FS: 2006 F2 Missile 2
For Sale: New 2006 F2 Missile 2 I just won this board at the US Open / Velocity Games. I'd love to keep it but the quiver is already too large and medical bills are calling. ...

New Berkeley Cam
Here it is kids...right in DLee's backyard <http://berkeleycam.net/> mo -- Team Coyote http://www(dot)teamcoyote(dot)net

Instructor needed in SF
I see Tyson Poor has an add on iWindsurf but no joy on a response. Does anyone know if he is in town now? Otherwise, can anyone recommend a good instructor in the Bay Area?

Are you addicted to NOAA Weather Radio?
Well apparently I am and I didn't even realize it. How did I figure it out? Our local station just came back on air after a 4 day outage. I must have checked for a signa...

gear tips?
Hi, I would like to ask pros here about prospective equipment, which would meet my needs. I (150 lb and 5'07") was windsurfing for quite a while in my life using...

FS: Very Complete Windsurfing Outfit: SE Michigan
We're giving up the sport for now (back injury) and selling it ALL along with the trailer to drive it off. At least initially we are trying to sell it to someone who needs a complete outfit...

Oakland windsurfer saved off Sonoma coast
Anyone know more about this? Glad the guy is OK. - Ari Oakland windsurfer saved off Sonoma coast Sonoma County sheriff's deputies said they were able to rescue an Eas...

broken board rescue technique
So a friend of mine told me his harrowing story of getting a massive jump out in the 3rd Avenue channel last Friday. Landed his board hard and flat and the thing broke into two pieces. I d...

Favorite conditions?
After moaning to my wife and buddy this weekend about the dismal session I had, they asked me what I considered to be "perfect" conditions. While these probably never exist, it occurred to ...

Velocity Games/ US Open regatta report
Hey all- Ive just returned from the 2006 US Open in Corpus Christie, Texas. The regatta was held in conjunction with the Velocity Games- combining freestyle skateboarding on...

Cam rigging instructions
Is there some web site with nice explanation and instructions with pics about rigging a large cam sail? I m specialy interested in the part of puting the mast into sleeve with minimum monofi...

used beginner board choice
Hey folks, My 27yr old brother wants to get into windsurfing this summer and he asked me for advice re: buying some used gear to get started. Some background info: bro is approx 170lbs...

MI windsurfing website and video's
We went out for the first time to Little Sable Point on lake michigan this weekend - great spot! On a sunny day with a south wind, I guess this place really goes off. One of the regulars t...

Help with battons on my sails
Hi all, I just acquired some used equipment and have noticed something on a couple of things about my sails that make me think something isn't set up right so any help would be ap...

Adjustable Outhaul
Well after trying to use an adjustable outhaul for the last year I'm about to give up. I must be doing something wrong... It's on a Chinook boom with a Chinook outhaul kit. The sail...

Hot swimwear from Chica Rica Bikini Company
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New York City spots but no car
Hi everyone, I moved in New York City this past year, and this summer is going to be my first in the city. I am originaly from an island in the Mediterranean, and back home I windsurf a...

Production Board/US Box: Largest Freeride Fin?
Anybody got an opinion on the largest freeride fin I can put on a production board with a US Box (i.e. "A" or "Chinook" box) If it were PowerBox or Tuttle, I'd go for what I usually us...

Deep tuttlebox component
Hi all, Anyone know where I could find a replacement deep tuttlebox component? I managed to damage the box of my formula board beyond repair. I saw that Chinook have some boxes, b...

Need a date look here.
This is a multi-part message in MIME format --=_NextPart_2rfkindysadvnqw3nerasdf Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Get all the hots ...

bent mast, they are all bent!
Okay, I was putting together my mast the other day and the mast when assembled had a clear bend to it. It seems that the mast is bent at the joint as well as on the bottom where the extenti...

Bay Area Sailors: GO TO 3rd AVE TODAY!!
Just a shout out to the locals here in SF Bay. GO TO 3RD AVE TODAY!! It was epic 4.0 w/ ebb conditions yesterday out in the channel, and today should be a repeat. It's 9:45am and the...

Left my boom at 3rd Ave
Got home this evening and eventualy motivated to unload and _no boom_ major d'oh! moment. Must have been the 2 hours hanging on for dear life this afternoon in the Gorge-like wind we were ha...

Sail repair in Toronto
Hi there, Does anyone have any information on where I can get a Neil Pryde sail repaired in Toronto, or where I can purchase the materials and repair the sail myself? ...

For Sale - HPL Wave Booms 140-190
Lightly used (5 times) HPL Carbon Wave booms - 140cm-190cm. Excellent condition. $350 + shipping.

Windsurfing show on OLN?
The latest issue of Windsurfing had a shot of several of the original top sailors, including Robbie Naish, Mark Angulo, Dave Kalama, Mike Waltze, Alex Aguera, Matt Schweitzer and Robert Teri...

freesex 110 vs. kombat 105
hi all; something actually on topic for you bored folks to ponder. i need to expand my board quiver downward, and i'm looking at starboard's 2005 closeout inventory.

Back to the future... longboards
Ok, so many of us have ditched our longboards over the years and as usual anything that went *way* out of style is now coming back into style. It happens in fashion, e.g. Bell Bottom jeans, ...

mast for Gator
I just bought 5.5 Gator and I am thinking of getting a new mast. Which one will be better Powerex Z Free 75% carbon or Fiberspare Reflex 4800 75 % carbon Any...

Devon Boulon 's new F2
Reading my latest copy of windsurfing mag, I'm looking at the picture of DB's new F2. It looks a lot like a stock board, except for the the front end.. page 67 Any one know whats going ...

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