what constitutes a Hybrid?
USWA is considering offering a Hybrid class for the 2006 NRT, and there is some discussion on exactly what makes a board a Hybrid? What width, length, etc do YOU consider to be a hybrid boar...

Starboard's Mast Tracks: Single or Double Bolt?
Does StarBoard engineer their boards to use a single or two-bolt mast foot? Almost everybody I know locally uses a two-bolt base; but the percentage diff in adjustment range between a ...

Ezzy Infinity 7.5-8.5
I've got a 2005 Ezzy Infinity 6.6, which I really like with my Mistral Naish Titan (109L 255x61cm). Now I'm going to have to replace a 7.5 which is my most used sail for my larger board, a ...

Money exchange in El Yaque?
Hi, I have just made a reservation of a trip to El Yaque and today I have received a mail from the travel agency with information about the restrictions in trade with forign curre...

North Sails continues to ignore workers' plight
North Sails continues to ignore workers' plight http://www.cleanclothes.org/companies/northsails-05-08.htm

"the gap". difficulty closing it
Hey all, I got out this weekend for the first time in a long time, man it felt good... flat water, fairly consistent 14 mph wind , it was great! So, I rigged my 1...

Mast for Ezzy
Hi all, My old 7.5 sail died this weekend and i am considering and Infinity Ezzy7.5 as a replacement either 2005 or 2006 My question is I have 2 masts at my disposal. 1...

End of Summer
Have a story to tell. We've recently moved from an area where we could reliably expect 15 Kt winds two-three day/wk all summer to a more normal area where its 15 Kt winds 2-3 days...

Casserio break-in
Not sure if this was posted already but I just got confirmation of this this morning. I had received an account a few days back from a friend but I wanted to confirm it first. A guy like thi...

New Hatteras Wavesailing Video (Airport Beach, Ocracoke Island)
BIG day at AirPort Beach on Ocracoke Island, Tuesday Oct 25. Most of the OBX beaches were flooded at high tide including some of Ocracoke due to the massive swell generated by the Alpha/Wil...

Mast for Rushwind sail
Hi group I just got a 2005 Rushwind Strike R 7.5 2 cam freerace sail on a great closeout deal. Trouble is when I got it home I realised the Ideal mast for it is a 490, (luff 492)....

Onshore action
You see so many videos of sailing in offshore conditions but what are some videos which show some onshore action. Where I sail mostly we are stuck with onshore winds and I learn a lot from...

Who checks out the PWA site?
Just wondering how many of you all regularly check www.pwaworldtour.com to check out the photos of action from events and read the write-ups. I'd have to say that the PWA is excellent about ...

Jybe technique
Just started sailing my first non-cammed sail in 5 years (Naish Sprint) and was wondering if there are variations in the jybe technique with no cam sails vs. cam sails. I haven't started...

Dasher's personal best
I didn't mean to make him put up personal ads when I dissed his girlfriend. Find Dasher up on Match.com (ChuckD40) (active within the last week) and Yahoo.com (Shooting Stars)(active within ...

Rental vs buying in Western Australia
I am going from Nov to February for a three month windsurf trip to Western Australia. As I will probably not go windsurfing the following years I was thinking of renting my gear. On the othe...

Corpus in Feb
Thinking about a trip to Corpus Christi during the last week in February. Any suggestions for rentals, housing, etc? TIA -- Brian

Pics from out last blow...
We had a crazy day this past Sunday. Forecasted 15-25 turned into something more like 30-40. The Tiga 259/Ezzy 4.2 I was on was frequently too big, and I fell more like a lawn dart at time...

OT: Condolences
Warren, A third of which are Guard troops. These guys aren't your typical gun-ho, kill-for-giggles jarheads. Rather they are working stiffs like you and me just playing GI JOE on the we...

Rower Is Lost as Racing Shell and a Motorboat Collide
October 25, 2005 Rower Is Lost as Racing Shell and a Motorboat Collide By JAMES BARRON A Manhattan real estate executive was missing and presumed dead yesterday after a 29-foot mot...

December Wind in the US
I have been given a weekend pass for early December and am trying to put together a long weekend with sun and (hopefully) wind. Maui is out but Baja is a possibility. Carib sites too far. ...

Tidewater Virginia goes off
With the isocrunch between a big low pressure system, Wilma, and Alpha, we started out today on small 5's and ened up with on bit 3's. I got to try out two of my three new sails. ...

Elvis has left the Gorge
Just finished my final day of Gorge tripp'n this year, and a fine season it's been, with many a windy day, and many a clean swell ride. Topped it off with a 4.2 Easterly at the...

Mt. Storm Lake, WV
Have you sail on Mt.Storm Lake, WV ? IF so, any information. thanks

Missing Windsurfer
http://www.news4jax.com/news/5133083/detail.html Doesn't sound good . . . Gerry

experience with V10 comfort taper booms?
All - has anyone tried these booms and could share perspectives on their performance / durability? http://www.isthmussailboards.com/store/prodinfo.asp?number=EZ6V10CT&variat...

House/Condo/Rental in Los Barriles
Hi All, I'm headed to Baja in early December for a week. I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for a place to stay. I windsurf, and my wife does not. So staying a Ve...

Turn $6 Into 15,000.oo In 30 Days Or Less Using Paypal 100% Legal!!! "Noreply"
It Will Work… If you do as I have done! Just Do It! follow the 4 steps… $6.00 to $15,000.00 in 30 days! Steps: Follow the Logic, Just Do it and It will work… $$$ in 4 easy steps… 1. Set...

Pictures from last weekend
4.6 and 5.8, the wind had really died a bit by the time these were taken. The day before it was 30-40mph according to the windmeter on the house. I suspect that there may have been a few h...

Older Fanatic Viper Parts...?
Hi all, I'm trying to help out a guy up in MN who has an older Fanatic Viper and doesn't have all the parts. He's looking for a centerboard and a mast track car or the whole adj. <...

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