New Speed Word Records Women and Men !!!
I need professional help... I'm either windsurfing or watching others windsurf 24/7!!! Karin Jaggi: 41.2 kts Finian Maynard: 48.7 kts. AWESOME!!!! -D...

Where to sail, SW Michigan
I'm going to be in Holland/Zeeland MI in for a few days in mid July and am considering bringing gear. Any thoughts on locations and what gear to bring? I am a small lake sailor with little...

New Web Cam
It's been howling in Bonaire for 2 weeks. Windguru is predicting more sick winds. Check out our new web cam located at Bonaire Windsurf Place:

the dance
current problem: can't get the "dance" --can't consistently make the subtle movements subtly. I get there for a sec, then loose it. Don't feel the grace-- I think its too much fear. I stil...

Buy old boards
Hi to all where i can find old boards to buy ? I'm looking for 2000 series F2 wave boards, is there any stock of dicontinued products somewhere, or made them only when order ? Tha...

Question for you Aussies
I have been monitoring the wind at several island locations off Cairns during what is your winter, and have noticed the place rips every day! Why doesn't anyone sail there? Its over 20 mph a...

BAck foot pressure
I was out last weekend blasting on my big equipement, and after couple of rides, I notice that I had more pressure on my back foot, so I had couple of spinouts because I couldnt compesate ch...

Just got back from a couple weeks in SW Michigan. I had 2 days where I sailed over 54 miles each day. Anyone else ever sailed that far? I was sorta surprised when I read the GPS; I guess...

Aero 127: Mast All The Way Forward?
Has anybody figured out what moving the mast all the way forward on this board does? I can't see any decrease in planing threshold - or is that just me? But I'm sure that gr...

Foot Straps, positioning and adjusting
Hi, I just wondered where the footstraps should be mounted and how tight they should be. How far into the straps should the foot go?

Advice for windsurfing articles
Hi. I'm new to this group and somewhat new to windsurfing. I looked through some past threads but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. One of my careers is in journalism and I'm trying t...

Broke two masts in last month...
Same sail: Simmer X-Type 7.4 (2004, 2005?). First the original SC8 mast broke ~10cm above the boom. While waiting for replacement I started using old Powerex Wave 430 75% on 58cm carbon ex...

logs at the event site
What are all the logs doing at the Event site in Hood River?

OT: Google It You Moron
If I had a nickel for every time I could have used this:

Waterproof seat covers
What do you all do when you are forced to pack up in the rain or otherwise completely wet? How do you keep your surfmobile seat dry for the next use when you are in street clothes?

Tennis Elbow?
I guess it should be called Windsurfer elbow in my case. Recently I have been having some "tennis elbow" pain in my left elbow. I am not certain why I don't get it in both as I tend ...

Ezzy Infinity
Dear STL Wind Surfers, My beloved Naish Stealth 7.0 was laid to rest due to a family of mice who decided to utilize its luff (3, three inch holes) to use as nesting material. ...

NeilPryde RS:X Pacific Coast Championship, St. Francis Yacht Club, 14 to 16 July 2006.
NeilPryde RS:X Pacific Coast Championship St. Francis Yacht Club, 14 to 16 July 2006. Following on from the successful North American launch of the NeilPryde RS:X, St. Francis Yac...

Broughton Landing - Good? Bad? Death of the Hatch?
Hi All, I just saw the information on the Broughton Landing project in the CGWA newsletter. Basically it's a large windsurfing oriented resort development on the mill site behind ...

Windsurfing video
Ok, this may be a lame video, but I assure you there are NO copyright issues with this one. I owned everything aside from the board. Shot by me, my sail, my camera, my waterproof housing, ...

2006 FW Windsurfing North American Championship Gorge July 13 - 16
The NOR for the 2006 Formula Windsurfing North American Championships & US Windsurfing National Racing Tour in Hood River, Oregon July 13 - 16, 2006 is here:

Thinking about getting a Carve 144...
210#, intermediate sailor, 7.5 biggest sail. Had a chance to A/B a Carve 144 with my Aero 127 today when the wind was just not quite getting it for the Aero. Tried a Fanatic 130 Sh...

Bic Speedster with Powerex mast
Anyone knows if a 2004 Bic Speedster 8.8 is compatible with a correct length Powerex mast? Thanks! -sten

that's gotta hurt
Enjoy the wipeouts and the amazing waves cheers kike

that's gotta hurt
Enjoy the wipeouts and the amazing waves cheers kike

that's gotta hurt
Enjoy the following wipeouts and the amazing waves cheers

that's gotta hurt
Enjoy the following wipeout and the amazing waves cheers

finally figured it out
There is nothing quite like waiting and hoping all week and then having a good wind forecast just plain evaporate. It happens so much that it is no wonder the threads in this newsgroup some...

A BIG problem
A few years ago I taught my great nephew how to windsurf when he was 12 years old. I bought him some gear (booties, rash guard, goofy hat etc) and he was hooked. Being a service brat, hi...

Infant/toddler in Hood River
Hello, I'll be clogging up the parking in the gorge from 7/1-8. My wife and 16-month old are coming. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can rent a portable crib in or around Ho...

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