ProFiles on StableRoad - Jeff Henderson
Aloha from I wanted to give you wind loving folks a heads-up that we've launched a new section on StableRoad devoted to things other than videos... http://www...

WTB Sailworks Retro 7.0 '04 or newer.
IF you have a Retro 7.0 which is a 2004 or newer for sale, please contact me. I may have a buyer for you.

WTB Hot Sails Maui Superfreak 7.0
One of the guys I sail with has seen my Hot Sails Maui Superfreak and has decided he would like one also. He's looking for a 7.0 SF. If you have one for sale, I'd like to hear from you. He ...

"Wind Tracks Journal" style PHOTOS, story submissions sought for new American mag:
Hello writers, photographers, cartoonists/graphic wizards, pent up creative types...campfire tale tellers from the old and new days of the greatest sport of windsurfing! We are on...

Move to Oahu?
Interesting proposition...My wife has been offered a job in Honolulu with approximately a two year commitment. I own my own company and could very feasibly keep things going during that tim...

Looking for reviews on new vides - Intuition, Beginner to Winner, and Faster
Was browsing Sideoff and noticed a couple of new dvd's. Guy Cribb's...

North Power XTR II
Does anybody reading this have experience with the North Power XTR II mast extension, which was put on the market, I believe, in late 2006? If so, I'd much appreciate receiving any remarks y...

BIC Techno Formula 170 (2006)
Any comments on this board? I'm a 185lb intermediate looking for an early-planing board for my 9.0 (no bigger!) to complement my 130 ltr and 100 ltr boards. Flat water to mild chop conditi...

Insane Move - Push Loop to Forward Does anyone know who the sailor is? This is incredible.

Cape cod Windfest 2007
i just noticed on inland seas website that they are canceling the cape cod windfest for this year. anyone have more info on what happened? it was alot of fun last year and appeared well ...

Old school freestyling on longboards: video clip
Check out this guy in what must be a twenty year old clip. My favorite move is the one handed pirhouette helitack (I think that's what he's doing...) http://peconicpuffin.typepa...

Starboard footstrap insert fix
Anybody know if the footstrap inserts on Starboard Carves can be drilled and tapped between existing insert locations? Are the inserts individual or strips, like the ones Chinook sells? I ha...

Good way to ship a board at reasonable cost?
I'm looking for a good, reliable, insured way to ship a board from the Baltimore area to the Boston or Cape Cod area. Could drop off and/or pick up at a depot, etc. Boxed, it is about 120"...

This is a cool pic
Posted over on Sailing Anarchy: Dog

RRD Z-Ride 165 (2006)
Anybody have any experience and feedback about this board? Looking at it for a light-wind board with 9.0 for 185lb intermediate, Kalmus conditions. My next smaller board is 125ltrs. Or oth...

Swap Meet Saturday May 26 at the Sign on Sherman Island
RVWA swap at the Sign at 10 AM. Clean-up/sandbagging Sunday at 10.

Looking for used boom in Charlotte NC area
I bought a new sail and my older boom is too big for it. Wanted to get a used boom in the charlotte NC area. If anyone knows where I can get a used boom or a good deal on the net let me know...

Sailing community
I just created a new sailing community : You can create your profile, upload a photo, browse users in the community and many more. Tak...

How to repair wetsuit knee? And question on using Iron Mend.
I've got tears on both knees on my wetsuit. This is just the plastic knee part - the underlying wet suit material has not torn and I'd like to keep it that way. On one knee the t...

Where to attach uphaul rope?
Newbie here. I just got a new (to me) boom to replace my old one. The old one used a rope to connect to the mast and also had a hole in it for the uphaul rope to go through. The new boom c...

Clay Feeter is back -- new windsurfing pub, e-zine in the works. NEED YOUR HELP!
SUBJECT: Wind Tracks coming back with a new name, new format in works! Hi to my bros and broettes of the wind! Clay Feeter here, former publisher of Wind Tracks Magazine, n...

Clay Feeter is back -- new windsurfing pub, e-zine in the works. NEED YOUR HELP!
SUBJECT: Wind Tracks coming back with a new name, new format in works! Hi to my bros and broettes of the wind! Clay Feeter here, former publisher of Wind Tracks Magazine, n...

OT - the end of an era
I just sold my motorcycle. I didn't ride it enough anymore, and needed to sell before it lost all value. parting is such sad sorrow. the Benefactor in all this - my Windsur...

OK, I'm a f**king moron
So I went and tried to fix some recent nose damage to my xcite120 with what turned out to be polyester resin rather than epoxy. I now have a hollow nose that extends about 3 inches into the ...

Starboard Mast Box: Horizintal Pin?
My new board has a pin going across the mast track about a half inch from the front. Not present on my Aero. Anybody know what it does - besides prevent the mast foot from being...

BABA / MAS race June 9 & 10
Racing and camping out- all in one weekend. What more do you want? (Okay, wind is preferred, but we will provide food!) See directions and other pertinent stuff.

Is the deviator a good investment for one practicing water starts and jibes? Would it be important for 6-8 m^2 sail on 120-140L board with a "cut-off" type nose, like some JPs and Mist...

Carve 144 Users: Try A Wave Fin....
It finally got up to steady 7.5 late this afternoon and I started fooling around with different fins on my new Carve 144. Last one I tried was the wave fin that came with my Aero. ...

FS: HPL formula boom, Vermont
HPL formula 245 boom for sale. super stiff big boom, superb condition, including adjustable outhaul and other extras. pick-up preferred in burlington vermont. lots of details and contact ...

Is this good deal on windsurfer gear?
I am looking into buying a newer windsurfer and a fellow is offering a SeaTrend 5.7 light air short board with a Mistral 7.4 race sale and The sail, mast, and matching boom are all Mistral r...

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