Gary Stone, it's nice to see you. :)
Hi, Gary, I hope you are staying warm up there in Wisconsin.

I didn' realize that posts went here
If I had known this I wouldn't have posted both places. This is great for me but a bummer for those of you who had to read both my very similar posts. Sorry. I'm appreciating, anyway, heari...

Ignorant newbies looking to choose boards and all other equipment
If anyone has time to respond to this post from newbies looking for boards, etc and has the patience to consider my many questions, read on. I have been out 30 - 40 times, Ninegre...

Best way to ship a big sail?
I need to ship an 8.5 sail from Boston to Oregon for warranty reasons. The boom length on the sail is about 90", so I figure this is about how long the package will be like. When I search th...

new sail cut
Couple sails from Severne and NP have this sail foot cut that allows them to use shorter booms. What are the advantages of such a design? Is it real or is it marketing BS? Can so...

Windsurfing house on little harbor, MA
This is the top beach on the mainland, equal or better to Kalmus - was closed to non resident windsurfing a few years ago: your chance to enjoy it..... Here is the full extnet o...

Getting Old
And feeling it. Had a great afternoon at 3rd yesterday, but am feeling it today in my ankles and elbows... 1) Elbows. I understand the elbows, it comes from working the sw...

Is this really an upgrade?
I have been sailing a Bic Veloce 298 137L for the past 7 years. Now I am thinking about going with a shorter, wider board like a Tiga Hyper-X 130 or JP X-cite Ride 135. I weight 185lbs, usua...

recdot windsurfing poll update
Hello Fellow RecDotters, We have 61 responders to the poll and the latest partial statistics are as follows; In the world, outside of the US, recdotters have sailed Mexico 9 times, ...

carrying sails inside a anyone doing this?
A friend of mine is obsessed with the idea of driving with rigged sails in a van. We have one friend who does this in a high-top Ford van, but it's not a great set up. I don't see how it ...

Board for 6.0 and 7.0 Conditions.
Hi Group I recently started a thread about whether to keep my Mistral Screamer II which I was using with a 6.5m sail or upgrade to a more modern board. The opinion was to keep the...

Gear Rental in NC.
Ahoy... I will be spending some time (two weeks) June 10th-24th in Raleigh-Durham(sp) on business, and was looking forward to sailing during that time a bit if possible. Is there...

new equipment
I want to try new equipment or get some data on what I need. Low winds, low waves, sailing off an ocean cove or on a river, that will plane easily but be forgiving: easy to sail upwind, lig...

Long Island Swap Meet, ABK Clinic next weekend
Two notes for the LI area sailor... Windsurfing Hamptons' spring swap is this coming Saturday May 13th. If someone needs a barely used WSH boom, come buy mine! Call the shop fo...

Inaugural Left Coast Sesh
Good day today at Davenport. Winds were WNW @ 20+. Blue skies. South swell. Consistent head high wave early then building to logo high by mid-afternoon with occasional mast high sets coming ...

Hatteras Campground Question
Heading down to Hatteras for Memorial Day weekend and would like to camp in the Nags Head area. Any recommendations for campgrounds? I would like to avoid being sandwiched in my litt...

77 foot seas expected monday

20Kts.and 3'@17sec.
Looks like another Cape Sebastian day. At least we had a few days off. It is tough living here. Jeff CAPE BLANCO OR TO PT. ST. GEORGE CA OUT 20 NM TODAY...N WIND 10 KT....

Waddell this Weekend
Any SF sailors going down to Waddell this weekend? Is the road still closed between Montara and Pacifica? If so, what's the alternate route? Hugh

A new site about a new board.
Looks like a real promising board.

New windsurf site
Guys, plase take a look at this new site that came up in Portuguese language (mostly). This site has recently come up in Portugal and wants to become leade...

Aerotech Phantoms in Cuben Fibre are in the US warehouse
Sizes 6.2 and 7.4 some still left, but going fast. 6.8 sold out. These sails weigh 25% less with an extra batten! Powers like a 6.2 - 7.4, flips like a mid 5 meter sail. Nice! Sail cloth...

Sailworld Cape Cod Swap Meet May 6
Free Swap meet starts at 10am. New Spring Shop Hours 10am - 5pm - Sun - Mon -...

recdot windsurfing poll
Hello group, On Google there are 27 groups listed under windsurfing. rec.windsurfing has 391 registered "memebrs" and the second highest registered group is from Poland (91). I have al...

OT: How To Sing The (no wind) Blues
See how I almost made it on topic? Okay, here goes: 1. Most Blues begin, "Woke up this morning." 2. "I got a good woman" is a bad way to begin the Blues, unless you stick so...

F2 FX 100 III (2005) vs. IV (2006)
-- A simple question: someone may compare old F2 FX 100 III (2005) with new FX 100 IV (2006) in terms of performances? If weight is one of parameters, I noticed some contrad...

What happened to Mike Fick?
I lurk here maybe half the year, but must have been AWOL when Mike disappeared. What happened to him? I personally liked his postings. I hope he is OK. Just a thought and i...

Good news for guys with big sails
Bad news for everyone else ype=3Dscience Warming theory picks up speed as winds slow ...

Stop the flaming
Ok, I think this flame war has been run into the ground. Let's stop perpetuating it and get back to windsurfing please. Glenn

Windsurfer with Two Sail Rigs and Thule Rack Supports $750 CDN (Ottawa)
Bic Reggae sailboard in very good condition. Used on lakes. Great intermediate board. North 6.8m Quattro milar sail with 2-piece carbon mast and boom; used just a few times. ...

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