Newbridge Venturer hull problems
All, (Please bear with this, the question is at the end...) I'm looking to buy my first boat, and have had an offer accepted on a Newbridge Venturer (22' bilge keel) subject to survey....

OT - Need a good spam filter for free. My ISP seems to be having trouble keeping Spam Assassin running on their server so I had to download, install and configure my <...

'Mut the Custard' named
Whoops!. I made an error. Been cooking and eating too much out of alumina pans. The corrent name for my boat is 'Mut the Custard'. Have to get some new signs made.

Solar flares affecting GPS?????
The News people have been busy telling us how the unprecedented solar flares/erupting sunspots have been playing havoc with satellites and mobile phone networks. Has anyone notice...

DSC Radio -US sourced - compatible?
I'm looking at replacing my VHF which has developed an intermittent fault with a DSC radio. Looking on the net I can get one from the US for $99.95, considerably cheaper than the UK equivale...

NASA Target HF3/P receiver
I want to be able to receive and translate WEFAX, RTTY and NAVTEX as well as acoustic reception of weather forecasts while on my boat in Europe and the Med (I am based in UK). I am lo...

Best free classifieds for small yachts?
Please help. I have a North 26' aluminium racing yacht designed by Julian Everett and built in 1983 for the Quarter Ton Cup rule. Where might I advertise this for sale online? Boatsand...

coastal waters - defining
Since I can't find it anywhere - and it might be a dumb question, but in terms of proposed insurance cover, just what constitutes 'British Coastal Waters'? - ie. how far offshore. When would...

Tinned copper wire supplier
Can anyone suggest a supplier of tinned copper wire for boat rewirng? I am looking for something above 2.5mm2 Richard

Shetlands, insurance surveys and buying older boats
Well gang, just spent a few days laying-up J, she is cosy in a small yard in Northern Ireland with a couple of other Nic 32s for company. BTW it is a constant surprise to me how the vo...

Hi all, During the past few months (when I was boatless), I saw an article on the web of how to build your own auto-furl. Now that I am no longer boatless, I regret not having boo...

Shareholder wanted for steel sloop
I have a 34ft steel sloop designed by Alan Buchanan 1965, which has been undergoing a refit for some years. Major work has been done on the hull, new steel plates etc. New Volvo engine fitte...

Navcity - Part 2.
I have just spoken with Navcity, UKs warehouse as I have not recieved my goods. I have been told, that the British Royal Mail are on strike. Is this true..? Best...

November edition now available
Hi guys Just a reminder that the November edition of Ocean-Spirit Trailer Sailer & Small Yacht Cruising Emagazine is now available on line. 42 full colour pages. This month w...

Royal Brighton Yacht Club - Open Day (but we're in Oz)
I know! This is UK.rec.sailing, but like many Australians, I visit here becuase it's simply the best group on sailing. So, if you'll bear with me..... Now, my wife may be ...

Opinions please
I have now got rid of the petrol motor and now want to go gas free, I am looking at a Taylors parafin cooker any opinions and experience good and bad would be appreciated TIA Drew ...

"Cut the Mustard" - NAMED! Visit the above web page to see the results of my research and poll to pick the best font for naming my boat on the sides instead of the t...

The mother of all weather sites -- Martin

compass setting
Some time ago there was some discussion and apparently these guys are few and far between. I know a young man who would be interested in this as a career. Has anyone any information? Tia,

Suggestions on selling a 505
Hi I've sort of inherited a 505 but don't have time to use it. I'm wondering where would be a good place to sell it? It needs some TLC - it's generally in good condition but...

Global Yachting search engine.
All yachting directories, now limited in one global search engine. Directories as Yacht Charters, Cruises, Marine equipment, Yacht Clubs, Sailing Schools, Fishing, Yacht Brokerage, Shipyards...

Splashproof PDA?
Anyone know of a simple PDA that is splashproof? (maybe using a splashproof casing) Needs to be able to take handwritten scribbles/drawings... Andy

My Bottom is being Nibbled!
Went for a few days sailing last week. It was definitely blowing a brutal Easterly out in Falmouth Bay; that was Fowey knocked out. To pass the time, I ran Diana up the beach at little Mol...

Yacht charter survey
Hi, I'm researching the opportunities for a new yacht charter business. If you've ever chartered monohulls, multihulls or motorboats and don't mind sharing you views, please click...

Blakes Seacocks
On Tue, 28 Oct 2003 01:07:21 +0000, in uk.rec.sailing spike <[email protected]> wrote: >A couple of weeks ago there was some discussion about maintenance of >Blakes...

Blakes Seacocks
A couple of weeks ago there was some discussion about maintenance of Blakes Seacocks and I promised to provide a copy of the leaflet that Blakes provide with a new one. This includes simple ...

Sweden, Hallberg Rassy, boat?
Over a pint after the end of season race a few folks were shooting the breeze. There was much debate on which was the better boat from a mixed use perspective...enjoyable racing, ...

Fireball Mast
I had an amazing sail last weekend, but whilst surfing down a wave in force 4-5 winds, with my crew out on trapeze, I managed to capsize. The water at that point was only about 15' deep. The...

O.T. Sport Psychology
Hi, I am Marina Gerin Birsa, an Italian sport psychologist: visit my site . If you know Italian language visit the site , there are...

I was watching the box over the weekend (serves me right, I suppose) and reference was made to a couple of roads in Westcliff on Sea - Genesta and Valkyrie - and it led me to wonder whether ...

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