Sailing Site near Armonk NY (NY CT Border) for this Weekend?
Have family function to attend to in Armonk, NY this weekend. I'm from Buffalo NY & will bring my & my wife's windsurf gear. Can someone please direct me to some good windsurfing sites ...

WTB: Bic Rock board
Hello all! If anyone has/knows of one for sale, I'm looking for a Bic Rock - not an Astro- or E-Rock, just a plain old "Rock". My "oldie but goodie" delaminated a couple of years ago...

RS:X sailing at Crissy...
The attached article was forwarded to me. It's some of the first "published" material I've seen that wasn't critical of the production version of the RS:X (like it's weight). Granted, it's...

Sail repair Boston area?
I've got a worn-out but much-loved 6.0 Spectro that needs some work - the luff sleeve is worn through in a couple places and more importantly the strap at the top (that goes over the top of the ...

Photos from Lost Coast Cali.
A few shots from Cape Mendocino. We were not able to sail until Sunday (weekend of the monsta from down under) and the swell seemed to hit there better on Friday and Saturday so it was ...

Boards Magazine available electronically
For those of us outside of Europe, a year subscription to Boards magazine runs about $92 (that's $9.20 per issue!). However, you can now get an electronic subscription for (a still pretty p...

Graham on an asymmetrical

Helicopter towing small motor boat (OT)
If a helicopter ever offers you a tow, you might want to pass: Alan -- Windsurfing Club: http:...

I Found my way back!!!
After several months of hardware/software/operator competency issues. I found my way back (With the help of AndrewK) Looking forward to some great fall wind ... missed this week at Lakes Bay...

Most active forums
I was wondering where are the more active windsurfing forums out there? Thanks. john

PRESS RELEASE: Final Event of the Navman Maui Speed Challenge Series set for Sunday
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 29, 2005 FINAL EVENT OF THE NAVMAN MAUI SPEED CHALLENGE SERIES SET FOR SUNDAY Maui, Hawaii (USA) -- The final event of the Navman Maui Speed ...

iWindsurf: Unable to print Current Wind page?
When I print the Current Wind page, what prints is a dummy graph overlayed with "Current wind info for this location available at". Had to do a screen snap to ...

Call me crazy . . .
Don't think Mike F/ (aka Mike Fickshun) has posted in a while, and these posts from LeeD seem strangely familiar. Call me a conspiracy nut, but has anonyone ever seen them photographed toge...

DaKine ADJUSTABLE Core Contour Footstraps
Anybody tried the new (2005)DaKine ADJUSTABLE Core Contour Footstrap Set? What did you like/not like? http:...

News server?
I lost my free news server account a while ago so I'm Googling this ng now. Can anyone recommend a good free news server? Wal

Stolen Gear from Long Island, NY
Hi All: On Wednesday night (9/21/05) windsurfing gear was stolen from my car. I would be very grateful if you could contact me if any of the items pop up. Here is list of what was...

bizarre board
Does anybody know why someone would come up with this kind of asymmetric board:

Kingston, Ontario?
Just browsing iWindsurf for a few minutes, I get the impression that it's significantly windy. Anybody live near there? -- PeteCresswell

Windsurfing spots in Sarasota area
Hi All, Looking for some information, I am going to Bradenton/Sarasota area for a bit this January. Where do you windsurf there? Are there beaches that are restricted a...

NYC Sailors Shout Out
Hey Guys- Flew into JFK Sunday night, it was quite breezy when I got to Manhattan. Saw some sails and kites on a full-on plane on the approach to JFK. I think it was either so...

Jumping on flat water
Guys, I dream of doing some freestyle, but unfortunately I don't get to sail much with small board and sails. In fact, just a few weeks ago I got my first ever session on JP Frees...

OT: My notes from Hurricane Rita
Rita evacuation was better than Katrina but that isn't saying much. More people wanted to evacuate because A) Target area was larger B) Images of Katrina still fresh in everyone's mind. B...

Interesting new footwear
This looks like it could be good for windsurfing. Expensive but I'm guessing they would hold up very well.,1,5162754.stor...

North Texas Swap Meet - Oct 22, 2005
Hey folks, The next Mariner Sails swap meet will be on Saturday, October 22 from 10am till 2pm. Gear check in will be Oct 19-21 during normal hours. For a change, we'll have both...

Largest fin a powerbox can take
I've heard that if you use too large a fin in a powerbox you're at risk of breaking it, espcially for heavier sailors in higher winds. On my Prodigy (powerbox) the race fin (50 cm) feels jus...

Maui? Tahiti? Fiji?
No Sweden. Wow!

Maui? Tahiti? Fiji?
No Sweden. Wow!

Maui? Tahiti?
No Sweden. Wow!

Any Mistral Switch sailors?
I picked up a 107L Mistral Switch last year and I haven't figured out what the board is good for. I'm thinking light wind wave. Every time I've been out on it, the board wants to ride high i...

210 lbs: Smaller Board To Complement Aero 127 Down To 4.7?
As much as I like my new Aero 127, it seems like an awful lot of board once the wind gets to 5.4 and below for my 210+ pounds of lard. In fact, I've got another board that actually wil...

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