UV damage to boards?
I know that UV is not good for sails but was wondering about its affects on boards. I see a lot of cars come to the launch in bags on the top of cars and was wondering if the reason was to ...

Chinook Boom Markings
Does Chinook intentionally manufacter their booms on the long side? I have a Triple Clamp boom with adjustable length from 182 - 244 cm. At the shortest possible setting (182 cm) the m...

Where to Sail: Cape Cod or RI Aug 5-7?
I'm attending a family function in Lee, MA Aug. 4. Sooooooooo- I thought I'd check out Cape Cod for wind, but also some of the Kelly Park group from Banana River, Cocoa Beach FL told me ...

Coyote Pt. has a new windsurf concession
Good news! Coyote Pt. Park in San Mateo, CA has a new windsurf concession. Jane and Rebecca of Boardsport Schools Alameda have taken over the windsurf concession previously operat...

35 New Windsurfers born Saturday
I thought I'd share this write-up about a successful Intro-to- Windsurfing event we had in Virginia on Saturday, in the hopes that it might help motivate similar events in other parts of the...

Cosmicharlie: Spammer or infected?
'Sorry for the duplicate post, but as this message propagates, I want to make sure others know it's about Cosmicharlie. ======================== It looks like Chuckles is l...

Mistral oldies but goodies FS
Older but well taken care of ... 2ea Equipes of style that resembled Olympic boards of early 90's 1ea Equipe of the older pintail design 1ea Ventura approx 11' 1ea LIKE NEW E...

Gorge Sailors--Got Web Access?
I finally made the switch to a web enabled phone. The demise of the iWindsurf pager was the kick in the pants I needed. I went all the way and got a Sprint Palm Treo, so I could have a reaso...

The Internet: Haven for the Ignorant?
Sure, just sit there and ignore the rest of the world. They don't care for you anyhow. Type your nasty venom, threats, and insults, maybe someday you'll become famous when you shoot all th...

Fuerterventura - windsurf hire
Do you know if there is any decent hire places in FV or any other canaries? Thanks

Longboards are soooooooooo slow!!!!

Chuckles...paradox or irony?
Today's cosmic reply post on iWindsurf... "Sure thing, kid, preface your message with an ignorant, low-class insult and then waste your time on a long, lengthy post repeating what already ha...

Cool Pics from Waddell
found these this morning: http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/~pang/ws/locals/2007/jul25.07/ very cool... Ian Boyd was there!

Looking to exchange Chinook carbon boom arm
I've got a Chinook carbon arm from a 195-261 boom. It's a port arm, with 1/2" hole location for the extension pin. It's in excellent condition. I'd like to exchange it for a 170-2...

Yet another new windsurfing blog
This time it's mine. http://jimbodouglass.blogspot.com/ The windsurfing posts are mixed in with other random stuff. I have a YouTube video of me sailing in Edisto Island, SC that I t...

ABK Boardsports Kids Summer Windsurf Camp
Bonaire - They wanted to become windsurfers and by week's end mission accomplished. July 23 3 tourists and 7 local kids joined windsurf instructor extrodonaire, Andy Brandt in participating ...

Starboard Pro Kids Freestyle Worlds
Bonaire - The countdown is on when in one week the hottest kids freestyle event hits the shores of windy Bonaire. Kids from around the world are flying in to compete in this popular windsurf...

Starboard Pro Kids Freestyle Worlds
Pro Kids Freestyle Worlds 2007 Notice of Competition SOROBON BEACH BONAIRE, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES AUGUST 1 -...

Hobie Alpha 230A windsurfer
eBay: http://301url.com/HobieAlpha_230A

whos been to the clinic?
I've promised myself that for my last years worth of work purgatory I'm going to do one of those dahab ripping courses , starring some bloke who's got some books and vids out type clinics , ...

FS: Infinity 5.4 and 6.6 Philadelphia PA Area $175 each
No shipping. No dickering. I can deliver to Marsh Creek or Lakes Bay. These are both the "black camber inducer" models that proceeded the 2007 orange induce...

Iwindsurf MI really screwed up
Have any of you Michigan windsurfers noticed the difference in the Iwindsurf forecasts for MI-South and MI-Detroit? If you pick Metro Beach, for example, and check the forecast for Metro ...

Mast Base for fanatic race368
I happend up on a free Fanatic race368 but it does not have the mast base. I have not done a whole lot of research on this board so am not sure of the age etc. Does anyone have an idea of wh...

New Hatteras Lighthouse Wavesailing Video
Hey all, Check out what you missed on the OBX last weekend. Two days were identical: http://obxbeachlife.blogspot.com/ If you were here, hope you had an awesome time, ...

Starboard Start for my wife?
I have found a very clean 2005 Starboard Start M for sale. $300.00. Want to get this for my wife to learn on, and play with but she will admittedly not really care much for going fast. W...

Launch sites in Staten Island, NYC?
Hi anyone know of a windsurfing launch in Staten Island, preferably at or by Great Kills Park? Thanks. Ben

jumbo squid
Great as if we didn't have enough to be worried about with Mr. White swimming around. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2007/07/24/state/n173436D76.DTL&feed=rss.news

www.fanatic.com web site- way cool!
Check out the fanatic web site. Notice to all board companies, this is how it should be done! For each board they have a neat 3D view and extended video describing the board in detail and ...

My new blog
Peconic Puffin has one of my favorite blogs and has posted a couple of nice comments. I want to share http://lakesailor.blogspot.com/ with you all, but be forewarned that it's not nearly as ...

F2 Comet/ Bic Puma
Here in Canada we often ride longboards in the calm month of July, turns out there are a great number of vintage longboards in boathouses and garages. Last week I found a F2 Comet 170L ( tik...

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