Alternator output - which side of the battery switch ?
Dear All I am about to re-route the output of the alternator through a (2-diode) 'battery combiner' to my 2 batteries. Should I connect the outputs of the combiner to the battery...

Battery Charging - Smart Regulator
I am thinking of getting a smart regulator for the alternator this christmas, in order to get more useful charging out of the engine, does anybody have any opinions on particular products? <...

Winter project - a DIY GPS receiver -- Martin

Yacht wanted.
Looking to buy a yacht, preferably G.R.P. 28-32' . J.H.

sprit sails
today I wrote up everything I've found on sprit sails and put it in a file on my website. click on "Boats" and scroll down to "Boatbuilding". hope it proves usefull. feel free to copy if you...

Yeoman chartplotter
I'm thinking of buying a Yeoman chartplotter and would be interested for feed back as I have noticed there are a few users here. I'm interested in the Pro model, which from reading the...

re: Looking for an experienced answer
My first question is: How do you know that all you want to do is sailing when you have no experience whatsoever?? I would suggest that you "get some time in" and then decide...

re:anchor ball light with sea anchor
Very important error = under way means moving through the water. Even with a sea anchor, you will be under way. Two red lights visible all round the horizon for at least two miles an...

Rhine - Danube - Balkans to Med?
Is there anyone out there who can point me towards (or provide) information about the above route(s) down to the eastern Med?

anchor ball/light with sea anchor?
I've just bought a sea-anchor, and this begs the question what lights and symbols should one display with the sea-anchor deployed? I've bought it mostly so that I can get some zzzzs in...

Looking for an experienced answer
I am looking for a career change, and all I want to do is sailing. I have no experience whatsoever, and I would really need some experienced input. Few questions related to ...

just a test

Anyone help with an ARDIC hot air heating sysyem???
I have on board an Ardic 042D diesel fired warm air heating system. Recently the domestic battery went flat whilst using the warm air blower. I have replaced both batteries with ...

sailing in shallow bahama water
I picked up a chart of Bahama and Cuba, and was AMAZED at the extent and shallowness of much of water off the Bahamas; just a few fathoms for an area the size of Florida. Has any...

Naff Gaz - the answer
Some six weeks ago I reported being unable to relight my gas cooker after I swapped cylinders when the old one had run out, and asked for speculations as to what the likely problem was. ...

Happy Thanksgiving
Just wanted to take the time and wish a very happy Thanksgiving day to everyone. Take care, and be happy, wherever you may be.

I need to get wet
hi can anyone help me. Im a sailing instructor and have been teaching for over a year. I really want to experience some big boat sailing. Being an instructor Im very poor, but if anyone has ...

Book(s), texts etc on electrolytic or galvanic corrosion wanted.
Hi, I,m looking for technical stuff on electrolytic or galvanic corrosion. I'll pay for books if anyone has some. I remember seeing something in one of the UK magazines a few years ago with ...

Night vision scope
I need some advise on purchasing a night vision scope (1st generation). Possible candidates are: - Newcon MB-3 - Rigel 1100 - ATN Night Leopard - ATN Night Storm Ca...

using aramid fibres
Are here any people that have used aramid fibres (Kevlar/Twaron) for home building projects like oars, hulls, centerboards and so on?' I am thinking about building a sculling oar out o...

Atlantic 31
Does anyone know anything about a Greek built yacht, popular with charter companies called an "Atlantic 31"? Any recommendations? advice? views? thanks

Want to buy Charts & Pilots
Fitting out new boat and looking for Admiralty Charts & (not Admiralty) Pilot Books in good condition. Areas required: 1. English Channel including Solent etc. - all areas includi...

Insurance for a 40ft sail boat
Can anyone give me an approx price for insurance, I havent bought the boat but need to factor in the cost before i buy. 40ft sunfizz, approx 10 years old around the 50k price. I h...

No radio/flares/anchor/aux motor/ or brain........earlier posting
Just a comment re Dave Moore's reply on an earlier thread As an in-experienced wannabee yachty, I find it hard to believe, well actually easy to believe but incredulous, that as he des...

Oxalic Acid
OK guys, here is one to sink your teeth into. I was advised that the best option for cleaning growth off the bottom of a fibreglass hull is Oxalic Acid. Apparently it does not damage t...

'OUR JOY ' Who knows the owners ?
Hey ALL; This summer we went to Ramsgate with our boat,and in Breskens and later again in Ramsgate we met , Martin & Trish boatname : 'OURJOY'. They gave us an emailadres but i mu...

Parking in reverse
My temporary berth this winter is in a marina where you moor stern or bows to the pontoon, between 4 mooring piles. My question to tax the descriptive abilities of the group is what is the b...

Converting an engine
I understand it is possible to convert a sea water / direct cooled engine to a fresh water cooled engine. The fresh water versions seem to have many advantages over the sea water ones. I am...

DSC set and GPS
I am interested in putting in a new DSC radio and GPS i my boat. I am concerned about power usage - I only have one battery . How difficult is it to fit a second battery for non engine use i...

Europa Dinghy
Hello,. I'm looking for a europa dinghy factories because I want to buy one, Can somebody helpme?! I don't care about where it is. Thanks.

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