Kind of cool...
There is just no end to cool video's on the net.... Dog

Dallas Swap Meet - March 17th
Mariner Sails will be hosting the annual Spring Kayak and Windsurfing Swap Meet on Saturday, March 17th from 10am till 2pm. We're using the usual format and rules. Gear check-in for the sw...

Windsurfing video for the desperate or bored
Here are a few minutes of low-performance windsurfing, set to War's "Low Rider". It may amuse you for two minutes:

Hansen Sail Photos
Unclassified and G-rated photos of the new Hansen Sails just popped onto the Hansen Forum at the URL below. Lots of cool detailing...

How its made?
The Discovery channel's show, How Its Made, this week aired a segment on how sailboards are made. It's worth seeing the many steps involved. Here's the show's URL http://dsc.discovery...

HIHO Advice
Hi All, I've signed up for the HIHO this July and am looking for advice on from those who have experience: What to bring? Where to stay in Tortula the Saturday before we se...

Test (Please Ignore)
This is a test for retribution! Every once in a while, I'm required to post my email address on the internet like recently when I was looking for a specialized trailer hitch. Spammers from ...

Guincho, Portugal
Hello, Heading to Guincho, Portugal for some surf and windsurfing in early May. Can anyone tell me what size wetsuit I will need to bring. Is a shorty enough of will I need a fu...

Corpus Christi Swap Meet Set for March 24
The Corpus Christi Windsurf Association will hold a swap meet from 8am-1pm on 3/24 in the Coliseum parking lot, Shoreline Blvd.. The Swap Meet is an "ALL WATER SPORTS" community event. This...

Awesome footage from Cape Verde PWA incredible! kev

'sup with iWindsurf???
I like the new wind graphs but I wish they would put a little money into their infrastructure. Web pages are extremely slow, sometimes they are timing out. Sometimes the pages come up with...

Formula Gear for Recreational use
Hi group I'm looking for advice on using formula gear for recreational use. The closest I've come to having a formula set-up in my 5 years of windsurfing was about 2 years ago whe...

Top 10 Windsurfing Scenes in the World?
After reading the industry status thread and discussion points on some windsurfing scenes mentioned, I was interested in broadening the discussion to see what everyone believes are the top w...

kids wetsuits
Anyone know a good place to get a good deal on kids wetsuits - new, consignment, used, etc? My 8 year old daughter is growing like a weed and I don't want to spend a lot on a brand new wetsu...

Formula fin choice
I have a question about Formula fin choice. If you know of a great Formula-specific chatboard let me know and I will bother them. I happen to have 3 fins, aquired in no sensible manne...

chronic pain in the groin
Been feeling pain in the left groin for about a month now, I've been holding off on skiing and hiking, but I can't hold off on the windsurfing (great 4.2 sesh at Rosevelt on Sunday!!) My se...

Aruba report: the wind is just fine
Hi all, The last I saw in this NG there were still concerns about the possible construction of a hotel messing with the winds in the main sailing waters. Plans for that cons...

PBD got it??
Got PBD? Post Bonaire Depression can be cured or made worse by watching the webcams at Annie ...

FS: Gaastra Ignition Mast 520cm
Used Gaastra Ignition Mast, rigs poorly on my retro, 520 / 100% / good shape, scuffing on mast where the boom attaches, otherwise in good shape. $175. OBO or trade for p...

Repairing a cracked board seam
Howdy, Alrighty I have a little problem with my new-to-me JP Freestylewave. On the last day of the season last year, I was riding and noticed somethin' up with the nose of my boar...

Windsurfing forums?
Which windsurfing forums do you browse? Apart from here, I like the following: http://www.exocet-origin...

waterproof bandages?
Does anyone know how I could keep about a 1.5 in long wound dry while windsurfing .. . waterproof tape . . . large bandages? I cut my forearm last night, pretty good, just before my trip to...

Hansen Sails Ordering
If any of you missed the deadline for the initial Hansen Sails order, the second opportunity to order runs thru March 14. Info at: Order thru...

If the Famous Five went down to the beach they'd find a top spot at Oxwich (icWales)
SOFT, sandy, framed by woodland and overlooked by a castle - it could come straight from an Enid Blyton story. === Just one of Today's Top 10 Consumer News Stories: http://www.ng2000.c...

Beginning of March in SF
I'm going on a business trip to San Jose on March 2nd for more than a week and wondering if it SF bay is sail-able that time of the year. If so: dry or wet suit? Any place to rent board/ri...

Europe end of April good for sailing?
I'm going to be in London near the end of April for work and I'm curious about the windsurfing in England or anywhere close, etc. that time of year. Water temps? Wind/wave conditi...

State of the industry
I wonder how many sails and boards are sold per year by the leading manufacturers in the different markets worldwide and how do the numbers compare historically. Besides the ann...

Windsurfing Trailer Guts
I have a cheap enclosed Pace American trailer. About 10'X6'X6' The trailer cab is pretty flimsy. The floor and trailer frame seem to be pretty stout and it is rated for about 3000lbs....

Atlantic City Boat Show: Is It History?
Atlantic City, New Jersey - USA. I see "International Power Boat Show" on the convention center's calendar for 1/31 thru 2/4, but nothing else. Is the boat show a thing of t...

Florida Wave Challenge (Take 2)

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