WINDSPORT Magazine (sucks?)
I've had a bad experience with windsport magazine. I was given a subscription as a gift this April and never received any issues. I emailed the magazine last month to inquire about it and ...

The Cape this weekend
Hi all, I just got back to college after a long summer... This weekendI'm looking to continue the great sailing I had this summer, does the Cape look this weekend? Whats g...

iWindsurf sensors
Does anyone know the exact make, model and specs of the sensors iWindsurf uses? Are these available commercially? thx! Peter

20th Annual MV Challenge
Hello to my windsurfing buds! As many of you know, this weekend marks the 20th Annual Martha's Vineyard Challenge. The Challenge is the second largest annual fundraising event to...

Samara/Carillo beaches in Costa Rica - windsurfing?
What are the windsurfing conditions like at Samara/Carillo beaches in Costa Rica? Also, where to rent good, up-to-date boards/sails/equipment nearby? Thanks, Mac

Tough times.
As you have been warned, August has turned out to offer beautiful weather on Cape Cod, but not the kind for windsurfing. In fact it's become incredibly windless since last Saturday which w...

weed or weed wave?
Sailing out of Cape Cod and replacing the factory fin. Mostly bump and jump but I've starting to get into more wave sailing. Wondering if you'all would recommend a standard weed fine or a we...

Deboichet Formula Fins for Sale

The Windsurfing Movie - Two Paws Up
We got our copies of this new flick at the shop yesterday, so I spent the later part of the evening in my office watching it. Jace and company have done a nice job with this film. It's got...

ChinesePingyao518 http://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- PingyaoWorldcultureinheritancehistoryfamouscity---Pingyao oldcity,histo...

Sailquik in Hospital?
There are get well posts to Roger on his *board forum, it appears as though he may have had heart surgery. Ray

Goya and Hifly
I noticed that the Goya Freestylewave 105 and the Hifly twinstyle (100 liters) look identical except for the fin box(es). Could they be manufactured by the same company?

Where's the popcorn?
I just got my copy of The Windsurfing Movie. I know what I'm doing tonite. Dog

7.5 sail replacement recommendation for a freeride formula
Hi all, I'm on a Starboard F-type 148 and 10.0 NS Daytona and 7.5 Gaastra Matrix. My weight is 90kg/200lbs. I'm thinking about replacing my Gaastra Matrix this winter. 7.5 l...

Cosmicharlie posts
Is it just me or am I'm seeing more annoying posts ABOUT him than BY him?

Cappuccino Coast?!
Hey all, check this out: Talk about mast high sea foam?! Bill ht...

Windian In Need
Just ran across this on the Maui Windsurf Company web page. Federico is truely a class act, a professional who treats everyone with respect and all around nice guy. Time to help a...

Best board that I'll enjoy and learn on.. need your expert options! (=
Hey guys: I'm looking into purchasing my first board. I'm looking for: Something that's fun, responsive, and challenging enough for room to grow for a year or 2. ...

Brazilian Windsurfing Championship - wave & slalom
This event will happen next week and the following guys are said to show up: kauli Seadi - no introduction required Brownzinho - 1st / Free Style / Fuerteventura 2007

Preserving Rentals on Maui'
If you have enjoyed renting and staying on the North Shore of Maui for your windsurfing vacations, you might want to take a minute to express your opinion regarding the recent decision ...

Preserving Rentals on Maui'
If you have enjoyed renting and staying on the North Shore of Maui for your windsurfing vacations, you might want to take a minute to express your opinion regarding the recent decision ...

New Bonaire Webcam
As if you needed yet another windsurf distraction at work:

Damn, it suddenly got quiet?
Where did everybody go?

What's the fastest sail you've ever ridden?
For me, it has to be a 3-cam 6.0 Windwing from about 1997. Where I sail, the water is really really flat so you can go as fast as you like and this sail is far and away the fastest I've ever...

Have you checked out the new MauiSails Booms?
Had a customer bring by his new MauiSails Boom to show me and WOW! This has got to be one of the smartest, strongest, and most up to date booms on the market. The boom head is one of the bes...

Need some Shade?
Ever go to the beach and the sun is so intense you just want to get in the shade for a little while to escape the sun. Well.....I've invented a solution. See it here: http://usera.image...

Tough Board for Beginners
Over the years, I've introduced a few beginners to windsurfing and they eventually face a difficult problem of finding a beginners/ intermediate board which has a nose tough enough to take ...

Safety Strap for Boom Heads
Over the years, I broken a couple boom heads. Usually, the scenario is one arm breaks at the boom head, I fall backward, still hooked in and the opening up boom breaks the boom tailpiece, re...

Do you need help building a Vacuum Press
This past spring I decided to get into repairing boards and needed to build a vacuum system to do some vacuum bagging. I was able to find some very good info here: http://www.joewoodworker.c...

Streamlined Boom Head Help
I've found a solution to straps loosening up on the Streamlined Strap On boom heads. Make a cord loop using kite fly line or similar. The cord loop is made from a piece of fly line about 2"...

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