Comparing Sails
I think I've learned something new (to me, that is...): the percent of carbon in a mast really does make a noticeable difference. I know a lot of people *say* that... Geeze, I've ...

Helmet Camera
....Well, I finally got my stuff together and bought a helmet camera. Now there's no wind. For practice I shot a little wake boarding last week, then spent most of the week tryi...

tandem sailing
This looks like such a laugh, imagine the freestyle possibilities. Cant wait for the first tandem forward loop.

Looking in to getting a Mistral Superlight
I have been looking to getting another windsurfer. I have a really old and big Hifly board and rig. There is guy a selling a Mistral Superlight. Very good condition, 260 litres, complete wit...

GPS Speeds
I've been using a Foretrex 201 for about a year now to track my speeds and I'm finding that it is extremely unreliable when it comes to calculating speeds on a track. After my experience las...

OT: My New Pet
I was feeling a bit lonely so I decided life would be more fun if I had a pet. So, I went to the pet shop and told the owner that I wanted to buy an unusual pet. After some discu...

ChinesePingyao518 http://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- PingyaoWorldcultureinheritancehistoryfamouscity---Pingyao oldcity,histo...

Leaving a rig....rigged.
How long can I leave a monofilm sail rigged? Will long term rigging damage anything?

Summer windsurfing scene at the OBX
It has been over 5 years since I've been down to the OBX to windsurf. How's the windsurfing scene down there nowadays? I use to go almost every weekend in the mid 90s when I was a lon...

FS: Packasport Rooftop Cargo Box Car Roof Top Carrier - like Yakima Thule
MUST SELL! $485 or best offer Box is like new and has lived in my garage. This particular size is no longer produced; it is long and narrow and only takes up 1/2 your available ro...

Found in North Texas
Would whoever was making connections at DFW for their return flight to the Pacific Northwest please return to the terminal... It appears that you left all your rain here in North Texas. An...

Long Luff
I have a sail that just won't seem to rig right. I downhaul it to the max and there is still about 15cm too much extension. I have a buddy with the same sail (a North Instinct 5.3m but a yea...

instructor on the Cape Cod
Hi, I'm having plans on going to the Cape on 18th of July for a few days and thinking about taking some lessons there. I'd like to expedite learning of early planning, planning j...

noisy boards on roof rack, any advice
Hi all, I have a few boards on the roof of my van. I can't seem to get them quiet at interstate speeds. Nothing is actually flapping against the van roof, but it sounds like it. I'm thin...

Cabarete Classic windsurfing competition - July 26-29
Greetings from Cabarete, Dominican Republic. On behalf of Pablito Guzman's Cabarete Classic Windsurf Competition, we would like to cordially invite you to participate in our event, which wi...

flat water forwards
I'm trying to learn how to flat water loop, but most of my sessions involve a 6.5 sail. Is this too big for looping or should I try it anyway? I have tried looping before with smaller sail...

Help a newbie in Gun Lake Michigan
I've been trying to help this newbie in Gun Lake, Michigan to find some used gear. He's 15 and about 135 lbs. I've been hoping to find something other than an ancient longboard with ancient ...

I'll do anything to get waves
It goes something like this... I'm stuck on a small lake with the in-laws and it gets windy. I silently thank God that I have brought some freestyle gear up here with me, but afte...

Replace those old tie down straps!
No, I didn't launch my board into the sky while driving down the highway- I was lucky. As I was tying down the board, tightening the straps, the metal buckle literally crumbled into 3 piece...

BABA Regatta report
The Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association put on a classy regatta this Sunday at Mayo Beach Park near Annapolis, MD. Winds were too light for formula, but a fleet of about 20 longboard sa...

Bic Techno 293....beneficial to me?
I am getting back into the sport. I recently took a lesson and the instructor said he thought the Bic Techno 293 would be the board he would recommend. Question...I still have ...

How do I go upwind?
I'm an intermediate windsurfer, comfortable sailing in a harness. I have a Starboard Go 140 with a Retro 7.4 sail. My question is how to sail upwind? My sail is sheeted in -- any farther a...

PRESS RELEASE: Anders Bringdal at 40.2 knots Breaks Maui Open Ocean Speed Sailing Record AGAIN
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 23, 2007 Anders Bringdal at 40.2 Knots breaks Maui Open Ocean Speed Sailing Record Again Maui, HI -- With steady winds in the 30-35 knot rang...

Kiteboarding instructors needed.
This season is turning out to be busy and I could use another one or two certified kiteboarding instructors. Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested. ...

Ezzy 6.5: Infinity vs FreeRide Tradeoffs?
Anybody had a chance to A/B these two sails? I've got the Infinity. Nice sail, but I find myself running camless more and more on all four of my Infinities. So far, it sou...

Here's a good reason to head on down to the Gorge, for not only sailing but for enjoying a really good movie premiere and supporting an event that helps support the Columbia Gorge Wind...

Egypt in Feb: Windsurfing/kiting/diving??
Hi. We are making plans for a trip from southern Europe (Italy) next Feb. for a trip and were thinking Egypt because it is close and warm and there are tons of good deals. Wife wants to di...

Big Guy Sailing
Nice article and picture page 24 of poster Will "V" Vasquez in the August issue of Windsurfing Magazine discussing big guy sailing.

Montezuma Hills launch sites?
Has anyone ever launched from the Montezuma Hills side of the Sacramento River across from Sherman Island? Are there even any good launch sites on that side of the river? I drove to the to...

looking for a 340 mast
I'm heading for the Gorge in a couple of weeks. Last time I was there it was blowing like stink and I bought an Ezzy 3.5 and 2.9 which I have never rigged on the proper mast. Now as I try to...

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