27 Apr 2005 22:36:57
Cruising off the Balearics

I'm in the process of doing a deal for a weeks bareboat charter out of
Palma in September.

My (wheelchair bound) niece is flying over. Partly as earthbound
holiday, partly to come out with me/crew and enjoy herself. She did
(disabled) dinghy sailing in Greece last year and got her proficiency
certificate. I'm hoping she'll respond to encouragement on the
navigation, as well as helming, front..

I've got a Comp Crew and an Oily Rag on a 37ft Oceanis to support me, so
I reckon I can spend time with her.

Couple of questions -

Has anyone direct experiences of a disabled-friendly hotel close to
Palma? Don't want a head-banger nightclub downstairs.. and steps/stairs
are a no-go.. shower room is essential, not a bath..

Those that have experience (of both sailing and disability) will
recognise my need for easy anchoring/dinghy access.

I'm happy on boat egress - bosun's chair off topping lift seems to
work... someone might have a better idea?

I could do with some second hand charts to review. If anyone cares to
donate them.. hard copies or downloadable.. not needed for charter but
will give me ideas for overnight berthing / re-provision etc.

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