Anglesey:anyone need a crew member??
as subject line,, easy going crew member seeks experinece,good worker,easy to get along with,not lazy!!

What to look out for in an old Enterprise?
Some advice, please, guys. I plan to buy my first dinghy soon, probably an Enterprise. Now, being on the cheap side, I will no doubt be looking at some pretty old boats, a few years past ...

Glowing Hamble
Flushing the heads in the Hamble 2 nights back I noticed vivid phosphorescence. Really brilliant flashes of green. even showed through the inlet hose and made my wife thing there was a fire ...

exchange your unwanted items
Welcome to the new website for exchanging items you no longer want.

Salt water in my engine
Salt water in my engine. Inboard gas engine. Went out in a high steep sea with engine running , turned off engine, sailed in 3 foot chop , engine refused to start; sailed ...

Help ! The "Bismarck" sank my boat !
This was very mean, nobody warned me that nazi ghost ships are hunting for innocent boats !

TP10 vs ST1000+
Anyone got any opinons on the best autopilot between the Simrad TP10 and Raymarine ST1000.

Advise wanted on dinghy selection
I'm interested in purchasing a dinghy that I'd like to do some racing in and day sailing (more interested in racing). I'm not much of a sailor having learnt on holiday and am 38 so don't exp...

Water-resistant GSM phones
Being happy user of Ericsson r310 I have a chance to be offered new gadget from GSM operator: which one is well water-proof, as for sailor? JaC

FS...spinnaker suit 25-26foot boat
E me .. all brand new comes with squeezer snuffer, 8.2m from head to tack fragged

SL 400 spare parts
I'm sarching all over Holland for replacementparts for my under water toilet type SL 400. My Nantucket Clipper is still fitted with the original one. Nobody sells them or has even heard of S...

FS 100% Waterproof Container 12ltr
Features 1) Hollow center silicon seal. 2) Molded seal. A molded seal has no joints; A joint is the first place a seal will start to leak. 3) Fold Flat Handle ...

Handheld GPS chart plotter?
My old Garmin 38 died on me recently and it is not repairable. So, I am in the market for a new GPS and I realise I can go two ways. Either I go for something 'basic', something with approxi...

Propeller calculating software
Is the software calculating right size (diameter, pitch) of the propeller for the sailing boat to be find somewhere free on the net? JaC

Modern Cruising Dinghies - what would you choose?
This is just a pipe-dream question, at least for the present. I'm a middle-aged (47) man who loves dinghy sailing, but loathes racing. If I wanted to upgrade from my rather ancie...

Havengore Passage - Drying height of the Broomway?
Local knowledge needed ASAP. I want to cross the Maplin Sands from the Roach on Sunday morning. I can't get a definite drying height for the Broomway from either the chart or pilots. Does ...

Sooty plug
Ive got a Honda 4 stroke 2HP outboard, needs a service really, but I want to fix a slight problem myself. It starts ok, runs at slow speed ok, but misfires from half throttle plus...

Good source of Imray publications
I used to buy from Imray site, but some details of the transaction and 20% surcharge on overseas shipment are not very favourable. Can you recommend any e-shop selling Imray publications wit...

quote for "uk flasher"
Thanks to all who replied to my previous post regarding the likely benefits (or not) of having a "cruising chute/gennaker" for my 29ft Colvic Sailer. I really liked the look and sound of the...

F/S Cape Horn Windvane
Cape Horn Wind vane for sale. Currently self steering a Tradewind 35 from Chichester Marina. Outboard model would suit similar vessel, 30 to 40 feet. Good condition, instruction manual...

Do Sails Really get Knackered...
Interesting one fellas.... Went out in the boat on Saturday, 22ft Bilge keeler with original sails approx 1982 vintage On a close reach held 5.2 knots (confirmed with gps sp...

Bluewater sailing with Westerly Fulmar Bilge Keel?
Hi, i simply like the Westerly Fulmar and think to bye one with a bilge keel. I realy like to stand upright when it dries out. But i wonder if she is save for bluewater sail...

Windsurfer Sails for Sailboat
I am thinking of getting a rowing pram dinghy and adding sail capability. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using a windsurfer rig it would be nice to get a two-fer, if possible. ...

Foldable dinghy -any experiences?
Last sailing season showed clearly that inflatables live shorter than than I like. My old inflatable dinghy "died" and almost drowned my motor. That together with the fact that it will flip ...

unwanted gest
Latest up date I went to court for pre-trial readings or something like that, it was at this time that I hade hoped the case would be chucked out, but no luck the full trail is now set for ...

What is that?
Hi. Anyone of you know what is that boat? Any website, any data? Regards, Maciek

somerset plastics
Anyone know if they are still trading and making boats or when they stopped trading? any info would be usefull.... Ta!

Free Yacht Crew Service - Cruisers or Racers Welcome
CrewFile provides hundreds of positions and crew available for you to view and post for free. Registration is not essential, but does provide you with facilities such as: o image p...

I maintain an electric boat website which used to point to the Surfprop pages. Have you any objection to my hosting those pages on my site, now that they are no longer available? ...

Dirty sea
I have noticed that the water in the Solent in the last couple of weeks has been the dirtiest I can ever remember. There is a huge amount of light brown organic looking scum floating on the ...

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