Sailor turns up
Interesting story in yesterdays telegraph: A 20 footer was found disabled on rocks on the south coast. No sign of the skipper, assumed drowned. One month later he turns up at home havinf suf...

Sea Sickness
I am just about to get into sailing. However, whenever I have been on boats in the past I have been sea sick at times. Is this something you will always suffer from or will it go away once y...

MAIB report into Loch Ryan accident.
I've just come accross the MAIB report into last year's Loch Ryan accident: or, if that wraps:...

Snapdragon 890
Does anyone know who manufactured the original wheel for the 890. I am trying to source some bevel gearing (I think that is what the bits are called!), as the original teeth have sheared (w...

boat for sale
F S pionier 9 (30 ft) may consider swapping for a ETAP 22 or a DUFOUR T7 with trailers please

More flag etiquette
I admit it's probably a pathelogical example, but: What's the flag etiquette where a skipper from country A is chartering a boat in (& registered in) county B and wants to fly a guest ...

Winter storage W/SW Scotland
I am looking for economical winter storage ashore for Judicious (32ft, 18m 7t) in W or SW Scotland. Don't need any facilities apart from slipping, mast out and propping off. Need...

refrigeration sight glass
I have a mid 90's engine driven holding plate system that I'm guessing isn't running as well as it should. I don't have any documentation and am at a bit of a loss. The sight glass (sporla...

Sail Sim 4.2
Can anyone tell me how realistic Sail Sim 4.2 is and how it compares to Virtual Skipper 3?

Tidal Info for Garmin GPS?
Hi I've just invested in a Garmin 76 Map handheld GPS. It comes equipped with a tidal database for USA ports, but not European / British ones even though it does have very basic E...

Pressure washingt GRP decks
I am considering using a pressure washer to clean my GRP decks (both non-slip and smooth surfaces), as they are filthy from people walking on them with unsuitable footwear, and normal scrubb...

Mooring etiquette
On a recent sailing holiday in Brittany (lovely but crowded - especially with Brits!), there was a minor incident I'd be interested in opinions on from the wise of the sailing world. At...

FA - Unused VTronix Emergency VHF aerial
eBay item No. 2485204165 24 hours left - currently just 5.50

Mayday 18:30ish Monday 26th.
Anyone else know what the Newhaven life boat was up to about 18:30 yesterday? I heard it was responding to a mayday from a person suffering some kind of dramatic illness.

Seagull poo
Keeping my boat on a trot mooring at Oreston on the River Plym, I have a shitehawk problem. Apparently there is a fish factory opposite and they hang around en masse locking hopeful. Sadly...

Eye of the Wind - ex-Voyage Crew/Crew
The 'Eye of the Wind' is trying to trace all previous voyage crew and crew. If you have sailed on the 'Eye' before or know someone who has please let the Sales Office know at: [email protected]

Freak Waves and 'Holes' in the Ocean
The Times - Sat 24-7-2004,,175-1189146,00.html Britain July 24, 2004 Monster walls of water that prowl oceans ...

ipaq or similar
I've just came back from 2 weeks cruising, being a bit of a new boy at sailing this by far the longest time spent onboard. i had my laptop on board which was used for nav, (tsunamis) weathe...


Sail for sale
Hi everybody I've got a hanked foresail that used to belong to a Macwester 26. It's still very useable, and it's got all of the fittings to be hoisted up a wire forestay.

Repairs to Wooden Boat Hulls
I'm faced with needing to do some repairs to a 30 year old Enterprise dinghy. Some of the 0.25" marine ply has rotted and needs replacing, and some other cracks are appearing. Can anyone r...

Moth on Foils
People have talked about Moths and foils in the group. Here's a pix Prolly will only be up on that website until Monday. John

Weekend Weather & Live Streaming Video & Weather Data from West Sussex
Ok upgraded from cable back to ADSL last weekend and the upload speed is almost double, which means the cam is refreshing every second - though once number of users at anyone time exceeds 25...

Rogue waves Fortunately they don't seem to turn up in the Solent.

I'm selling up & buying a yacht to charter - Help
I am taking the plunge! Selling my house and buying a decent size yacht and going into the charter business. Med/Carib. Any sensible ideas, web sites, experiences much appr...

FA: VDO Tacho -very cheap If you dont have an ebay account, and providing no one has bid, email with an offer and i may close the auct...

Night Everyone
I will be going soon. Just 1 hour in the gym tonight. Not too much as my back still isn't right Jen

Questions on Flare Guns
X-No-archive: yes Hello, I have two questions on Flare Guns in the UK: 1. Is a license required for the purchase of a Flare Gun (in the UK)? 2. If a license is *not*...

What are the teletale signs / problems that suggest it is time to renew a seacock ?

SeaHawk Web Site
The SeaHawk web site is slowly expanding its content, but there's always room for more! If you own one of the Norfolk built 17ft GRP yachts then do take a look. Here's an ex...

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