Mast wear at cam
Noticed some wear through the surface of the mast where the lowermost cam makes contact. Just barely showing some fiber... How to repair? Does acrylic nail polish work here? 520 Lightstick...

Helmet Injury
I've been using a helmet since November, mostly to keep my head warm in winter. Yesterday I got an injury to my face. It was one of those classic rag doll, over-the-handle-bars crashes.......

Where are they now?
What do pro's do when they retire? Do they actually work? Do they live off their earnings? Do they have trust funds? All good and interesting questions. I compiled a list of forme...

Hatteras Trip Report - longer - oh, and it has no name calling or finger pointing.
Hey guys, Just got back from a great week in Frisco and wanted to re-live the week thru posting. Left Friday aft and drove the 16 hrs to NC. overnighted near DC, and ...

Pea Island Overwash....???
Hi All, It's sailquik here, and I'm stuck in Yokosuka, Japan for another few hours. Anyone drive onto or off of Hatteras Island today? I get the Weather Channel Desktop and the hig...

WarDog sucks
Chuck Dasher says WarDog sucks and he'd never buy anything from him. In fact, he thinks most of you suck for posting on this newsgroup.

Hampton Roads winds!
Looks like the entire East coast is going off. We've got more NE winds on tap for tomorrow. I got in two one-board/one-sail sessions today at two different launches. Come play wit...

near death experiences and bizzare stories
i bet everyone has had at least one experience windsurfing ,where they thought well this is it, its all over now, for me its happened twice, once i was doing a backhand aerial off the lip, w...

Epic Hatteras This Weekend?!
Looks like the setup is on tap for a windy weekend coming up in Hatteras. Additional bonus is the past 3 days of moderate to strong NE wind; therefore, Ocracoke may be epic for wave conditi...

Massachusetts this weekend
Nikita, Davide, Papa, and anyone else interested: I finally have a full weekend available to sail and it looks to be very good. NE 15+ on both days, with Sunday appearing to the the p...

About Fins?
Hello people. I was interested in what your take on fin sizes were. I've been windsurfing for a while now and have learnt to trim most of my kit all except the fin. Being poor I had for the ...

Gul Split Toe Booties...
So we got our first shipment of the new Gul Split Toes in.... I should have known that they wouldn't be as good as the Titanium booties since they're cheaper. But they ain't bad eith...

The problem with pissing matches...
... is that everyone involved ends up with a stench of urine all over them

Finally the season begins
After a no wind early spring (saved only by trips to Baja and West AUS). Things have been shaping up quite well in this part of the world. Sailed 4 of the last 7 days and it's looking good w...

Mayo Mega Demo, .
Hey, for you Mid Atalantic region sailors. We are putting on a multi gear demo at Mayo Beach Park near Annapolis, Maryland. see <... Poll
So we've got quite a few entries in our Reader Survey ... and we've found out a lot of interesting things about one of the coolest crowds there is. No, I can't tell you what the a...

To all the anti-Wardog rec.dotters
Hey guys, you are certainly entitled to you opinions and I respect that, but could you just not read his posts if you have a beef or do not like him? Don't ruin things for all of us. If the...

Lookin' for folks in the SF Bay Area
Hi all, So I've been at this for 3 years now and I'd like to find some folks to sail with. There's a few spots in the bay I'd like to have folks to sail with, Crissy and TI come t...

Wind Obsession on TV?
I think i saw in this forum, or another, that the Wind Obsession factory in Canada was seen on the Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" tv show... anyone know what episode number it is? or wh...

Feedback for 2005 Windwing Bash Enduro 4.6
Hi all, i just bought a 2005 Windwing Bash Enduro 4.6 in a swap meet but have no idea about its performance yet. A friend of mine told me that these sails feel soft so my 4.6 woul...

Moving to a light-wind spot
After spending a number of windsurfing seasons in the Greek Aegean islands where 20-30kt winds are the norm, for the next several years it looks like I'll be windsurfing in the Ionian sea ...

Sail range - minimum number of sails and maybe a new board
Hi, Just had this years first session yesterday (Norway). Was way overpowerd on my 6.0 and my big Exocet SS L was hard to keep down on the water. But it was fun :-) I also own a small...

organic board designs
hmmm ive been thinking about growing giant zucchinis and then shaping them into boards, ok i have far to much time on my hands, but what potential, just think at the end of the season you co...

Can you identify this Techno?
I went to Grand Cayman last winter and rented some equipment on the beach for a few hours. Unfortunetly I didn't pay close enough attention to which models they were. I know the board was a ...

Sailworks Hucker question
We've already heard that the Hucker sails like it has more power than you expect from a given sail size. Gary Stone says this: "Overall I think the Hucker 4.8m2 is a fantastic sail for...

Free Universal Studios Orlando Tickets
Universal Studios Orlando, get 2 free tickets just for doing a 90 min time share tour. Its really that easy! We also have an affiliate program where web masters can ma...

G McClean, NW and Windance
To the Gorgeheads in the know... As you know, George McClean was the author of the daily Windance Gorge Forecast. It was a useful service. George announces on his ...

Network World article mentions windsurfing
I got interviewed by Network World quite a while ago and they just published the article. If you squint at the last page you'll see I managed to slip in a mention of the world's most reward...

Hatteras Windfest Pictures
Here are some links to pictures I took. I'd love to see the pics others took too! sunsets: saturday: http://public.fotki...

Maui Report
Just returned from 15 days in Maui. Sailed 13 days at Sprecks - could have sailed the other 2 but had to be sensitive... :) Mostly 4.7-5.2 sails, which for me (185lbs) is small.

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