[The Begin] Mistral Competition Superlight
Hi, i'm from Italy and as an old school windsurfer, i'm desperately seeking an old Mistral competition superLight, at least some pictures. i mean the grey one without straps and with dagger...

Infinity 7.8 vs Infinity 7.5?
Same sail, different measurment method? Subtly-different design and that's just how the square meters happened to work out? -- PeteCresswell

Starboard Aero 127, 220# Rider, 7.8 Infinity: What Fin?
The Drake 400 that came with it isn't enough. Breaks loose as soon as I stand on it with the 7.8 powered up. I'm thinking 460 or 480 mm convertable/freeride. Anybod...

What fin to get for flood conditions on SF Bay and the Delta?
Hi There, Alrighty, I'm tired of having those bummer sessions because the tide has turned, I currently use a Freesex (freestyle board) 97 as my main board with a curtis wave-fin (...

Ezzy 5.4 Inffinity Rigged Camless vs Ezzy RAF?
Anybody want to venture a guess as to how much is lost by rigging a 5.4 Infinity camless as opposed to a sail that was designed from the bottom up as an RAF? 10% 15% ze...

600lb catfish
Who needs sharks... <http://tinyurl.com/7bkyd>

Delta (Kinetic) waveboard
Any reviews of the Kinetic / Delta waveboards of last year (2005)? I'm looking at an 85L, I'm 88kg and sail down the line mostly. Here in WA, the Deltas have always been *the* choice, ...

I cut off my nose, now what?
OK, I cut off the nose on my JP and layed it up with carbon and epoxy. I'm about to grind it down one more time and put one more layer of Carbon. If it doesn't get windy first. The Microba...

In search of windsurfing videos I can give away
I'm with the Austin Windsurf Club (http://www.austinwindsurf.org) and am putting together a DVD of various windsurfing clips to give to beginners. I'm trying to find videos which we can use....

Ustedes creen que al subir el nivel de agua del embalse Puclaro, las olas se van hacer mas grandes para la proxima temporada? Al navegar durante Abril pasado con el bajo nivel del embalse la...

Weather in NA
The weather reports are talking about big storm developing in the southern carribean. How's it looking in Bonaire? Anne you okay? David

NSI deceiver 'golf bag" for kites ?
Has anyone successfully used this bag to carry their kite gear without being charged by the airline ? I've been told that airline don't charge for Golf bags (weird since it is

Why no PWA events in the Bay Area!?!
Hi all, Man, I don't understand why in the largest U.S. windsurfing market and an area with the largest active WS community in the U.S. there aren't any PWA events. I've head tha...

ebay listing
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=2920&item=5213822705&rd=1 board has few scratches, but doesn't show in picture

Mast / sail compatability - retro on ignition mast
anyone ever rigged a retro (luff of 540) on a gaastra ignition mast? I have a 03 retro 10.5 and am looking at a '04 550 100% mast I would cut of 10 cm to get to the correct length. <...

Windsurfing house for rent by hte week - Cape cod
House is in Wareham, on little harbor - the best kept windsurfing secret on New England. (it is techically NOT on the cape, about 5 miles from the bridge. The house is waterfront...

Small Video
Hatteras, last week =( Oh, man... http://mynym.blogspot.com/2005/06/windsurfing-video.html Video is 19.6 megs and be advised that it is nothing real special, just ...

What makes a fin "loose?"
OK, all you amateur (and professional) fin experts out there. Here's one for you. What are the physics and fluid dynamics that make a wide, low aspect ratio, swept fin more "turn...

Cape May, NJ
Any good places to windsurf around Cape May, NJ? I am bringing my equipment with me. Recommendation for good launch spots and wind direction would be appreciated. Thanks,

Delam on a clark foam board?
I have a 3-4 year old Rutger hard-core foam board. Recently I've noted a "bubble" or slight rounding in the bottom surface, looks like a delam to me. No sign of a soft spot underneath, just...

is there a reg shark attack season?
First NJ and now another Florida attack? Not to make light of the recent tragedy but is there a "season" when shark attacks usually occur? Is a Gulf attack uncommon? It feels like...

Windsurfing on Socotra Island?
I've found very interesting wind and wavestats for Socotra Island - Yemen. http://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?go=1&lang=eng&vs=1&sc=4294&wj=knots&tj=c&odh=3&doh=22&fhours=180 Short link: h...

Cutting off the nose of a board
My 4 year old JP freestyle board needs a nose job. I guess it got whacked 1 too many times. Yesterday at the delta I saw a crack in it that was pretty severe. I was teaching a friend to wa...

Weed Slot Fin
I hate to revisit one of this Forums favorite subjects but I'd like to tell you about a "Slotted Weed Fin" that I asked Bill Kline at Gorge Sports to make for me. I'll try to a...

Freestyle Frenzy Pics
http://www.sailworld.com/images/05_frenzy/frenzy.htm The Frenzy and Windfest were fun events, hats off to Phil and Judy from Inland Sea, they hosted a enjoyable weekend for all. ...

Another kiteboarder death (Utah)
Sad to say, it's happened again ... http://tv.ksl.com/index.php?sid=214560&nid=5&template=print

Well, after a hiatus of more than 3 months, having broken my foot sometime in March, I finally did it! Went out today in Berkeley, and hit it just right. Planed non-stop on a lof...

Question for Rhode Islanders
used to be an avid windsurfer, but not for years. I ran across a SeaTrend 9.5 with a 6.4 meter sail for $100 and bought it...it's in great shape. I want to get back into it and have a few ...

iwindsurf contacts
As anyone emailed the iwindsurf people ([email protected]) recently and gotten a timely response?? I was considering membership, but having trouble just contacting them. It doesn't giv...

rec dotters at Cape Cod Wind Fest and Freestyle Frenzy
Several rec dotters showed up to support our sport at the Cape Cod Wind Fest and Freestyle Frenzy. I had the pleasure of seeing Ed Devereaux aka Weedfin, Ed Sinofksi who competed with succe...

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