OBX Beach Life...
Hey all, A little selfless promotion, but since I have been updating this site almost daily with news and comment revolving around the OBX windsurfing world, I thought I would pos...

aloha.. news site windsurf from italy
aloha.... my name is robby... robby scrash and my home site is http://www.surftribe.it/windsurf/ sorry and tanks

Piraro rides hot?
This may be gone tomorrow: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/comics/Bizarro.dtl

Google Jobs in the Gorge

Dakine thermoform
Finally switched to waist harness this year, and picked Dakine Thermoform (my old seat Power XT was extremely comfy). It was expensive but I expected it to work really good. How...

weed condition report San Luis
I was down there today and there are no weed patches showing with the water level at 221 plus When I go there about 2:30 it was blowing pretty good I rigged a 5.2 by the time I got on the...

SF to Gold Beach OR, Best Route?
Headin' up for a long weekend. Google indicates the 86 mile route from Grant's Pass to Gold Beach is 3 hours! Is this the case.? Is 101 quicker than I-5? Can anyone recommend a good hotel ...

Milwaukee, WI USA July 28-30: Bradford Beach Jam Regatta
The Bradford Beach Jam Regatta will be held from July 28 - 30, 2006 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The event will be part of the larger Bradford Beach Jam which will be held on that beach Friday &...

Triple Board bag
Anyone know where I can get a triple board bag in the US? Thanks, Mike

Windsurfing deck padz
I am installing some new padz...or rather going to install on a board I am rejuvenating. I have only found them available through NSI and was wondering if anyone knows of a local (SF BAY) ...

Windsurfing near Chicago,IL this weekend?
Might be helping my daughter move this weekend. May be done Sat afternoon (hopeful) probably more likely be available Sunday. I'll bring my gear. Where should I sail? Does anyone sail ...

Windsurfing in the Outer Hebrides
Anyone on here tried it? I actually live in the Outer Hebrides; it's an archipelago off the west coast of Scotland. We are the first bit of land you come to as you cross the Atlantic; hence,...

sailing as babysitter
Hey is there any wisdom out there for single parents that need to stay single AND sail AND have their kids be safe? Sailing in Maui next month with the 8 year old and don't know yet what to ...

Hot weather = stinky water (Bay Area)
This hot weather stinks (in more ways then one), I was launching at Hs Lordship's last week and was bolled over by some rank stank. What are we puttin' ourselves into? I've heard from some...

szukam pomocnika instruktora papiery nie wymagane
Szukam pomocnika instruktora do szkółki jasieksurf www.jasieksurf.pl na sierpień (najlepiej od 1 sierpnia) Instruktorowi zapewniam darmowy pobyt na biwaku oraz wyżywienie (obiady bez...

Bay Area - Where to Go
I will be visiting the SF Bay Area in a couple weeks and would like some input on the sailing sites there; what conditions to expect, how are the surroundings, etc. I am an experi...

Windsurfing in Atlanta?
I have a job lead in Atlanta, does anybody know if there is any decent sailing around there?

Cargo Box on Subaru Impreza
Anyone have any experience with mounting a cargo box for windsurfing sails on the roof of an Impreza wagon? I recall seeing them but a friend with the WRX indicated it was problematic. ...

Retro left at Dewey Beach- crossposted from local group
Hey Rec Dotters, I'm crossposting this for one of our locals so if you can help him please reply to me and I'll pass it on. Thanks, Marc I'm so embarassed I did this, ...

Which of these statements is true?
All directly from the Wikipedia "Windsurfing" page: "Most windsurfers don't even consider sailing if the wind is not enough to plane." "Beginners' sails usually don't have battens...

Another trailer design
Noticed some recent discussions on trailers. If anyone's interested I've placed some information on my one at http://silmaril.math.sci.qut.edu.au/~jonesmb/trailer/ You should see...

Windurfer Died at Canadian Hole Yesterday?....
hello all, I heard an unconfirmed report that a guy, in his 60s, died while windsurfing at the Canadian Hole yesterday? Apparently, he was slammed by gust, knocked out, and drowne...

interested in taking up the sport of windsurfing in Minnesota...
I am hoping to hook up with some windsurfurfers in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area that can give me some tips on where to go to purchase equipment. I live in the Minneapolis area. I am not re...

What's best boom grip adhesive?
About a year or two ago, tried the brush-on contact cement and some 3M spray (followed directions closely). Grip is coming loose in a couple of areas. Anything new out there that will wor...

first edition windsurfing magazine on ebay
hi this item has a couple of days to run if anyone's interested in a first edition of windsurfing history! Item number: 170008493918

Trailer stuff
Just put together a little how-to on how I built mine this past winter. Go to http://www.g-42.com, follow the link to the blog, and check out the post title "Why I gave up the perfect windsu...

SW Ireland
Anyone around here ever windsurf SW Coast of Ireland?? I think there used to be a PWA event there. We will be traveling in late August - and was curious. Tom - Chicago ...

olympian wins RS:X Pacific Coast Championship in SF Bay
former olympic silver and bronze medalist, mike gebhart, wins the RS:X Pacific Coast Championship in SF Bay for results and lots of cool photos, please check out http://web.mac.co...

need a knot for my key
I carry my van key on old downhaul line that I tie and put around my neck - and under my wetsuit. Problem is - the knot has been coming undone - and I've nearly lost the key about three tim...

Will it Happen??
IWS forecast for the OBX is SW 20's all weekend. Will it happen?? Place your bets now!

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