More Pictures from Cape Cod Jerry Evans just sent me some more pictures from Sunday at Hardings, so I've added more to the page since this morning. Click on the li...

Cape Cod weekend pictures
Here is a link to a couple of pictures from this weekend at Hardings Beach on Cape Cod. It was too windy for me, I took only one run an...

This Weekend in Dewey
I got back to Dewey this weekend after a 7 year absence (don't think anyone missed me.....). The wind was howling! Saturday turned out to be a lot warmer than the initial forecasts, and Ja...

Quiver spacing for small sails
After having tried (and blown) my smallest sail (Rushwind Escape 4.7) in 60+ kts I'm convinced I need smaller sails. We dont get many chances to practice in such winds over here on Baltic ...

Hatteras Highlights
A few new posts are up including reports from the weekend and the first local rider cameo. Check it out at: Hopefully more to come later t...

Sailworks Revolution vs Hucker
Anyone with experience with these sails? Other than batten type, any major differences between the two? I saw a 4.6 Revo in action yesterday in very gusty conditions and the thin...

Aloha Classic Competition Schedule
2006 PWA Aloha Classic Wave Championships Presented by JP Australia Nov 6-17, 2006 Hookipa Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii Here is the competition schedule for the Aloha Classic Wav...

Bonaire's next freestyler
And she rides topless at that... Mark Paine Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles / San Francisco, CA

Windy Weekend in NE (USA)
This weekend has changed my attitude. I had thought I didn't need a sail under 4.2 for these two odd days a year. What BS, the entire sport isn't based on rational/economical decisions ...

Need Madd 165 fin recommendations
I've just bought a Madd 165 and want to upgrade the fins. It comes with two 36cm-slalom fins and I am not happy with the performance. I have bear off to far to get on a plane and when I do...

Hello! I uploaded a promotional video from my "little" brother Niels van Wessem to Google Video. See: ...

Hello! I uploaded a promotional video from my "little" brother to Google Video. See He's lookin...

Hello! I uploaded a promotional video from my "little" brother to Google Video. See He's looking for ...

Klitmoller DK 27/10/2006 - Pics Great Day in Denmark/Klitmoller. Sails 3.0-3.3m. Experts Only Allowed ;-) Good Sailing, Bart www.vistul...

Mast base stuck to board
After a few sessions with a new neil pryde pushpin mast base, it got harder and harder to screw off the board after sailing. I decided to turn the plate that is between the mast base and boa...

LF: Bic 250 Fin
Hi there, I am in the Toronto area in Canada. i am looking for a red Bic 250 fin to replace one that was lost. This is the fin that pushes through from the top of the board. ...

fin size
Need help. I just picked up a beautiful Maui Project 8'2". I believe I can a carry a sail up to 5.5 on it. My biggest fin in my quiver is an 8.75" wave fin. Big enough? Could,...

Aloha Classic Pre-Registration Period Ending Soon
PWA Aloha Classic Wave Championships Presented by JP Australia Hookipa Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii November 6-17, 2006 For those interested in competing in the Amateur Divisions...

Disney World Windsurfing
I'll be down in the Disney World (Florida) area next week with the family (wife and 2 kids). I'll be travelling back and forth between Daytona Beach and Orlando. Can anyone recomm...

Drops Sailboards reviews?
Is anyone familiar with Drops sails boards, I'm looking at picking one up, but haven't been able to find much out about them. I'm looking for a board thats slightly more loose than a salom b...

$5 neoprene gloves
Thought I would pass along I was at Ocean State Job Lot the other day and they had a few different types of neoprene gloves for $5. What a deal! Nathan

Windsurfing at Göteborg
Hi there, I'm going to Göteborg for few days at November. I would also like to windsurf 24.- 25.11. Do you know some place where I could rent windsurf board and rig for two days...

Kauai Windsurfing Locations?
I will be in Kauai, mid April, and looking for places to sail and rent gear. I found a place called Windsurf Kauai that rents gear at Anini Beach but they sound like you can only use their g...

Cool toy....
We just unloaded a Serenity off the truck, and boy howdy is it a weird duck.

Big Forecat for Hatteras
Any of the Hatteras gang going to be around Friday? Alan -- Windsurfing Club:

Sail choice for 6.0 m on Carve 99
I sail a carve 99 in Flat water + Bump & Jump conditions. I want to replace my old Hot Stealth 6.0 m^2 with a new sail I like it alot but it is now realy used up. I am considering now 3...

San Carlos....
San Carlos had some goodness left last weekend.... maybe the last S swell of the season

Gorge Video footage of new 2007 Aerotech Sails
Check out this video that Charlie from Ride Hatteras put together. Charlie and his buddy Jason took some time from their sail testing of the 2007 Aerotech sail line to get in some vide...

10.4 Sailworks/HPL formula rig for sale
i have a 10.4 formula rig for sale, consiting of the following.... sail: Sailworks NX4 10.4 mast: Sailworks Lightstick 520 boom: HPL Formula Carbon 245 extras: carbon extensi...

cool video clip brrrrrrrrrrrr!!! makes me cold just looking at it. kev

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