Using a Kite on a Formula Board?
Can you use a kite on a formula board?

Shipping a board
I need to ship a Starboard C121 from Austin,TX to Long Beach, CA. Advice....?

Windsurfer For Sale - OTTAWA
Selling Bic Rumba complete rig 2 sails 5.0&6.0 Harness Good condition Ottawa Area call Shawn 613-256-6576 Home 613-784-3958 Work <...

Is is too early to be excited to ride some of Katrina's leftovers?
I'm heading out tonight for my first real (winds being greater than 12 mph for more than 10 min at a time) session in 2 months, can't wait! Dave

Jeri Brazil
Gonna be in Brazil for a couple weeks in November and hope to score some sailing at Jeri. Any recommendations on places to stay/eat or travel tips would be appreciated. Thanks i...

skinny mast extension
Hi, Saturday I went out at Treasure Island (SF Bay) and was having a blast on my new Windwing Bash 6.8 when the brand-new Gulftech 100% carbon mast extension broke (sheared right...

Sail Trim once in footstraps
WOO-HOO! Finally got in the front footstrap!!! Wind was light in Hatteras last week, but with the new 9.0 (and Wardog's Freeweed) I was able to get in either strap first or harness first. ...

Ironic names: Hurricane division
Several years back there was a pop band called Katrina and the Waves. They had one hit called "Im Walking on Sunshine".

BABA makes it into their local newspaper

Thinking about a new dry-suit
Hi, My dry-suit is ancient and so with Fall/Winter looming I am thinking about getting a new one. Ideally I'd like something as good as a Kokotat but without the expense of one. Does...

Older Formula Boards: X186 v. FV1.3
Hi all, I'm considering getting an older Formula board for light wind sailing (5 to 15mph usually, with occasional gusts up to 20... beyond that I'll be on a smaller b...

Maui end of october - beginning november?!
Hi there, just thinking about what to do for vacation and contemplate the idea of going to Maui. Time frame would be approximately two weeks end of October to beginning November...

Screamer II question
Hi group. I'm putting together a budget quiver for higher wind with a 6.5 sail and the board I'm looking at is a Mistral Screamer II. I's in mint condition, board bag, two f...

Windsurfing in Vietnam
A curious article was published in the NY Times about a windy spot in Vietnam called Mui Ne. From the picture gallery in the Windsurf Vietnam site there looks to be some nice port tack...

Grand Prix of Cable 2005 net live
www: mobile: Sincerely, MagicCam Group

Windsurfing in Thailand
I'm planning to make a trip in Thailand in october and I'm looking for some good spots for windsurfing. I'm looking also for a good winsurf school. Any good place to suggest? Thanks. <...

Long distance sailing
Baltic Sea crossed by windsurfer 18:24 2005-08-26 A 41-year-old Lithuanian windsurfer sailed his board 200 kilometers across the Baltic Sea to Sweden hoping to be the first...

Annual Travel Insurance (in UK) & Personal Liability Cover
Any suggestions for good Annual Travel Insurance in the UK? I have had quotes from Columbus and AXA,. However I am concerned that both exclude Personal Liablity cover whilst

Wardog - Maui update?
Hey Wardog, How was Maui? I certainly enjoyed the pic's, especially since we have had a particularly windless summer here in Ralleigh/Wilmington, NC. Those photos of Glenn were aw...

Great day at Tourmaline!
Just wanted to share with everyone a rare great day in San Diego! Checked the wind after doing some chores, WOW! WX channel got it right for a change. They were calling for 10-20 and by...

Have they gone out of business for good or will they be coming back? Their answering machine indicates that their retail shop closed recently, that they are restructing and that they hope to...

Big Fins
Hello Everybody. The sea-breeze here in Slovenia is usually right around the planing threshold of my X-186 formula / 70cm fin / 12.5 Warp III combo (I weight about 71kg).

camping in the Gorge
After a six yr hiatus, I'm headed to the gorge next week to get re-aquainted with my windsurfing gear. Any camp site recommendations? I'm looking for proximity to some good warmup sailing s...

wind minimum for Kiting
Okay, A friend of mine is looking at getting into kiting, he took his first lesson last month, I told him he should sail, and I've taken him out with me a couple times. l...

Sherman and iWindsurf
Weird day today. Got up at 7am to find that I can't even see the street, it's so foggy. I figured Sherman must be howling. Almost hopped in the car without checking, but the...

Book recommendations?
Back when I was a kid in the 80's, I used the book "Zen and the Art of Windsurfing" as a guide to learn to windsurf. I've taken 10-15 years off from the sport, but have found myself living ...

Notice of Race
The Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater (WET) is hosting it's annual Hampton Roads Sailboard Classic on October 29-30, 2005. Check out fo...

Tea bagging and Ben Franklin
Was watching a show last night on Ben Franklin. Seems he not only taught himself how to swim, but fixed up one of his kites in order to have himself dragged downwind through a lake.

retro sailing, do it , its fun
had an offhshore session here on lake superior in the northwest area last week. A friend had an old seatrend randy french specail "epoxy hybrid 265" and was having trouble with it in t...

REWARD offered!
Hi, This is a cry for help from all of you that know, windsurf, frequent, or have knowledge about Sherman Lake. My 2 year old son was killed at Sherman Lake 4/30/00 while with a

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