Help with fibergalss noseguard
I'd appreciate advice on attatching a fiberglass noseguard. It wraps the rails and the fit is a little off so there's a 5-7 mm gap on the nose itself and also a 3-4 mm gap on one of the rail...

Windsurfing as a terrorism-fighting tool

East Coast lookin' good for Friday!
I'm looking forwards to seeing some stories and photos... We're heading down to Wilmington, NC Alan -- Windsurfing Club: <...

Can YOU jibe with your feet out of the straps?

Where to rent a Car in Malaga for Tarifa
Ciao, we will be in tarifa from 27/12/2006 to 03/01/2007 , we have some problem in finding a car to rent in Tarifa at reasonably prices, we tried with Costasur but the prices at the end...

Looking for a used JP EX-CITE RIDE 165ltr
Looking for a used JP EX-CITE RIDE 165ltr, email me at [email protected] prefer in the south florida area. Thanks! -Paul

Windsurfing in STUFF Magazine
Check out the latest issue of "Stuff magazine". The Aloha Classic Wave Championship is featured with an entire page in the November (84) issue! Coverage can be found at this link: htt...

Nowy portal o tematyce windsurfingu
Powoli powstaje a raczej raczkuje nowy portal o tematyce windsurfingu. Możliwość jest na razie wprowadzania wlasnych zdjec do galerii zdjec. w planach jest kilku kategorii zwiazanych z win...

New Landboard
No more bent trucks.. Good for beaches (amphibious) and outright speed and freestyle launching:

are wombats good?
I'm not really sure whether Wombats are any good. The picture on Wikipedia looks like a horrid little Pig. Quite Obscene. Just not English. 413 ...

Sailworks Revo '99 rigging
Hi I've got a '99 Revo that i rig on a 430 mast as i haven't got the recommended 400. I have been downhauling until the batten above the boom cutout is mid way along the mast and visual...

Exocet Pacer 300 Video on
I went out this past weekend. It was a warm and beautiful day. I took out the Exocet Pacer 300 powered by a Maui Sails MS2 9.5. I managed to leave the fin cover on during my first run out....

I am selling this board on ebay, check it out if you are interested. Happy thanksgiving! -paul

Another F8 day with pictures
Yet another classic day here on the UK South Coast with gusts hitting 50mph. Report & pictures here You can see "Liv...

Baja for Christmas?
Does anybody have any recommendations for Baja during Christmas? I live in San Diego so I was planning on driving down so I can use my own gear. Is there any wind in San Carlos that time of ...

Mega Winds here in the UK - Images & Video
Hello friends & Wardog :) not posted here for a while - just thought I'd let you know we've been having a great Autumn and this weekend looks epic. Quite a few USA based sailors are n...

Windsurfing van details
After years of checking out other sailors' vans, websites about windsurfing vehicles (thank you Mr. Anderson) and posts in the NG (thank you Roger Jackson), I started work on my own van almo...

I ate too much turkey
Shouldn't of had seconds. Happy Thanksgiving to all you wind junkies.

race mast durability???
I've had some success w/ Powerex ZSpeed 100% carbon masts, but was wondering how durable they are in the long run. I have 3 masts, 460/490/520 I rig on high tension race sails. I am <...

Naish - website update Finally Naish updated its website. Naish recommends RDM masts for Session and Force 2007. My question is: Did someone try the sails with Standard D... deception
For anyone who uses yesterday whan I tried to log on I was presented with a page stating that the service was 'updating' and I needed to re-register. When eventually I managed t...

JP Radical Wave 74 vs 69 liter
I'm looking to get a used JP Radical Wave. I sail in the SF Bay Area, mostly Sherman Island and Bethany Reservoir, occasionally Coyote Point, and very rarely Waddell Creek. I weigh about 160...

Where to rent 6 windsurf in Tarifa for a week at good prices ???
Good evening, me and my friend will be in Tarifa from 27/12/2006 to 3/01/2007, we go with airplain so we want to rent the equipment there, can you suggest us a place where we can rent g...

Sweet surfing video! very cool! enjoy

Old video - California Coast sailing
Ok ... it's been years, but its about time I post this Enjoy. I was sidelined with an severe ankle injury from wakeboarding so I w...

i-to-i Long Distance Race Dec 2-3
Fort Lauderdale, FL -- The 4th annual running of the Inlet to Inlet Long Distance Race is scheduled December 2-3, 2006. The i-to-i is the first race of the US Windsurfing National Race Tour ...

Outer Banks Windsurfing Vehicle
Anyone looking for a rugged outer banks windsurfing 4 WD vehicle? Am moving to Europe for a few years and need to sell my 1989 Ford F-150 4X4, 5 speed manual transmission, 302 V-8, pick up ...

2005 JP Real World Wave 84 ltr for sale
Bought new in june, used twice. Great board, but beyond my skill level. Nearly new. Would like to get $725 out of it, includes straps, fin, new bag. 84 ltrs, 237 cm, 13.9 lbs. email: win...

RUTHLESSLY KILL TERRORIST PSYCHOPATHS BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, Robert Mueller, Keith Alexander, Mathew Hayden and John Negroponte
UPDATED VERSION. Even if you read this before, you should read it again since I UPDATED it with more EXPLOSIVE DETAILS about these UNDERCOVER FBI and NSA PSYCHOPATHS. ...

[maybe OT] fins for sales
Hi! just a quick message to tell you that I'm selling these fins ...if someone is interested ! ...

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