Wykenham-Martin jib furling gear
Is Wykenham -Martin jib furling gear still available and where can they be contacted to purchase.. Brendan south west Ireland

Which Dinghy for us? - The result
Hi folks A few weeks ago I posted requesting advise/comments on dinghy class for my self and daughter to sail on the Medway estuary. To all those who emailed me or posted re...

looking to charter
This is what I'm looking for 4-10-03 to 18-10-03 3 cabin sail boat minimum 6 berths (something a bit unusual preferred, liked a gaff rigged cutter for example) P...

Easi Loader
Back in the early '90s I had a framework which enabled me to singlehandedly load my Mirror on to the roof of the car. It was called, I think, an 'Easi Loader'. Please, does anyone...

fastnet desperation
help we are almost at the point of committing suicide we are 2 experienced sailors looking for places on the fastnet race both male and both capable of competing on a good boat (ex yeom...

Drying alongside in Crinan/Oban area
Anyone able to suggest a good place to dry alongside for a couple of tides? I need to do my anti-fouling over the next week or two.

Nannidiesel 2.50 - 14 HP : used 88 hrs then cylinder head gasket failure !
The end of the 3 years Silverwake guarantee ends up in no wake at all for me ! Has anyone encountered the same problem with this type of engine ? Thank you Jean-Pierre TROLE...

Identify 53 foot catamaran hulls
I have found a pair of part built 53 foot catamaran hulls, which it has been suggested may be Wharram 53 hulls but I am not sure. Does anyone have any dimensions or any other way of identif...

What anemometer?
We need to replace our venerable anemometer. What we are looking for is something that will sit on top of a pole sticking out of the clubhouse roof that displays inside. We need wind direct...

Mirror lookalike identification
Hi, I have seen an older GRP/fibreglass dinghy that closely resembles a Mirror (flat front). Is is a *Western*? Does anyone know anything about this type - if it is. Pro's and Cons of o...

A quick question about Stugeron if I may. I've seen it said that after 3 days or so you get used to motion sickness. Is this going to be true if somebody takes Stugeron every day...

Have I been banned?
Nothing I post now ever appears on this newsgroup. Have I been banned? If so, what did I do? If not, what's the problem?

tell tales
I've just bought some tell-tales to put on a Laser but can't seem to get any consistent advice about where they go. Some seem to be quite certain they have exact locations depending on the b...

LCD Digital Compass For Sale
Take a look:- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=15271&item=24252426 45 Thanks David

Hobie cat with an Ent sail?
A friend has just got a Hobie Cat - not collected it yet (cheap sold unseen) which has an Ent. sail! - any ideas whether this is possible / how it might work - I thought Hobie sails were ver...

Sea state at Neaps and Springs
All, Having just returned from Holland to Harwich last week during the high winds Thursday /Friday ( 5-6 and recorded 55 Knot gusts), we noticed that the sea state was not as roug...

c.n.s.o yachts
Hi! Are there any infos about C.N.S.O yachts? esp. Mikado? thx Michael

Fitting a compass
I am about to replace the compass on one of our ribs. The last one was removed a while ago. The hole on the console where the compass is to be fitted is approx 6 feet away from th...

12' Cadet Restoration
I have just obtained a dismantled marine ply Cadet for restoration. I am in desperate need of detail around mast, spars and rigging. Can anyone help with photos or plans please?

Engine to Propshaft Coupling (Shaft Noise)
At present the second hand boat I have just bought has a disconcerting amount of shaft noise when under power. What might be the causes. The engine is a Volvo 2003 which is directly couple...

Kubota Engine (Aaarggghhhh!)
Please can anyone suggest a company/engineer/gifted child who can fix our Kubota engine? We keep our Finesse 21 at Titchmarsh Marina at Walton-on-the-Naze, and so far all the marine engine c...

I might have an option on a cheap plotter that uses Navionics charts. Navionics do seem to be a fair bit cheaper than others. I wonder if anyone has use them and has any comments? ...

wanted small tillerpilot
hiya my tillerpilot seems to be kaput, anyone have one kicking around they dont use ? richard

Anyone got any pics of a Tri Fli
It is a 14" trimaran dingy apparantly from Australia, does anyone have any pictures so I can see what one actually looks like. Also any other information would be appreciated. Th...

Anyone got any pics of a Tri Fli
It is a 14" trimaran dingy apparantly from Australia, does anyone have any pictures so I can see what one actually looks like. Also any other information would be appreciated. Th...

Wanted - Miracle mast
Help please! I'm looking for a mast for a Miracle dinghy. Ian

Insurance Hike.
Got my insurance reminder today, in spite of a 5% discount it had still gone up 35. When I phoned them I was told that all marine ins. had gone up by 40% this year. Just how can they j...

Crew this weekend
Anyone want to crew this weekend - nothing very exciting just a day's sailing on the lake Doug

Vivacity 650 owners association?
I have just purchased a Vivacity 650, does anyone know if there is an owners association or similar? This messsage is on behalf of a friend of mine (Peter). NickC ...

newbie question on starting sailing and solo sailing
Hi, I am a complete beginner to sailing. I would like to circumnavigate on my own boat as a liveaboard. My plan is to start by crewing on other peoples boa...

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