Luff Way Off
I bought a new 2005 North Instinct 5.3m sail. It seems to rig up really strange. I rigged it on the recommended 430 mast but it seems like the luff sleeve is about 15cm to 20 cm shorte...

Ezzy Infinity Tack Strap Adjustment?
2006 7.5 Infinity. Is there such a thing as too much tack strap tension? If so, what would I look for in terms of evidence of same? What about too little? What observ...

Fin position and spinout-Tiga free carve F61
I need some tuning tips: I bought this board a while ago, with the original fin. I experience too much spinout (In my previous board the fin position was static...) In this case s...

Bonus Coverage from Surf Expo!
Hey Ya'll, We've got a bunch of bonus coverage from Surf Expo up at - including some exclusive test rides. Check it out!

2007 Ezzy initial observations
I just unpacked my new SE Wave 5.2. This has always been my favorite sail. The bags are yellow this year but the same otherwise. The tack strap wraps up the sail as in previous years. What w...

Off Topic, but cool nonetheless
I know there are a few RC people. Check this out: toy.html Steve

iWindsurf's Lakes Bay Sensor: Down Again?
Anybody know what the scoop is? Will be unavailable until spring like last time? -- PeteCresswell

Angulo Chango 75
hi, the Angulo Chango 75 .. anyone ever sailed one? look like a pretty quick shape to me which sounds alright. interested in comments on ... - early planing...

Feedback for The Loft Lip Wave 5.0
Hi group, I wanted to get some feedback on the 2006 Lip Wave 5.0 from The Loft. Anybody here owns or has tried this sail? It looks pretty good for the bucks. How does compare with...

the way to Hatteras
I'll be driving to Hatteras next week from Ohio and I've been told there is a route that can be picked up near Breezewood PA that avoids Washington DC and its hated beltway. I've looked on...

Punta San Carlos Trip
Hi All, Just got back from San Carlos on one of the best trips ever. 50/50 windy days and glassy surf days. We even got a nice swell for 3 days mid week. Heck even Rodney came out surf...

Anti-twist devices
There are three different footstrap twist control systems I have found, Mistral, Dakine and Epic Gear. Can anyone comment intelligently on these devices and how they compare?

Heat and Humidity Warning?
My 430 Tidal Wave mast (non RDM) broke on the weekend. The mast only had about 25 sessions on it. No damage anywhere. It broke half way between the base and boom. Although I hear ...

request: powerbox plug or old pwr box fin
I'm looking for a powerbox plug or an old powerbox fin to make a plug out of. I have a protec AVP prototype (it is somewaht like a prodigy or AHD zen) that has a power box slot for the cen...

Retro quiver spacing
I have searched the forums but did not quite find what I was looking. So please accept my apologize in advance for asking this question. I currently own the following: 2006 ...

Celebrating the 21st Aloha Classic Wave Championships
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 21st , 2006 Celebrating the 21st Aloha Classic Wave Championships Maui, Hawaii (USA) - Time flies, the summer is here and soon it will ...

Hey Guys I'm just curious what others might think about this idea... Not that I'm a big auto racing fan, but pretty much ever vehicle that goes very fast has some type of spoile...

Cabarete in July
Hi, Thinking of going there next July. Any thoughts, recommendations or warnings?? Thanks, Jim

Notice of Race Hampton Roads VA Oct 14-15
Hoping to have a good turnout for the race in about 3 weeks. If the last 2 years is any indiaction of wind conditions, then we should have some really good racing. Hoope to see all for the r...

Richman Sweeps the Maui Speed Challange Series
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 25, 2006 Richman Swees the Maui Speed Challenge Series Maui, Hawaii (USA) - The Navman Maui Speed Challenge Series, presented by Naish...

Surf Spots on Google Earth
Hey Windsurfers! We started an initiative to list windsurfing spots on google earth. Here you can find more information about it: ...

FS mast
I have a 4 metre aluminium 'Serfiac' V1 mast in my garage. Anyone in the region of Winchester Hampshire UK can collect for free, email me at quilljar at btinternet dot com ...

Another Hatteras SW Weekend!
Check the reports at:

Notice of Race
This weekend, the Baltimore Area Boardsailing Club (BABA) will host the East Coast Nationals which is part of the US Windsurfing's Mid-Atlantic Series. There will be racing at all levels f...

rsx worlds, lake garda italy
The RS:X Worlds Have Begun The Official opening of the Inaugural RS:X Windsurfing World Championship is scheduled to start today in Torbole, Lake Garda, Italy. Emerald green water, soa...

Need advice - Vela accomodations in Los Barilles
Heading there early Feb 2007, booked with Vela. Have heard there is quite a diff in the two hotels Vela offers there. Which one is the nicer? Not looking for luxury, quiet and clean are t...

Do-It-Yourself-SemiTinkler Tail?
Not enough wind... too much coffee... but here it is: I've got a board that has all the planing surface in the world... but has wave rocker. I love the board and it's ex...

FAO Florian

Surf Expo Pictures
Here are the pictures of some of the 2007 windsurfing gear I saw at the trade show in Orlando last week. Sail on, <...

Anyone in the NE selling a 92l Wave Cult?
Looking for the '06 model in good shape. florian

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