Happy New Year
Hope we all have a great 2008 and lot's of wind. Happy New Year to all. Mike.

Women's Speed Record Holder?
Does anyone know who the current women's windsurfing speed record holder is and how fast she's done the 500 m? Thanks, James http://jimbodouglass.blogspot.com

windsurfing Santa Rescue
Windsurfing Santa had to be rescued!!! http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/offbeat/2007/12/23/vo.ny.santa.windsurfing.stringer?iref=videosearch

chinook triple clamp
What is the consensus whether to use a mast protector with this boom.Its so strong Im concerned Im going to crush the mast,however the rubber protector doesnt lay flat as it doesnt quite.f...

Online fin seller?
In Australia, I'm chasing something a bit hard to find..... is there anyone who sells fins online (preferably a few different brands) Thanks

ProMotion wetsuits feedback
Anyone have any experience with ProMotion products? I'm looking at http://www.wetsuit.com/store/detail.cfm?product_id=497 after my old suit ripped apart after my last session. Gle...

Promotion wetsuits?
Anyone have any comments on these? Are they very durable? Looking at this one http://www.wetsuit.com/store/detail.cfm?product_id=497 as my old suit ripped apart after the last session. ...

GoPro Mountings
Santa brought me a GoPro, and I'm looking for boom/mast/board mounting techniques/suggestions. Also hoping to mount on an SUP this spring. Pictures would be great. Hoping OBXBill will ch...

Sailing with Jerry Mcewen
I met Jerry Mcewen in July of 2007 through a windsurfing page on his website www.coolcats.com. He was offering free sailing lessons so he would have someone to sail with. We got together a...

Trip report: Iles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands) - QC, Canada
I would rate this spot right up there with Cape Hatteras. These islands are in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada and are actually part of the Province of Quebec even though they are just (5 h...

Best Discounts Online
This site really was a surprise. Also check out http://www.justfordiscounts.com that features over tons of retailers and services.I even found a service offered for free that reduced my pr...

Merry Christmas, Happy New year soon, and good will to all.
Hello Windsurfing friends throughout the world. I just wanted to wish all of you who celebrate this Holiday a Merry Christmas and for those that don't I wish you all a fond holiday with yo...

Windsurfing Santa!
http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/offbeat/2007/12/23/vo.ny.santa.windsurfing.stringer?iref=videosearch anybody know who this is?

Profile of Joe Dihl
Here's a little treat for you California surfers/sailors created by Jarrett McPeek : http://www.pushloopmedia.com/movie-joe_dihl.html Jarrett has done several of these profiles in his...

Punta San Carlos at Christmas time
Will the crowds at PSC be out of control between Xmas and New Years?

Deep Tuttle Weed Fins and Old Boards -- poor fit
My deep tuttle weed fins don't fit to the bottom of my boards well (so I catch small weeds between the fin and the board). I feel like if I had something two or three times the width of fin...

Free Prescription Assistance
Great site for free prescription assistance is presented by American Consultants Rx at http://www.rxassistanceforfree.com .It really helped me out.

This looks like it could work as a Windsurfing Vehicle...
http://www.fordvehicles.com/flex/ Check it out... reminiscent of the old woody's... They should be available in May of 2008. aaron http://humancatapult.blogspot.c...

Trip Report - St. Lucia
I returned a few days ago after doing the ARC - The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers: It's a mostly British event, where sailors who want to get their sailboats from Europe to the Caribbean...

Rememberance Site for Jerry
Please send me any Jerry stories or pictures. The site is http://rememberingjerrymcewen.blogspot.com/ my email address is at the top to send the content, or request me to i...

He was a good friend
Jerry and I met in 1989 on the lake windsurfing in nashville. We have spent many days on that lake waiting for wind, and more days since then talking about computers and web sites. This is...

Hi to all
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Jerry McEwen
Bad News From Nashville TN. Jerry and I had sailed together for over 20 years and was killed yesterday. This is a small part of what was posted in the Local News Paper. ----------...

Decent apt for windsurfer avail 1/20/08
Howdy - hope everyone is having a lovely transition to the winter season- and busy planning for your warm water windsurfing escapes! I wanted to let anyone in the San Francisco / Bay area, o...

Sunday on the East Coast - a day to remember
It had to be great up and down the east coast today. We sailed Lake Norman, NC in 25+ winds and had a great day. high 40s, sunny, and the water was actually still a nice temp. I'll post pics...

MidWinter Stoke 2
Ooops. Here's the one from 07. http://www.utahwindriders.org/images/teaser07.WMV Again, a brief reminder of the joys of Summer at The Wall, courtesy the Utah Surf Rats. 55 seco...

MidWinter Stoke
Again, a brief reminder of the joys of Summer at The Wall, courtesy the Utah Surf Rats. 55 seconds rendered low res for a quick download .http://www.utahwindriders.org/images/gorge06...

50 knots
Martin van Meurs http://www.k-63.com/news/2007/week_49/index.html Jamie http://www.chalkwellwindsurfing.org

Video of Scott Sanchez training U.S. ski tema members on Maui
Ski Racing magazine at http://www.skiracing.com/ has several videos of Scott Sanchez training ski tem members Julia Mancuso and Resi Steigler on Maui. Video 4 shows them windsurfing as well...

Jalama in December 2007
Saw this picture of Jalama today. Warren would be proud! http://picasaweb.google.com/hypersailor/BigJalamaDec2007/photo#5142176104025489826 -Craig

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