Kona One vs. Starboard Rio
I am an advanced beginner, 5'11 185 lbs (for those who haven't been following), looking to lock-in harness-use, foot straps, power jibes, and possibly (although not caring too much at this p...

So quiet here whatever happened to
THAT WANKER WARDOG, Used to be fun seeing him get all hot and wound up over anything, So who or what was the straw that broke the camel or hippos back

Kite Harness For Windsurfing
I recently saw and really liked the Air Styler kitesurfing waist harness by North Sails. What are the cons of using a kite harness in windsurfing? Are there any safety issues? It is mentione...

kids wetsuits for sale on ebay
Sorry for the advertisement. We are selling the kid's shorties a Junior Small and Junior Medium over on Ebay. Great cool water warm air suits. Purchased new from Promotion in 20...

I have decided on a board (almost), opinions on the rest?
Hi, I think I have my choice of board narrowed down....leaning towards the Starboard Rio. Anyhow, any advice on sails, masts, boom, etc? Mast- For the mast, are they all cre...

Highest performance board with a center/dagger board??
Just looking for some opinions. What is the highest performance board that still has a center board? For my purposes, I would define 'high performance' as possessing the ability t...

Best of Craigslist
My daughter directed me to this post on Craigslist. Any takers? http://www.craigslist.org:80/about/best/sdo/590709564.html

Corpus Christi SWAP MEET set for May 3
SWAP MEET "Windsurfing, Surfing, Kayaking, Fishing, and Kiteboarding" Saturday May 3, 8AM-Noon, in parking lot of the Coliseum,downtown Corpus Christi. Sponsored by the Corpus Christi Windsu...

FS: A long list of gear for sale.
Long list of gear for sale for you to look through. 1 2002 Sailworks 4.6 Revolution. Yellow and Red. Like new. Used 6 times. $135 + shipping. Uses a 430 mast. 2. True Ame...

all the posts are no longer available on my server and no new ones in the last 3 weeks????? anyone here?

Hot Sails Maui DEMO & FREE BBQ Coyote Point, San Mateo, CA Sat/Sun
[b]HOT SAILS DEMO AND BBQ Location: Boardsports School & Shop Coyote Point Date: Sat/Sun 4/26-27 Time: Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm[/b] Boardsports School & Shop is hosting a free Hot Sa...


Speed Event details for the East Coast Windsurfing Festival
The Totally Unofficial Long Island Windsurfing Event is featuring a speed event. Preliminary details here: http://www.peconicpuffin.com/the_peconic_puffin/2008/04/you-think-you-1.html...

hatteras windfest?
Lot's of tennis shoe deals, but not a single report on the Hatteras Windfest???

stoke (long)
I went out to Kailua yesterday morning. I was expecting decent wind, nothing great, as I'd sailed a 6.2 the previous day and the wind was supposed to be dying off. When I got there, the wind...

windurfing margarita in may/june
my wife and i are thinking of going to margarita island for a week. i'd be windsurfing, she'd be just vegging in the sun. a) what's it really like? how touristy? where would you ...

Masts that work well with Neil Pryde Expression sails?
I have a 2007 5.7 Neil Pryde Expression sail that needs a new mast. I was using an Neil Pryde X6 430 mast with it until it hit bottom and snapped after blowing a move. Can you guy...

ladies harness advice
My girl fiend is looking for a new waist harness. She's currently using an old dakine, which she finds uncomfortable. She's 5'3" and about 105 lbs. Does anyone know of a good waist harne...

FS: Long List of Gear - updated once again.
Long list of gear for sale for you to look through. 1. *** SOLD*** 2002 Sailworks 400 EPX wave/slalom mast. 45% carbon. 22mcs. Brand new. $140. 2. 2002 Sailworks 4....

Tax Relief
Great shots, Alex! http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/~pang/ws/locals/2008/ Thanks, Alan ----------------- www.Newsgroup-Binaries.com - *Completion*Retention*Spe...

What is Windsurfing Sponsorship?
Most of you know me though OBX Beach Life and the Hatteras reports, but I have always had this question about "sponsorship." Over the years, I have received free gear, and paid for it. Som...

9MXSy8Egzc7Px8/G1c7Lw8nPzsHM2M7B0SBVS0EtMTIwMQ0KDQr32SDQ0s/Ez8zWwcXUxSDQz8zY 2s/XwdTY09Eg09fPxcog09TB0s/KLCDQ0snX2d7Oz8og1MXSy8/KPyDw0sXEzMHHwcXNDQr3wc0g z9TMz9bJ1NggxcUg0M/EwczY28UgySDPwtLB...

Holy Crap Batman... Mast Prices are climbing.
I'm sitting here waiting for traffic to clear out before I drive home, reading my email. Got an email from a major mast company with a price increase. The 2nd one in a month. If...

Pics from Berkeley 4/8/08
http://www.muegenburg.com/berkeley/040808/berkeley040808.html I wasn't there that day... actually got slightly better wind at Alameda, but this looked really fun too!

Recommend board for learning waterstarts
The last couple of summers I've been learning to windsurf on a really old heavy board my friend gave me, a Vinta. I would like to get a new lighter board and learn to waterstart this summer...

formula air travel
Anyone have recent experience with air travel and formula gear, or better yet, specifically with northwest airlines?

Hay Chilenos por aca quienes conozcan a este lugar? Cuando cae la temporada? Verano suyo?~ Enero? Iria yo. Alan EU ----------------- www.Newsgr...

info request spot California and south
Hi , I will be on tour for 2 weeks with my girlfriend from San Francisco to San Diego , then Tijuana and maybe some 100 km south ; can you suggest me some relevant windsurf spots with...

BIC CALYPSO 320 Equivalent Mast
Just picked up one of these at a yard sale with no mast. Can I use an equivalent mast? BICsport doesnt list the specs on the mast and apparently no longer sell accessories for the 2003 boa...

South Padre Blowout -- April 26 & 27
A version** of the South Padre Island Blowout IS going to happen on April 26 & 27. Planned events at the North Flats include: Looong and Not-So-Long Distance Race GPS s...

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