Large vessels in Needles Channel
This year I have seen several large vessels using the Needles Channel. Several years ago all large ships were directed to use the eastern Solent. Anyone know why this return to a hazardous r...

Paul (note that this email address is not read)

bareboating in Turkey
Hi, anyone know of a good small b/boat company in Turkey - don't want to use Sunsail etc as too expensive Blue skies and fair winds tom

Caledonia Yawl - Questions
I was reading about the Caledonia Yawl on a site dedicate this very interesting boat. I was particulary impressed with how early fisherrmen went off-shore in these boats and from to time, ...

World half ton cup results, archives.
Anybody able to direct me to the above, I own a half tonner which, apparently won a few races back in the seventies. TIA, John.

Having measured my log against a known quarter mile, both ways, under motor and sail, many times, I conclude that it under reads by about 50%. This is a huge error and at sea, in the a...

West coast Ireland seastate
I am considering sailing round Ireland next summer (July and August). Does anyone have any knowledge of what seastate can be expected on the West coast in reasonable weather? Are large swell...

Boat Repair
I have recently obtained a Leader II GRP dinghy. It has slight damage to the gelcoat. What is the best way to repair it? I've considered using Plastic Padding Gelcoat filler, but it comes in...

Dinghy Lights ?
Read on another group how one seemed troubled with lighting to be used on a sailing dinghy. Having asked a few well qualified and reliable friends, many of them concurred that an all round w...

Internet connection in continental Europe
Does anyone have information, please, on free internet access in France,Germany and Scandinavia for local phone charges only? My UK provider, FreeUK, doesn't seem to offer a local continenta...

I am looking for plans to construct a collapsable sailing dinghy,about 10' long ( as I have sails & rigging from a defunct mirror).I know there are many boats that will go on the...

FS Scorpion Dinghy 1897
For sale: Derek Jolly hull o varnished deck and white hull o two complete sets of sails o cover, launching trolley and road trailer Lying Chipstead 1100 tel.(01...

anti-fouling of big ships
I was surprised to learn the other day from the skipper of a 70m snort-palace that they haul it out every couple of years and anti-foul it, just like we little people do with our boats. Anyb...

Maybe it's envy but sailing boats under power.......
Twice in the last week, its just "happpened" that work has taken me to the edge of the Deben and Orwell. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I'm in a suit on the ba...

Las Palmas, Canaries - Internet Cafes or Wifi hot spots?
Anyone know of any internet cafes in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria? Ideally near the marina. And any wireless hotspots nearby? Cheers, Fred.

Dinghies! GP14, Leader or Kestrel
Hi there, (For the record, this is an official delurk) I'm looking to get my own boat for cruising around the UK coast, sleeping aboard. I've been looking at boats which can...

Port Stanley - Harbour Office
Hi I'm looking for an e0mail to Harbour Master Office in Port Stanley (Falkland). Thanks for advance for help. chris

Seafarer 700 (main unit)
Having just fitted a slightly newer echosounder I now have a Seafarer 700 surplus to requirements. If it would be of interest to anyone please get in touch with me at: [email protected]

Crew available
I'm looking for some winter sailing. Either Saturday or Sundays. Cruising or Racing. Winters only ( other things to do in Summer ) Eastborne to Chichester coastline. Fat and 40 ( someth...

Bukh diesel stops
Help my Bukh engine stalls when manoeuvring. My 20 hp Bukh runs like a sewing machine until it is warm and I put the throttle in neutral. It simply stops most of the time. I have instal...

Waas up!
Is a WAAS enabled GPS accurate to 3 metres in and around the UK or do they only have this accuracy in the USA? Cheers Bob

padding for stanchion wire?
Hey, looking for a web site which sells padding for use on stanchion wire on a cruising boat (for crew hiking on the rail while racing) Thanks Alan

Angel and anchoring
I'm thinking of getting an angel to use on the anchor chain. Not sure how heavy it should be or how close to the anchor to position it. Advice please. Some facts: 1. ...

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WTB ropes warps etc
Anyone have any mooring warps they want to sell 12 - 14 mm any sizes really just getting ready for lift out and need extras to manhandle from side etc Cheers Rich

Am I allowed to spam? Charts for sale...
At the risk of getting blasted from the netcop brigade, would anybody be interested in buying my Admiralty charts for Western Med? They are all recent - I bought them in June for my trip aro...

Warning Alarm on Volvo Penta
Last week the warning alarm went off on my Volvo Penta engine - apparently over-heating. Engineer looked at it last week and could find nothing wrong and gave it the A.O.K. Went out yesterda...

Jaffa boats
Hi, I'm trying to find out where I can purchase a couple of the Jaffa boats that are used for instructing/safety (They are the bright orange ones that are virtually indestructable...

Mast Problems
In The Wooden Boat Forum A question requiring some knowledgeable advice has been asked regarding a

walton backwaters
Hi Next week we want to sail to harwich from holland and if time and wheater permit we want to take a peek at the backwaters (walton / titchmarsh). Last info I can find is that leas...

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