New Windsurfing Manufacturing Company to open in the USA
Windsurfing Magazine Press Release, April 1, 2007 New Windsurfing Manufacturing Company in the United States John Chao, former publisher of American Windsurfer has formed a...

The real story
This is the real story of the British sailors who are being held in Iran. I had thought something funny was going on. Glenn

For Sale: 2006 HPL Carbon Formula boom +extras, $600
pristine condition. only used a handful of times. includes adjustable outhaul, adjustable harness lines, and uphaul. located in burlington, vermont. prefer buyer located in the northeast...

Is silver paint brittle?
Okay, I admit to knowing just about nothing about paint (so I'm asking,) but the other day I was looking at a silver board and there seemed to be an inordinate amount of chipping, especially...

Salle in Croatia - fun !

For Sale Pure Acid 80 DRam $800
See ad at:

2007 Gulf Coast Windsurfing Championship NOR
For those who haven't seen it on the various Texas windsurfing message boards... Dog

Spanish language windsurfing magazines?
Hi, I want to learn Spanish and would like to subscribe to at least one Spanish-language windsurfing magazine. Are there any that are from Latin America? There must be at least ...

Windsurf wave spots Daytona Beach?
Any launch spots near Daytona? I will be near in Ormond Breach this week. Thanks in advance -Paul

Lot of Deaths Surfing/Windsurfing/Kiteboarding Recently?!
On OBX Beach life (, I have a widget titled "Surfing News" that updates automatically with surfing-related news from around the web (there are some links pi...

Hot Dogs of Mass Destruction?
The 6th Annual April Fools Wave Jumping Contest and Hot Dog Roast Come to the Burnt Weeny Sandwich and Baked Bean Boogie on April 1, 2007 at Rocky Point Park. Demo gear from EZZY, Hi...

windsurf/kitesurf locations off I-10 Texas route to LA
Hi, I'm in Corpus Christi right now but heading to LA in the next few days...I've never done the trip with time to spare and I'm wondering if there are some "don't miss this" area...

Rain-X on glasses?
The post below reminded me that I wanted to ask this question as soon as I returned from Bonaire. I'm mostly a fresh water sailor and I always wear sunglasses while sailing. While in Bonai...

Stolen Gear (San Francisco)
Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA at approx. Quintara Rogue Wave custom wave board (8'2", roughly 76 liters)... bright colors (red, orange, blue)... has a white repair area around front...

Florida Wave challenge second attempt take a look at our latest video. See if you can make it. I'm the one sailing (and running aground) with the white Cuben 6.8 sail and the Exo-Wave 105. It's onsho...

Rain-X on Windsurfing Sails?
Hello all, Perhaps this has been discussed before, and kind of an odd question, but has anyone tried Rain-X on your sail view panels to help keep them clear? Does it work, is it ...

Digital Waterproof Camera
Picked up a new digital waterproof camera (Olympus Stylus 770SW) that you can bring with you while windsurfing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, etc.. An Aussie buddy turned me on to it, it's...

New Poll up at
Hey Everyone, Hope ya'll had a windy weekend. Just wanted to let ya know there's a new poll up at (Scroll down, on the left) It's...

Kiting Joke
>From a fellow windsurfer here in the midwest: Q: Why did the kiter cross the road? A: Like he had a choice! Tom - Chicago

super-x boards
I am looking for a speedy board in the 100L range and am considering buying used or closeout (Not to be my main stick). It seems that there are a few around that either havent sold or are ...

Mast and Hucker
I was bored to tears today so I decided to play around and rig my new Hucker in the driveway today. Although I own a Backbone mast, I decided to try it on an old Sailworks Blue label 410cm ...

Power-Oriented Sails?
Going back to the last Windsurfing Mag issue and the assertion that Severn's 7.5 was significantly more powerful than, say, Ezzy's 7.5 Infinity. Anybody got any experience with this? <...

San Francisco Bay Area FS Starboard Carve 111
Woodie 111 for only $650 if you want it call Ron at 408 559-8803 in San Jose.

does this seem suspicious?
Does this seem a little fishy? Check out this ebay ad. Who g...

What brands are making longboards this year besides Exocet, Starboard, Bic and Mistral?
I guess I haven't been paying sufficient attention, because I completely missed the Konas last year. But the Serenity is upon us now, and I actually got to try (and like) a Kona Surf in Ar...

Oahu gear rentals
I've never been to Hawaii, and I'm going to Honolulu for a short conference in June (I'll be staying right in Honolulu). It looks like there's about 5 rental shops, not all near the beach. ...

Monty's Loft 02
Well, Monty your posts here may have helped me to decide to buy another one of your sails. In actuality, though, I made my decision with a variety of factors in mind. First of all, the sa...

Windsurfing Mag: Slammed StarBoard's 120?
Anybody have a reaction to Windsurfing's latest board tests? I've got to give them credit for integrity. Starboard has tb a *major* buyer of advertising - yet their rating was about ...

maui rentals
Hey anyone been to maui and rented latley looking for the best shop with starboard stuff as i may want to try out a board before i buy. thanks J.E.

Crissy Field Swap-4/7/07
Annual Crissy Field Swap starting 9am in the parking lot on Saturday 4/7/07. Seems like this swap usually attracts a lot of wind as well as gear.

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