Where is everyone?
Three years ago I was lamenting how little traffic and how much spam this newsgroup was getting... http://groups.google.com/group/rec.windsurfing/browse_thread/thread/b97be09ad77c4118/89e2ed...

Moments DVD Is it Released ?
Hello Guys, Is anybody knows about "Moments DVD Movie" ? Can't find it even though on Neilpryde.com they saying: "...in stores from 10 February" http://www.neilpryde.com/new...

PING: Joe Marotti from Texas
Any contact info appreciated! Muchos gracias.

50 knots GPS run
Looks like Chris Lockwood cracked 50 (50.1knots 2 sec GPS max) http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/gps.asp?mnu=user&val=27452&uid=203 -- florian - NY22 http://...

Skirmel Kanaldial Espen Endre haloes every kinds of Windsurfing,
(past as a Beetle) I made Looping in Os=F8ren in the Augthumn Storm just before i was descesed for 15 years, due to the tragic traffic accident i was in with my Yellow Opel Kadette City.

local Maryland windsurfer in the local paper
Farah Hall is featured on the front of the Baltimore Sun's Sports section. There is also a link on the paper's website home page. see http://www.baltimoresun.com/ ...

Repairing a plastic + styrofoam Bic?
Hi Windsurfers, My buddy Paul, who I recently enticed to join our wonderful sport, just did grievous damage to the first 3 inches of the nose of his "new" board; a Bic Samba. The...

Welcome home, Atlantis
There's something about a shuttle landing that always makes my day a little bit better. Dog

Do you feel old?
Mike Burke, a windsurfer and all around good guy from the Corpus area, has passed from ALS. He wasn't much older than I am. Do not miss an opportunity to sail. Dog

US Windsurfing Applauds Decision on Bill to Restrict Windsurfing
US Windsurfing joined with the PWA, the Maui Windsurfing Association and other groups and individuals from all over the globe to voice a convincing and unified opposition to the proposed ame...

Free Erotic Sex
There need to be more sex sites like these! I Love it!Tanya-HotNaked Women Online-http://www.nakednakedwoman.com .

Windsurfing/Kiting Bill in Hawaii
Bill to ban windsurfers and kiters withing 200 feet of surfers and swimmers. This is for real. There is a public hearing on Oahu today 2-15-08 http://www.c...

Wave Riding safety
Hello Guys, I Would like to ask some body who knows about wave riding safety, for example how to behave when you was wiped out ? I think it is pretty useful subject for beginners....

Wide feet and straps
Last Sunday I had a huge 4.7 and 4.2 day, getting good air off the chop at Sebonac in Southampton, NY. Unfortunately the landings sometimes killed my flat and wide feet, and the tiny straps ...

Margarita travel airtransast
Hi all ,planning a trip to marg. in mid march (my first ) and would appreciate any info from veteran travellers especially those who go by way of toronto. Will leave from phila. Especiall...

Windsurfing Vans
I'm thinking about finally giving in and getting a dedicated van for windsurfing. I'm tired of trying to figure out which boards to take which days (I only carry 2 easily on my car) and I h...

Windsurfer Association
I'm looking for early copies of the Windsurfer Magazine. Also interested to find early copies of Sailboarder and Wind Surf magazines. Any help as to when these publications printe...

Jaws access
Big rainstorms recently mucked up access to Jaws, and the whole thing may be lost. http://starbulletin.com/2008/02/11/news/story02.html

Going to Aus/NZ - need advice!
I am going to Australia in a couple of weeks. Will spend two weeks there, split between Melbourne and Sydney areas. Then will go to NZ (Auckland) for a couple of weeks and may travel around ...

Stuck mast...what to do?
i have a stuck mast, but not as we (usually) know it. i bought a package off a guy which included a nice north xcellerator viper 75% 490 mast, nice apart from the fact it was stuck tog...

Windsurfing Movie 2?
Will there be a Windsurfing Movie 2? Levi Siver mentions it in interview about his move to Quatro: http://www.windsurfjournal.com/frontblocks/news/PaperView.asp?id_papers=3416&ID_BB_LA...

Going to Aruba
Hello All, We're going to Aruba in 2 weeks. Haven't been there for over 10 yrs. Staying at Boardwalk apts. Any advice, warnings, words of wisdom appreciated. This is a jibe or ...

NP steps in it again...
Ken M was in the shop today and mentioned an article on Starboard's forum. Since people are bored, maybe this will spin things up. Post from Starboard's forum copied below. Dog ...

Is this board now dead where the FBI

The Way to Paradise
We are all in quest of true happiness. In this world, the idea of true/perfect happiness is not feasible because this world is inevitably doomed to total annihilation. True hap...

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