Maui accomodations
hey all going to the mecca in mid april to early may. Where is a good place to stay for relatively low bucks?? we want to be on the northshore but will be renting a car to travell to kih...

Rigging Simmer 07 5.9 or Tall man / small sail
Hi group I just test rigged my new '04 Simmer 07 5.9m. The mast I used was a powerex z-axis wave, 30%, imcs 22. I'm a shade under 6' 2". Sail to be used on Mistral Screamer 278. <...

Rigging outhaul
The recent downhaul pulley topic reminded me that on my small Fiberspar (circa 1999) boom, I've not been able to thread the outhaul through the clew grommets without having the lines cross. ...

while were on the subject o food
Who loves the Kim Chee Poke from Safeway in Kahalui MOI!!!!

Get Rich
Take advantage of a great deal

OT- Maui Breakfast Burrito
Hey Folks, While on the subject of food, was on Maui recently and got myself addicted to those damned breakfast burritos served up at Milagro's Paia. Silly me didn't ask or take particu...

Colored sails - why not?
So this is directed at the manufacturers. We keep lamenting that the modern sails are invisible, which some people think is hurting the growth of the sport. I'm not sure that goi...

Windsuring Movie Trailer
Just saw this today. The trailer is very cool. Looks like they are spending some $$ on it, and I can't wait to see it when it comes out. For now, check out the trailer: http://w...

Broke back windsurfing
Hey if they can make a film about gay cowboys? Just joking....

Sail repair in South East Michigan
Hey all I have a sail that needs a little stitch job, one of the battens wore a hole thru into the luft sleeve, and a small piece of the mono in the same area is starting to sp...

XP! ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! XP!

Got RWS ??
I got it, anyone else here got RWS? Here's the 12 step program I found helpful for dedicating my life to restless windsurfer syndrome (RWS): 1. I admitted I was powerl...

OT: Fish Taco Recipes...
OK... We're a bunch of water loving, fish eating mongrels... And I'm sure that most people here like a good fish taco. Self included. But I've never actually made a fish taco. I'm...

What's your smallest sail? Do they have mountain lakes there?

Windsurfing - What Age Were You??
To follow up on the thread about how windsurfing may be dying as a sport with the lack of new interest from the younger and other generations, I was wondering if you would share when and at ...

new thread on windsurfing magazine
Good point...also it's helpful to hear how the gear works for 110lb wife has struggled in the past to find a board that will not skip out on her (she likes her JP freestyle...

new thread on windsurfing magazine
Good point...also it's helpful to hear how the gear works for 110lb wife has struggled in the past to find a board that will not skip out on her (she likes her JP freestyle...

Triple pulley on sails - why?
I am puzzled by the fact that some sail manufacturers use a triple pulley at the foot of their sails, as opposed to an eyelet. I used to have a bunch of Ezzys and found it very convenient to...

Any fellow Oahu windsurfers here?
Hi all, I'm a long time (30 years and counting) resident of Oahu and am seriously thinking about getting back into windsurfing. I started in Kailua in the early 80's and finall...

Posting for a bud
Looking for a gently used, Seatrend 96 ltrs vintage 1999 Model ATV Alex Aquire 271 length.State side only. We reside in New Mexico. Will respond to all reasonable postings. Thank you R...

Leaving for Aruba in a week!
All, I'm leaving for Aruba in a week and have one final question. I've read from several sources to bring booties. Where I normally windsurf, I wear them to protect my feet from...

Does anyone know North Sails R-Type?
Hi, I'd to buy the sail in subjet for my JP x-cite ride 120. I'm a bit more than a beginner. The size should be 7.5. I also considering NP V6 but probably doesn't fit well on north drop...

Pollution: You can look at this 2 different ways
Big Oil polluting, crapping on the little guy, profit is king or Hey, these guys sent out a clean up crew before it even hit the news or we had to start complaining. They t...

Kite and windsurfing ban
>From the Monterey County Herald, 1/25/06

Remembering Stoil Popow
For those interested in remembering and honoring Stoil Popow, please click on the link below. The website contains some biographical info for those who want to know more about his life, as ...

News server
I gave up searching and i'm posting through a google account. Is there any free news server still available ? I prefer to use a news program and read the messages offline. ...

OT: I am so jealous...
[Totally Off Topic. And anyone who wants to bend this into some political rant can pound sand for all I care.] So my wife, the outgoing president of the faculty senate (and who ...

Safety gear
I light of the recent tragedy, I'm hoping we can have a discussion of safety gear, and what to expect when sailing, and how to deal with it. I'll kick it off. I figure worst...

OT: A Message from John Cleese to the citizens of the United States of America
A Message from John Cleese to the citizens of the United States of America In light of your failure to elect a competent President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves,...

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