Tidal harmonic constants for UK
I see that the latest (as of 2003-12-18) harmonics file for XTIDE now includes constants for a limited number of UK locations. These constants do not "belong to" UKHO, but have been "create...

Opinions on Westerly Fulmar 32
Looking at buying a 1989 fin keeled Fulmar 32. Mainly for family use cruising Scotland, Irish Sea, France. Anyone got any useful info on their handling in rough seas or other useful stuff. C...

Mosquito Nets for Lewmar Hatches
The In-laws are home from the Algarve (for another 2/3 weeks) - Their Dehler 36 is in PortaMaio Marina at present and they will be going on into the med March/April. What they are...

Not sure I have the spelling right. What are they like to work for. Son has had an offer from them. Jen

Info on Odin 820
A friend of mine is interested in buying a water ballasted trailer sailor called the Odin 820 - http://www.witteymarine.com/ He is worried because he has heard a rumour about the stabi...

Active aerial for nasa HF3 ssb
Just recieve one for mailspeed. Seems to be huge buzz with station barely audable, then it blew a 12v transformer I was using to power it - anyone else used one of these?? TIA

Irish tide info
http://www.gbsc.ie/links/tides.php -- Martin

Tide Tool for Palm
Hi All does anyone have a database for Portsmouth or the south coast for the palm Cheers, Billbo "Sola Gratia"

B1 B2 Visa
My son hopes to get one of these as he is now in Barbados. Are they difficult to obtain ??? Jen

Vortex dagger board brush
Does any one know where to purchase the tape that is used in the Vortex dagger board slot?

Sailing Certificate for HR41
Hi, I am searching, with no result upto now, a sailing Certificate for the Sailing Yacht model Hallberg Rassy 41. An IMS or IRC or ORC Club or Simplified IRC ... Certificate would be

Sea feather wind steering
does anyone have any experience of sae feather wind steering equipment? Bobby

Hurley 22
I'm looking for a cheap Hurley 22 must be the long keel version rather than the bilge keels. if anyone knows of one for sale could you let me know Rob chevey at talk21 dot com ...

Gori v Radice Folding props
I'm looking for a folding prop for a Volvo Saildrive and would be interested in hearing from anyone with experience with Gori and/or Radice props. Are they significantly better or worse than...

Met. Office Crying 'Woolf!' ?
I think I have detected an increasing trend in Met Office Weather forecasts over the past year or so, to exaggerate weather dangers. Not only in general forecasts when it never seems to get ...

Do not let this man apply your antifouling
I would be reluctant to let Hutton apply my antifouling after seeing how thickly he applies whitewash. I couldn't afford it and if I could I suspect the boat would sink. But one must ad...

FA: The Ship-Masters Business Companion 1934
Very interesting old book. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=269&item=3583530895 Ashley

tricky circumnavigation...

New Yachting Website / Online Magazine
Hi, I wanted to let you know about a new website... www.YachtForums.com If you have an interest in Power & Motor Yachts, come join our discussion! Thousands of pi...

Sailing in Majorca in Feb
Hello I am sailing in a friend's boat in Majorca in mid Feb. Does anyoneknow what the weather is likely to be like ? Thanks

Morring in Western Med
Hi, I'm trying to plan my year and am intending to cruise Mediterranean Spain and the Balearics. Does anyone have ideas on where to spend winter 2004/2005 ? Many...

Want - info on Combi tiller Autohelm 1000
Hello; I was give an older, British built, Combi Autohelm 1000 tiller autopilot that has parts broken/missing in the 4 position switch, for Off-Calm-Rough-Vane.Other than that, the unit...

Northern Sails
A Happy New Year and a Spring/Summer like the last one, please. The number for Northern Sails given by Yell, 01482 669746, is not recognised by BT. Has anyone any better information? Thanks,...

Blake Simplex Loo
Hi All, Is the Blake Simplex Toilet the same as a Baby Blake? In restoring my Crystal 23 I'd like to get it sorted - I know probably cheaper to chuck and replace with a new plack...

Embarrased of Sussex
Over the weekend I was fitting a new Nasa Clipper Wind speed indicator, rather than drill two large holes for the 5 pin connector, I detached the cable from the sender to feed it up from the...

Scrape, scrape, scrape. It's not as much fun as sailing, is it? -- Having problems understanding usenet? Or do you simply need help but are getting unhelpful answers? ...

Moorings near Brighton
Hi, Does anyone know how to go about locating a mooring near Brighton for a 24 ft tri? I can't afford the prices charged by the likes of Brighton Marina so I was thinking of so...

trailer rental
Hi, Does anybody have a contact on the UK who rents small dinghy trailers for up to a week? I have need of this service! Philip

C-map CF85 wanted
Wanted - C-map CF85 cartridges for West Coast of Scotland Clyde to Northern Isles. Anyone got any for sale?

making an old GRP Lark seaworthy
Hi, I have an old Baker GRP lark. I plan to use this boat mainly for sailing with my 10 yr old son at my sailing club. We are both rank amateurs! When the boat capsized last...

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