maui vaction rental in peril
well have you heard?? if you go to maui you should know vacation rentals ie places where you rent a house or part of a house for under 180 dayS may be the way of the dodo. if ...

windsurfing spots in usa in oct-dec
Hello, I am planning to visit USA in the middle of October and stay until December. I am looking for some good and windy places in usa for windsurfing in this period. I would ...

New Loans Website has been uploaded, very informative
Hi, the url is thanks Louis 441 google adsense websites at

Swap Meet Sunday, September 30 in Annapolis MD
Hey All, East of Maui is holding its Fall Swap from 0800 untill the cows come in the parking lot across from their shop in Annapolis MD. Call 410-573-WIND or check out http://www.easto...

Wardog ATX on Acid
I have a Starboard Acid Wood 74 2007 and I think I need a fin(s) that is more Bump&Jump San Francisco Bay Area oriented then the Drake Wave. Just to stay upwind at Crissy really ...

a new mast
I'm thinking to replace my "old" north xcellerator 460/25 mast with an arrows ultimate wave 2006 (I've found a good price). Does anybody know the differences?

OBX trip report
I posted a short blog about a camping trip in Rodanthe, NC last weekend. Not much wind, but managed to have a good time sailing in the ocean and took some pictures. http://jimbod...

oneill psycho II - is it good for WS?
Hi all, I wonder if this wetsuit that seems to advertize as a surfing suit, can be good for windsurfing? Thanks in advance, Paul

Twin Fins
Twin fins at the PWA's Sylt, Germany Event:

Gear, Gear and More Gear: Surf Expo 2008
Windsurfing Mag is grinding out a massive video report of all the new gear from the 2008 Surf Expo:

Please advice before my first regatta...
Hi there, So here I am, just 1 (very intensive though) year after I started windsurfing and there is this "end of the season" regatta at my local spot (lake) next Saturday... ...

Sailing and Working in Maui
Im very interested in going on a long 3 months summer trip to Maui. Ofcourse its not so easy, cause im a poor student from Poland :) so iv got few questions to those who knows anything about...

Tendon Mast Base vs Bogie?
I've always had a bogie(?) style mast base. From time to time I'll look down and it seems to be bouncing around quite a bit. So it seems like common sense that if a tendon style mast base ...

North Prisma 6.5
Has anyone tried the new Prisma? With a listed clew length of 220 cm, it must be the lowest aspect ratio 6.5 designed for planing boards on the market. I've generally felt low end power to...

useful site for travelling with windsurfing kit
Please excuse this piece of blatant pimping, but I want to draw all your attention to a resource which should be useful to any travelling windsurfers who use this forum. I know how annoying ...

Where is the windsurfing in Palo Alto?
I work in Palo Alto and it's pretty windy already, at 11AM. I have a break at 6-before my last client and wanted to go watch people windsurf because I know it happens around here but I don't...

Where to sell a windsurfing box van?
I've got a buddy who's fighting cancer that's getting out of the sport. We've just about got all his windsurfing gear sold, so now we need to help him get his box van sold. Since I've neve...

warning to FL lake sailors
Just a headsup if you sail in Florida Lakes. "...At first people exposed to the amoeba, naegleria fowleri, suffer from flu-like symptoms. Very quickly, in from one to 14 days, the sy...

best mainland US store / closest to Denver?
Hi Im maybe visiting the US in the fall....staying in Denver and might pick up a few items eg harness, carbon boom etc whilst im over.... Is there a store in the Denver area...

Surf Expo Videos
As promised, here are some videos from a few of our vendors that were at Surf Expo, Enjoy! Jim Ballantyne Sailworld Cape Cod

Old sail ideas...
Has anyone here had any experience with the high clew rotational sails of the late 80's and 90's? I was watching an "old" RYA training video hostred by Peter Hart and was amazed to see the d...

Surf Expo 2008 Gear Pictures
I just returned from Surf Expo in Orlando. The new gear looks great. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy, I will be posting gear interviews in a couple days as I get the film...

When you absolutely, positively have to plane
Check out this video: Imagine if you could get this service at windsurfing resorts. Hey Vela......

Anyone fancy writing an article?
Anyone fancy writing an article such as these please email via the site. As long as it's windsurfing related we'll happily add it. Location reports are especially welcome. http://...

Pictures form Denmark
September seems to be pretty windy in Denmark, so my team had a chance to windsurf and take some pictures as well. I recomend the late...

Windsurfing in Malta
Hi there, We are going to Malta for windsurfing at christmasweek between 21.12-1.1. Do you know any surfcenters that are open in winter at Malta? We would like rent our windsurf...

Looking for Naish Alana camber inducers
Hey Folks, My wife is down to fewer inducers than she has Alanas. And most of the sails are are good shape. Anyone out there got any of these laying around? TIA ...

looking for advice on choosing wetsuit hood
It's almost time here in Northern NE to pull the wetsuit out from the dusty closet. After using it back in spring I realized that the hood would be a helpful addon to the wetsuit to protect ...

Ezzy Camless: Tradeoffs?
Got a chance to try somebody's 6.5 Freeride today. Seemed pretty much identical to the 7.5 I bought a week or two ago. Nice sail, plenty power, controllable, balanced - didn't e...

Another shop shuttering-Berkeley Boardsports
Jeez, another shop is closing its doors, Berkeley Boardsports. I've heard that it's the internet that's killing sales. This is a super bummer because there's fewer and fewer places to go a...

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