Mirror Dinghy Construction Manual or Plans Required
I've recently purchased a 30 yr old unfinished mirror dinghy. Unfortunately, the boat didn't come with the construction manual/plans. Does anybody out there have the plans/manual that I ...

Freedom Yachts 31' 1984 for sale
Dear Sir, Direct from the owner we have for sale Freedom Yachts 31' 1984 The Freedom 32' is a modern cat rig. It is exemplary of the innovative designs by Garry Hoyt an...

GPS power/data cable desperately needed
I am searching for a power/data cable suitable for a Magellan Nav 5000D GPS so that I can interface to a laptop. The existing cable, terminating in a free, moulded, connector with 5 sockets ...

What dinghy to buy?
My best mate and I both have kids of 11ish and 8ish. Any suggestions for a dinghy we should buy the any combinations of dads and kids could get up the ramp from the river to the compound. ...

Jib or Genoa on a river
We sail our GP on a narrow river and tend to loose out to the Enterprises, in part because we are still learning and in part because they are better suited to the conditions. In particular w...

Practical boat owner
Hi Guys Big change in lifestyle coming up. We sell the house, bank the money (off shore) and go travelling on our bike. When in the UK we will live aboard our boat. Obviously a lo...

Finn Racing Dinghy GBR507 For Auction
Yes, a blatant ad for my Finn, but only to a good home! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2483317022

High Moisture Reading
We have just had a survey on a immaculately kept Vindo 45 (actually 34' long) and the surveyor said that the moisture readings are high (18 to 20). The surveyor said that it could indi...

How fast is 1 knot??
My son asked me today how fast is 1 knot (in MPH) and i had no idea how fast it was!!! Can you help?? TIA Paul

Advice needed on selling a boat to a buyer in France
HI I am hoping that someone can please advise me in regards to the sale of a Yacht I have just completed to a buyer in France. The yacht is 30 years old and was built in 1972 so its pre...

roaring forties
Just a quick question- is there an abbreviation for the roaring forties in English? I mean - "ro40s" eg? Greetings from Poland Marta

Help please - Rubber Seals and Rubber adhesives
Anyone suggest a surface treatment that can be applied to rubber window seals that are perishing and beginning to leak? The rubber is not exactly perishing (in the sense that it's not wrinkl...

Swinging moorings
Just about to move boat onto swinger on medway which I have'nt done before. Any top tips?? I've got ring ontop of buoy shackled with monel siezing wire into large galv swivle to ...

Cheap searchlight and socket set
Don't often do it but went into my local Lidl on Sat. They had what looked like pretty good rechargeable searchlight for 14. Tried it out in the shop. 55W, claimed to be spray proof...

haulout in Poole area
I am bringing a 31' yacht from Guernsey to the UK and have to decide on a place where it can be hauled out to await road transport north. Cobb's Quay in Poole has been suggested but they re...

C.A.R.D (Collision Avoidance Radar Detector)
I do a lot of single handed sailing so for the times when I can not be on watch I thought might be a good idea? Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? Does anyone have...

Imray chart corrections for superseded charts - C7 and C10 - anyone?
Duh! The Imray website won't deliver correction lists for superseded charts. All of a sudden I feel a need to look at a route from Cherbourg to the Scillys and onwards to the...

Atlantic Crossing
http://community.webshots.com/album/151748323ulmDJf John Cairns

Round the Island race 26.6.04
Well, I managed to get around without hitting anyone (even crew members), in a personal best time (9h 4m - not brilliant, but I'm not really a racer, neither is the boat). The wind was near ...

Fitting a headlining kit
People, My new headlining kit has just arrived from Hawke House in two large bags and a big box of glues and sealants. Before I take the plunge, could anyone who has fitted one ...

For sale: Panasonic Toughbook laptop
I recently got this with the idea of using it as a chartplotter linked to my GPS, however, I now have got a posher version (CF71) that I intend to use. Anyone interested in it for a bargai...

Insurance for a Dart 18 ?
Can anyone recommend the cheapest insurance for a Dart 18 ? I do not need cover for racing. Thanks Bernie

OT : Anyone know cheap airport parking at Newcastle?
OT : Anyone know cheap airport parking at Newcastle? Replace 'spam' with 'org' to reply

how to patch hole in water jacket of engine
Have a small hole in the water jacket of my inboard gas engine; this is sea water cooled, so of low pressure. How to patch ? I've drilled it and it will now it will take a 3/8 bolt. I've...

Re Unwanted gest
well to days the dayI was informed by my solicitor yesterday that it would be best if I pleaded guilty as it is now illegal to defend your boat if some body tries to steel it, unless your li...

Yacht for sale
Dear Sir, Direct from the owner we have for sale Catalina 22 1985 sailboat yacht op-top with vinyl enclosures, swing keel, All Teak inside and out cleaned and refinished, New beau...

haulout in Poole area.
I am bringing a 31' yacht from Guernsey to the UK and have to decide on a place where it can be hauled out to await road transport north. Cobb's Quay in Poole has been suggested but they re...

Photos - HMS Warrior - Portsmouth - UK
Have a look at these great pictures of HMS Warrior in Portsmouth, England. Great place to Visit Comments welcome. http://y2u.co.uk/&002_Images/HMS%20Warrior%2001.htm ...

scanmar 33 experiences
HI i hope to be the proud owner of a scanmar 33 soon. Does anyone have experience with this ship. I mean pratical advisises concerning maintenance and sailhandling.

Connect Furuno GPS GP32 to Icom 601 DSC Radio
Can anyone tell me how to connect a Furuno GPS GP32 to an Icom 601 DSC Radio. The radio should show the time and position. Neither book seems to explain which output wires from the GPS conne...

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