iWindsurf Product Enhancement Idea for 2006?
Would it be possible to get the wind archive data made available as either an Excel or XML file? I think that with more and more sailors using GPSs it would be extremely valuable to be able ...

Cuba Windsurfing
Hi there, I'm off to Brisas Santa Lucia for a week in January. Has anyone windsurfed there, and if so how was it? Was the rental equipment old or modern? And above all, was it windy?...

Old Diablo sail
on behalf of a second hand sail owner, proud user of a NP Diablo 6.7. The flex tip ( ie the extra bone at the top of the mast) rotates freely. Does that mean it's broken? Seems a litt...

windsurfing videocamera: how to's
hi all i have always wanted to film windsufing on the board whilst shredding the waves. any idea of a inexpensive portable video camera or sutbale product to do this ??? i have just see...

Drops Boards
Hello to all. I am new to this group, hailing (sailing) from Rondeau Bay in Ontario, so please be kind. The water in my home launch is currently of the frozen variety, so I look forward to...

HA HA!!! and you thought this was just another misplaced auto thread... So a while back I was pondering the intricacies of this sport/hobby/way of life we all love and the t...

BIB Construction Status?
Over a year ago the National Park started construction on the reconfiguration of Bird Island Basin windsurfing camping area. How is that coming? Before it was a free for all in finding a p...

Gear Storage in Manhattan
I am looking into gear storage in NYC, Manhattan. Specifics: storage facilities with 24/7 access, loading dock (off-street parking) and a space on the main floor. Manhattan mini storage has...

Whrer to sail on Maui
Hi, I'm in the intermediate range of WS (can tack well and make a few jibes, waterstarts are ok if the sail is small). What beches on Maui are best for me and does anyone have a...

Water temps on Maui??
Hi, Do water temps in Maui at this time of year require a shortie??? Jim

Travel with Gear on Airline...revisited
I know this is FAQ. I did do a search and read many of the posts of the past. It looks like it may have been a while since it has been asked. The cons are very strong, and lately I hav...

alittlewind Tuesday....
Hi... Some of the locals at Berkeley caught a little window of wind between 10:30 to 1 on Tuesday, hope you got some somewhere also. 5.5 conditions for me at 145lbs., 95 liter old...

Big Surf Kanaha
Not much wind but the surf is up: http://www.lovelifelivemaui.com/mauioceancam.htm

Italian Windsurf Group looking for international friendships
Ciao, we are a group of friends about 30y.o. from Rome, Italy, we are interested to windsurf, and girls too :-) , we would like to know other friends and naturally girls loving wi...

I'm trying to decide on a Maui Vacation and could use a little help. My main choice is to stay in Kehei (Village by the Sea, stayed there before and liked it). Two companies offer p...

Sean Ordonez Shapes (SOS)
Sean Ordonez just got back from Japan and forwarded me a few shots of his new master plugs for the new Sean Ordonez Shapes (SOS) production board line...surfboards, sailboards, and stand u...

Twas the Night Before Sailing
"TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE SAILING ‘Twas the night before sailing, when all through the Bay Not a creature was stirring, not even a ray. The boards were all loaded on the...

Santa has arrived
Santa just arrived in the Hampton Rods area of Virginia. He sailed in to Mill Creek with his elves and has promised to give us plenty of warm winds for the 2006 sailing season. ht...

GSP racing cool app
All wanted to know about how fast the Pros are around course http://www.sdwa.org/GPSAR/FW-RACE-4/FWRace4.html

Heavy Metal - slightly relevant website for DIYers
Hello Group, First off, I want to wish all of my friends on RECDOT a Merry Christmas or a Happy Chanukah and I hope that some time in the future we will have a more peaceful world. ...

where would you go for windsurfing honeymoon in Feb?
It has to be windy, suny and romantic place. any thoughts welcome rgds ak

thx 4 proa info
i appreciate the quick response to my first attempt at posting. your suggestions & links were very interesting & helpful. happy holidays to all.

Winter Solstice in Cali
Shortest day of the year...air temps at 80*F...and one of our local wavesailing spots, here in town, lit up with some surf today, ...no wind...just paddle surfing...but, you can sorta see ...

O.T. - you have to see this
Well, not a lot of wind right now so enjoy this video found in another forum, unbelievable, that's all I can say. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=515642196227308929&...

Greetings from Cabo
Hey guys! Well, it worked, got the board and gear down to Cabo, and sailed at Los Barriles yesterday. A big thank you to everyone who gave me tips on the local scene and how to g...

Finworks is coming back...
Just got the official notice from Larry T that Finworks will indeed stay open, but with new owners - Dave and Rene Lassila. They will take over operations on Dec 31st. They have a website ...

Single Cam Sails
Getting my insurance claim finalized here.... I will be looking to replace the arsenal of Northwave Trilite single cam sails that were stolen from my garage. Wondering why all the sail manu...

cool speed pics & video
http://icks.icks.free.fr/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=340 found this on the NP forum. some cool video and pics. kev

proa posting screw-up
sorry but I sent it before completion & no address a few minutes ago on my first attempt at posting. I am looking for help in building my proa. I live in Los Angeles. please email...

a windsurfer-proa
since I am in my eighties & no longer feel comfortable on a conventional windsurfer, I have come up with the idea of a double-ended board with a small sail at each end. those of you who und...

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