Looking for video
I remember Peter Hart's "The Turning Point" being a wonderful video for the sailor just getting over the hump. Does anyone have a copy they are willing to let go of? Mine walked away. ...

Best way to store boards at home?
I currently have my boards stacked across some saw horses, but don't like that much. If I want to keep these in my garage, can I get some opinions as to what has worked best for others he...

Off topic but who cares; Congratulation Boston Windsurfers
Hey Bostonians, and other New England regional windsurfers. Congratulations on having the Redsox (or is it Red Sox?) win the World Series in Four straight games. ...

TS Noel on Approach?!
Looks like the east coast USA may get some surf this week! In Hatteras, hopefully Ocracoke to fire Friday and Saturday with a solid south swell coming in from the storm?! We shall see.... ...

rigging question
Alright, I'm an idiot who's gotten lucky all these years. All of my sails until now have had the little roller thing at the foot of the sail and I learned long ago how to thread the downhaul...

looking for another owner of Naish Icon
Hi, I'm looking for another person who owns a Naish Icon to talk about its characteristics, properties, etc. I've had mine for about a year and a half and I'd like to share opinions ab...

From Craigslist: for sale kite.....
http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/spo/461407322.html (the ad will be gone soon) Selling a Kite: ( definition of the equipment for sale - omitted here) "im just selling it beca...

Michigan and Ohio area windsurfers - new TABA BLOG site
The Toledo Area Boardsailing Assocation/TABA has a new club BLOG site. http://blog.ToledoABA.com/ The Toledo Ohio based club has not had an official Web site in the past. We a...

For Sale: Formula Experience, misc. Sails...
For Sale: 2006 Starboard Formula Experience Board. Based on 2006 Starboard Formula shape, in ASA construction for lower cost and higher durability per Formula Experience class ru...

East Coast USA/New Jersey: Something Different About The Tides Today?
Sailed a New Jersey inlet (Corson's) today. Probably the best day I've ever had at the place. But the tide... Sheesh! If it usually runs out at 4 mph, today it must'v...

Raleigh windsurfing
Hi North Carolinians, Practically speaking, how is it to get from Raleigh to great windsurfing (ie the coast)? There is an interesting job at NC State in Raleigh. Thanks, ...

OBX trip report with video
Posted a new report from last weekend's trip to Hatteras Island, complete with 9.5 minute video (with Oregon Scientific ATC-2K helmetcam footage) and some pics. http://thewatertur...

FiberSpar Boom Outhaul: Threading?
Got an older set of FiberSpar booms. Really liked the outhaul because it was so easy to thread: actually no threading, just pass a loop through the grommet, hook it back over the ...

Has The Weather Channel featured windsurfing on Epic Conditions?
Just wondering. I see a lot of other sports on there. Alan

Hookipa has been regulated by non windsurfers
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQor-qwbhyU Bring in cops and park administrators that may not understand what windsurfers are capable of doing, and you get a mess. Surfers have o...

the AIM of LIFE
. What is your purpose in life? What is the rationale behind our life? Why do we live in this life? These questions frequently intrigue people who try to find accurate answers. Peo...

Best glue...epoxy, Gorilla, JB Weld?
For reasons I am embarrased to say and can't tell you, I would like to know hear some suggestions as to the best stuff I can get to join two things. Imagine a hollow carbon tube (...

Wavesailing with longboards here's a link
http://www.u-ride.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2714&mode=&order=0&thold=0 Patrice and company sailing in Brittany in some pretty and nearly perfect conditions. Wish I ha...

broken boom (spare parts)
Broke my 5 years old, Fiberspar carbon (boom 200-258 cm) last weekend (clear sign the season is over). Fortunately, only front carbon section that joins left and right side of the boom is br...

Cuben North Sails?
Pulled this off of Sailing Anarchy this morning.... Might not be good for our friends at Aerotech. Dog > 3DC? > > Might very well be as North Sails has j...

Board Type Liters Tech Condition Remarks Price Pure Acid 80 Technora As New Near perfect, used < 5 times. $799 Evo 90 WOOD As New Near perfect, used < 5 times. $939 Mistral Sync...

Looking for "Tendon" for 2 bold Mast Base Plate
Misplaced my Chinook "tendon" that fits into my 2 bolt mastfoot plate, and looking for a replacement. Every place on the net I've looked will only sell me the complete package (te...

windsurfer rescued from NY channel??
><http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/22/nyregion/22boat.html>http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/22/nyregion/22boat.html Does anyone know who this was that was rescued? Was it a windsurfer ...

For those of you kiting inclined
Visited my brother down in Orlando last week. He has only been kiting a couple of years. I had the chance to catch some video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KAhHayncZM F...

NorthSailsm and compatible masts
How does a NS wave sails (Voodoo/Ice/Duke) react on a non NS RDM masts? Any experiences? Thanx Greetings

Booms found at Fireant
If you were at Fireant on Sunday (10/21), check your kit. Booms were found and I have them. Call Mariner to describe and claim. Dog

New Web site for longboard windsurfing
Hi guys, just pointing out a new Web site for longboard windsurfing: www.lbws.com.au Some rather seasoned sailors partake in the site and its forum. Articles too. ...

Free Boards in CT
A friend has just upgraded, and has two boards he wants to get rid of quickly. one is an F2 Xantos 300 (160 liters, 300cm long, sails to about 9.0) the other is a Mistral Sc...

Best longboard sail?
With what looks like a resurgence in longboarding, just wondering the groups thoughts are on the best sail(s) for longboards today? Lots of the RSX 9.5m sails at the 2007 Raceboard Wor...

sailing in seattle?
as per my subject line - just relocated here from the greater cleveland area, and looking for some locals to clue me in to the local launch sites, give me some idea of when the sail...

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