Happy New Year all you Brits and God Bless You!
**** Post for FREE via your newsreader at post.usenet.com **** I'm outta here. Relax your kill files. I'm off to cruise the Bahamas for a long time. Best wishes and apologies for ...

OT - Michael Jackson - another lying nigger!
http://apnews.myway.com/article/20031231/D7VPIB9O0.html Call a spade a spade. S.Simon

OT - more bad news for Democrats
http://apnews.myway.com/article/20031231/D7VPESOO0.html A tease: " WASHINGTON (AP) - New claims for jobless benefits fell last week to the lowest level in nearly three years...

Headlining replacement
I had to start a new post, the old one wandered off somewhere and got lost! Have you all seen the February PBO article? Answered most of my questions this time! I have had a response fr...

GPS combined with VHV
I wonder why there are not VHF handheld radios combined with GPS units, = at least Garmin makes both the former and the latter but as separate = gizmos, and also is marketing GPS+Family radi...

We have a cruising chute on Sea Holly that so far, for various reasons, we have not used much. One of those reasons is that we have used the snuffer that came with the chute. Eve...

Boat Show - Quiter Days ?
Hi What's the general view about quieter days to go to the boat show? I was considering avoiding the w/e and going on Tuesday or Wednesday - is this worthwhile, or is it usually m...

Fisherman anchor sizes
I Need to buy a couple of anchors. There's lots of info available for CQR, Danforth, Fortress, Bruce, etc. but I can't find any info on sizing Fisherman anchors. Can anyone point...

Inexpensive skiing Italy - UK Half term week
We have another trip this year to Italy. It is the week of the UK school half term. Have a look at www.setafs.co.uk for details. or email [email protected] This is a good trip for UK...

On painting boats and painting bedrooms
Can I ask the combined wisdom, knowledge and experience of this ng on the connection between painting boats and painting bedrooms. The 'other member' of the household overheard a perfe...

New Garmin at the London Boat Show ?
I wonder if new Garmin handheld GPS shall be available to buy at the = coming January London Boat Show. Any ideas ? JaC

Cruising yacht around 45' suitable live-aboard
I'd be grateful for some input before we go to the London Boat Show this year. We are giving serious thought to taking five years out (before it is too late!) to live-aboard. I'm looking fo...

Cheap Carbon Fibre Source
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=15271&item=24512716 89 Take a look, Limited Stocks, so act fast. David ...

need roller reefing
hi guys Im in the market for roller reefing for a westerly 25 after mine broke, my budget is quite low so has anyone got a good secondhand system that fits a 6mm stay. Or any ide...

Headlining replacement
Notice, this time I spelt it correctly! I have removed one major part, half of the saloon deckhead, and discovered that it consists of 4mm ply covered with glued on foam backed Vynil. The

Which Handheld GPS?
Dear Friends, I would like to buy a handheld GPS unit (Garmin or Magellan possibly) for both car and marine use. Ideally it would accept noth road maps and marine charts; colour screen ...

stern tube bearings?
Have at last managed to separate my propshaft from the gearbox flange - this means I can now pull the shaft and prop, while I have the rudder off. Quite a bit of slack,laterally, at both end...

wanted hurley 22 fin keel.
wanted, hurley 22 fin keel. based in uk.

Standard Horizon GPS
The more I think about this mapping stuff and the ability to connect to my computer I wonder, since the price is not all that much different, if a GPS unit like the Standard Horizon NA...

The smell of burning circuit board
Ever smelled circuit board burning? I'd been catching a whiff every once in a while of what smelled like an electrical fire. I thought maybe it was somewhere in my boat's wiring but no ...

Newsgroup Abuse II
Some of you seemed to be a little suspicious of the motives behind this collection of email addresses to be sent to a throwaway email account, so as an alternative we are offering the groups...

Happy Holidays to all Sailors
Wishing you all (even Simple Simon - it is the season of good will!) very Happy Holidays and may I wish you Fair Winds and hope that your God goes with you. S. <...

Holiday Greeting from Texas (USA)
Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

Newsgroup abuse.
The subscribers to this newsgroup may well be aware of a problem that has affected several UK groups over recent months. These groups have been subjected to huge amounts of extremely abusive...

Yacht Insurance
There have been quite a number of threads here on the costs of insurance, so this may be of interest. I have insured my boats through Heath Lambert in Liverpool for over a dozen y...

Waterproof Sailing Clothing
Hi Having got well and truly soaked in a F7 from Cherbourg to Hamble at the begining of December, I am seriously considering getting some good sailing gear - the question is what ...

viking ship plans ripoff
I have been burned by Terrence Jones who has been advertizing viking ship plans. He has my money, but no plans are forthcoming. I paid him $90 for these plans as well as some supplementar...

Boat show
Hi all, I'm in the enviable position of having about 500 squids cash money to spend all on me at the Boat Show. I mostly sail dinghies but I've just been diagnosed with a hernia a...

Can we get back to sailing?
I have just downloaded 108 headers and over 75% were irrelevant rubbish, nothing to do with sailing at all. How about a new years resolution to keep this newsgroup targetted at wh...

Remote control freak.
Your comments please on the following post sent to the NG rec.boats.electronics. "Aboard Lionheart, I recently decided it was crazy to have the Dell Latitude running The Cap'n bol...

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