewing advice
Hello all, I am a young man of 23 years looking for some more sailing experience. I am looking for a career in the industry and I know that experience is everything. I have about 1000 miles ...

Annual servicing jobs at lay-up
Hi all, Does anyone know if it is common to remove the injectors from a diesel engine and have them serviced by a specialist on an annual (or bi-annual) basis? I have b...

Rubbish question
The refit of Hinewai proceeds apace and starting to appear at the bottom of the list on Page 2 (and therefore worth starting to consider) is rubbish stowage. We work within ...

For sale: Nimbus 26 sailingboat in DK
For sale in Copenhagen, Denmark: Nimbus 26, tuff little 26 foot oceancruiser in very good condition. Long keel. Almost brand-new motor, under 100 running hours. Very fine sa...

Looking to buy 30' yacht
30'+ wanted, mostly cruising U.K. waters & Europe, bermuda rig, fin or bilge, preferably diesel inboard, GRP, don't mind a bit of work/restoration. Regards, John.

Dave's Sailing Journals - Lady of Lynn
Thought some of you may be interested to know about my sailing journals site... I have finally begun in earnest collecting all the stuff I wrote and photos I took on an amazing (a...

I'm thinking of buying a cooker for my boat. I would like to get rid of the gas. I have been looking at the Taylor's Cookers but they are quite pricey. Are they worth the money? The one...

bent mast
I have bought a dinghy (otter) and have a problem with a 'banana' shaped aluminium mast. It has a bow of about 2-3 inches overall. Anyone advise me the best way to straighten it?? Thanks......

Contessa 28 standing on the keel on land?
Hello UK sailors.. Can anyone tell me if the Contessa 28 is build to stand directly on the keel on land, without any support of a stand or crave directly underneath it? ...

contessa 28 standing on the keel?
Hello UK sailors.. Can anyone tell me if the Contessa 28 is build to stand directly on the keel on land, without any support of a stand or crave directly underneath it? ...

Yanmar 4JH Manual
First, the news, for those of you who know me.... I have recently bought a Nauticat 42 to live aboard, to take a three year sabbatical. The Centaur is up for sale. I'm trying to locate a m...

Finn Carbon Wing Mast For Sale
I'm selling my 2001 Latini carbon fibre wing mast, little used and well cared for - asking 550.00 firm. I'm in Portsmouth, but could deliver to N London (occasional weekday eveni...

otter dinghy
Hi all, I'm new to sailing and have just bought an 'old' Otter dinghy. Would like to find out as much info as possible on this dinghy, but not having much luck on the search engines.......a...

Snipe Mirror trailer .. repair or scrap?
I have been give a Mirror but the centre spine of the Snipe trailer is SHOT. Is there any point attempting to replace the dead bits (it only looks like a scaffold pole) or do I junk it and l...

Contessa 28 "steaming" ??
Hello UK sailors! My friend just bought a Contessa 28 her in denmark. At the electricpanel there is a swicth named "steaming". What excately does "steaming" means in t...

Advice sought on boat purchase
Hi I was bemoaning my boredom with life in general the other day... ...turns out the other half is keen to try something different too! Woohoo! We're still thinking ab...

Seasickness again
Hi Folks, I noticed yesterday that Boots in Glasgow now has Scopoderm (transdermal hyoscine) available over-the-counter, at 7.99 for two patches. Ian -- ...

Re: Laser as a first boat?
Mike Mc wrote: > I tried the Laser on my sailing course and did not get on with it at all. I > found it very cramped and difficult to move around in. The mainsheet kept ...

Any information on a Minisprint dinghy?
I have just bought a Minisprint MKII dinghy (a GTi version of the Minisail with open transom & sliding seat) to play with. There used to be a minisail.org.uk website that had useful informa...

East Coast
My informant tells me that it's always choppy and uncomfortable off Lowestoft - is this true? TonyB

Fastnet 2005
I am very keen to crew on a boat for the 2005 Fastnet Race. I have come across a number of commercial teams that are asking 2200 - 3000 to take part in the race and 3-6 training weekends ...

Westerly Conway 36
Does anyone have any opinions on the Westerly Conway 36? I am considering a 1978 one for Caribbean sailing (on sale in the Caribbean, so I wouldn't have to cross the pond in it). She ...

Another GBR sailing medal
Nick Dempsey won the final race in the Men's Windsurfing series and a Bronze medal. So if I'm counting right, that's two Gold, one Silver and one Bronze to date. Should get something in th...

Mast Lowering
Hello, I need to lower the mast on my space sailer 22 (22ft masthead keelboat). I have had experience doing this on larger yachts (30 and 32 ft) but they involve some pretty heavy masts...

internet to a sailboat
Hello. I need a internet connection for a boat sailing in the waters of the Adriatic and Mediterenian Sea,and maybe one day in the Atlantic! What do you recommend for it?Suggestions.....

living on a boat?
Hi While the wife is doing the dishes in her newly installed IKEA kitchen....... Is it possible to live aboard a sailing cruiser in the UK? Does anybody do this? I'm ...

Westerly Nimrod info
Help I have just aquired a Nimrod and going to sail it in Devon anybody knowing the boat and willing to sail cheep cheep would be appreciated or anybody with a Nomad in Devon for me to look ...

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