instruments, prolly OT
Firstly sorry if this is off topic, you won't believe the trouble i'm having finding what i want... please don't stop reading when i admit i've got a motorhome.. well i'm building...

Re:Monthly newsletter
Hi I`m Matt, I`m looking for people to help me compile a monthly newsletter on owning your own yacht,the newsletter would cover a wide range of topics concerning the average sailor,including tips...

River Stour, above Mistley
Anybody know much about the Stour above Mistley? I tried it yesterday, about 2.5 hours into the flood tide, but couldn't make out where the channel was in the Mistley wharf area. The buoys...

Making a towing bridle.
What is the best way of making up a Towing-Bridle for an inflatable dingy? I have a AX£ and have only ever used a single towing line with the current rigid tender and would be grateful for i...

I'm so sorry
Dear Friends, I'm sorry for everything I've ever said and done. I call myself Bertie now, but I've been known mostly as Sandy, Steve, John, and Michael, but also by many, many other nam...

Salcombe devon
Anyone recommend best place to launch a car-top dinghy to sail in the estuary at Salcombe in Devon? Is there access from behind the island sailing club (iirc?) and the public carpark th...

Mediterranean passage planning
I am to skipper 45 ft. mahagonny yawl to Zadar in Croatia from one of the Mediterranean harbours: Genoa, Nice or Barcelona (still to be confirmed) later this month. Looking at the map I wond...

Convert Sloop to Cutter
I was wondering if the position of the mast in relation to the leading edge of the keel was sacrosanct, or indeed if there was any significant reason at all to establish this relation.

Life Jacket for sale
If anyone is interested in purchasing a nearly new life jacket take a look on E-Bay at

Advice re: Endurance 35
I'm looking at a 1986 Endurance 35 (De Kleer 1986, Isuzu C240 4 cyl, Borg Warner velvet drive) to buy. Anyone have any advice on this particular model in terms of weak points?

trapper 28
Has anyone any experience with these - they seem to be quite fast. We are going to look at a couple but I was wondering how much work we would be letting ourselves in for as they are around ...

magellan gps310
Just got a Magellan gps 310 from a boot sale but there's no user guide has anybody got a copy of the user instructions, or a useful site where I can down load them, thanks again Ken

Mallorca - ferry info required please
Folks, Please can anyone give me any information about ferry crossings for tourists between Mallorca and Menorca (Mahon). The ferry company names and ports would be very hel...

Nova dingy?
Hi Any one heard of a Nova (Avon backwards) dingy. Apparently built from plans in fibreglass. Uses Mirror sails. I might be about to restore one! Hal

hello would 1 adult and 1 growing child be able to fit in a topper? we are thinking of buying one but we are not shure if me and my dad would be able to fit in one. cheers <...

Safety equipment ???
Hi, I'm french and will perhaps buy a sailing-boat in the UK. I wonder if I will keep the UK flag, one friend said me it is possible, even if I sail in France. Could you plea...

Hurley 22 and other small yachts
Hi, we are looking to buy our first boat and reduced down to a list of Jaguar 22, Hurley 22, Pandora 21, Tomahawk 25, Contessa 26. The smaller ones would probably be more convenie...

wokshop manuals
Sorry to be a pain but somebody gave me a sit to down load a workshop manual for a start & turner, I was telling a friend and he asked me if I could get one for a vire, but I've lost the sit...

Courses for a 12 year old daughter
----- Original Message ----- From: "David Maitland" <[email protected]> Subject: courses Can you help me with a query about sailing courses please? I live in Ep...

Thanks to Pantaenius pulling out of the classic boat market, I am now looking for new insurance. I have what appears to be a good offer from a broker called Kendal Becker. Anyone have good o...

chart catalogues
Are there chart catalogues (BA, etc.) as download, on CD or used? They do not need to be up to date. Regards - hermann -

advice needed on cruiser/motorsailer purchase
I live on the south coast of British Columbia and I'm looking for a boat to cruise the upper coast, 'Charlottes and Alaska. I would like a pilothouse ketch or cutter rig with enough po...

laser 4.7
Hello, i was wondering wot the difference is between the laser radial, and the laser 4.7 i cant decide wot to get. i, have never sailed before. are both the hulls the same size? Please help ...

SABRE Oil Filters -V. Cheap
For sale 5 off Genuine sabre oil filters, New in boxes, Part no 46547.... £ 7 each plus postage Please reply via email

Advice needed on dinghy courses
Hello there I am wondering whether anyone here may be able to help me with following question - apologies for the slight vagueness of the info - sailing is a field that I know v...

SailMail V Kiel Radio ?
Which (if either) would be best for email during the trip from Gran Canaria to St Lucia (ARC) , and ideally for use in European waters too? Would there be coverage for the whole trip? ...

Sailing in Devon
I keep my boat in Teignmouth - however I prefer to sail with others and on my own could do with more arms and legs. Consequently dont get out much. Anyone want to tutor enthusiastic but rece...

Laser1 help
How would my 14 year old son (8 stone) get on with a Laser 1 with a radial sail? He is learning to sail and I (Dad) have sailed dinghy's before (many years ago). Thanks

NGO is looking foir skippers in UK waters
SFTSinternational is looking for volunteer skippers to take part in projects for the benefit of marine habitats in waters around the UK. Membership is free of charge. Read about us, ask...

Re:Monthly Newsletter
Hi,My name`s Matt. I`m looking for someone to help write a monthly newsletter on all aspects of Yachting and sailing.The newsletter has to be 8-12 pages in length I`m willing to accept submission...

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