thanksgiving shot
didn't think anyone would have the presence of mind to shoot some pix as conditions were quite good and everyone was out trying to get their fix. thanks go to dr. steve for the f...

gear on United to Cabo
Just when I was all set to bring my own gear.... United's web site says you can't take ws gear on A320's, and of course the flight from sfo to SJD is an A320. Anyone have a ...

Fin Strength
Motivation: I may be researching an article on acquiring useful and reliable information from mean-spirited newsgroups - or - I may have a non-windsurfing application for a high L/D fin that...

Maui Trip next Summer
Yo all you traveling windsurfers. My wife, baby and I are planning a trip to Maui next summer for the US Windsurfing National Championships. It's been a long time since I've been there, an...

Problems with Sunshine base
Hi, anyone of you experienced with Sunshine bases? I recently bought one at eBay for by good old Viper. Seems quite OK but it is a bit wobbly as if the Sunshine pin (with the roun...

OT: Crazy Jibe guy
Just wanted to thank whoever had this guys posts removed from the board. I ususally don't post here, just lurk, but recent events make it impossible for me not to have an opinion. My husband...

Fin Strength
I'm still looking for a fin expert and the maximum bending moment that a typical Formula fin can withstand before hearing a loud expensive snap? Fin designers must know and fin manufacture...

La Ventana or Los Barilles question
Well, looks like the whole familia is going to do another 2 weeks in Cabo, and this time I've negotiated 2 days for windsurfing! I'll be leaving from Cabo San Lucas, and I'll have 2 da...

What size sail on F2 Stoke
Bought a new board for those light wind days last weekend. ie F2 Stoke 116 On the F2 website, they say it will carry an 8.5m sail, so I bought one of them as well. I take the boar...

Teakwood windsurfer boom
Anyone know, about, what a 1974 Windsurfer teakwood boom, in very good condition, would be worth? cranston, tucson, az

Oldest Windsurfer Oldest Windsurfer When he retired in 1986, Australia's Otto Comanos (b. November 16, 1913), took u...

fin repair??
Any good sites showing how to repair small dings in fins and just how much damage to a fin's performance does a small ding make?? Jim

"Big Sunday" at Corpus
Corpus was similarly blessed with good wind. With winds 26-34mph and gusts to 40mph, air temperatures in the 80's, and water temperatures at 72 degrees everybody went home with big smiles a...

"Big Sunday" at SPI
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0017_01C5F37A.747324F0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

WindSurf spots and reports on
Hello all, I want to signal to you the section of my site dedicated to the windsurf, you can found the ...

2003 121 liter Mike's Lab Freeride Board For Sale
$550 including boardbag, buyer pays shipping. Board is located in SF Bay and is in good shape. George

How to contact Bart Vervloet?
I would like to contact Bart about some windsurfing gear. Anyone have his phone number or Email. Thanks.

Anyone know how to reach Bart Vervloet in the Gorge.
I've been trying to find a phone number or email address for Bart Vervloet in the Gorge. Does anyone know how to reach him? Thanks.

New FREE surfcam site Free surfcam, pictures and weather stations... regards, Manuel

New FREE surfcam site Free surfcam, pictures and weather stations... regards, Manuel

sail today, Friday..and weekend?
Anyone catch today's paltry breeze at Berkeley, the 20-30 at the 'stick, and some solid stuff with swell on the coast in the SF BayArea? Did the former, 5.7 well powered, big fat board. ...

Here's the deal
Here's the deal. I want an apology from Mr Van Meurs. I don't take to kindly to people ripping off my ideas and products(website) and then insulting me as well. ...

CABARET (Republica Dominicana) January-April?
Questions about Cabaret: 1.Does the wind is good in the months of January to April? 2.About the canaval at Vegano:What is the date of the carnaval? Is there any other carnaval in ...

Lift physics, windsurfing vs kiting
Tried to get an answer on this in another group, only answers not very full and everyone interested derided as nerds. Oh well. I know that there are some physicists and aeronautical engine...

Is Van Meurs Gay?
Is the whole of rec.windsurfing gay?(except me) I think we should be told

I've been robbed !!!
Someone broke into my shop and took lots of windsurfing equipment yesterday or last night. I'm making a list of all the items that are missing. Also missing are backcountry ski equipment, ne...

Board Bag
I've been thinking about getting a board bag for my 288 cm board. I see several 290 cm bags listed on ebay. Will a 288 cm board fit in a 290 cm bag or does the bag have to be bigger? ...

Honda Element owners?
Can anyone tell me if a 288cm board can fit inside a Honda Element? Thx CTM

California coast for Thanksgiving?
Looks like there's actually a forecast for Jalama. I'll probably sail Saturday, and hopefully Friday depending on the social obligations... Anyone else going to be out there? Alan...

Who knows Cape Verde
How to get there and not spend too much money. Any suggestions about flight, accomodation, winds in January.

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