Good beginner deal going on ebay right now
not affiliated with this auction at all, but looks like a great deal from here.

Windsurfing Instructor Needed
Hello rec.dotters, I got a call about, and then permission to share the following on the forum. If you know an instructor, at least 19 or in the first year of college or older, ...

Sail repair job at Sailworks
Sailworks is seeking an experienced sail repair technician for the summer Gorge season. The successful applicant must have prior sail loft or sail repair experience and be able to work effic...

FWD: 8 Week Windsurfing teaching position.
-----Original Message----- From: Dylan Gish [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 7:18 AM Subject: 8 Week Windsurfing teaching position. Camp Chateau...

surfboard weight data?
hiya all! What's your opinion about wight figures tolerances in windsurfing boards manufacturers data? Do they tend to reduce it? E.g. officially 7.8 kg but really 8.2 kg? Like car manufactu...

Philippines in july
Is there any spots to sail, and gear to rent, in Philippines around july? I understand the stores at Boracay is closed, and open november to april, but aren't there other spots among ...

Epic Gorge
First day out after an eight month injury reprieve. It was fucking nukin!!!! People were leaving Doug's cause it was too windy! Broke my mast. First for me. ...

Starboard Aero 127
Has anyone ridden the Starboard Aero 127 yet? Especially interested in how it compares to the other wavy board in its class - the Madd ...

Lost mast in Hatteras
A friend of mine either left his mast or someone else picked it up either by mistake or otherwise on Saturday at the Canadian Hole, northern end of the parking lot. It is a 430 Powerex, two-...

Obozy windsurfingowe
Zapraszam na najtańsze szkolenia windsurfingowe na mazurach. Ceny zaczynają się od 299zł za tydzień (szkolenie + zakwaterowanie na biwaku + dodatkowy sprzęt sportowy nieodpłatnie) Wejdz na...

AHD Max Ride 62
I asked about advice for getting a smaller board a couple of weeks ago, but did not get one yet as I felt none of the boards in question then was the right one. Now there is a 2...

NZ windsurfing spots
Hello, I will be traveling around NZ end of December/early January and would like to spend the last week of the trip windsurfing. I am looking for a combination of the following:...

fs sfbayarea ASD BAY SLOLOM 9'5" $400 abt 125 ltrs
CASH in hand no shipping ha call big Ron at 408 559-8803 also have a sea trend 8'8" atv bump jump $350 both have new straps and pads can be seen in San Jose

US Open reports
Hi all, There are fun reports coming from the US Open at Corpus Christi. I wish I could be there but my vacation time will be spent at the US Nationals in Hood River. ...

fin report with EVO 92
So I took a nap yesterday afternoon from getting my *ss kicked Friday evening at Crissy Field. I get up around 4pm and my wife says "are you going windsurfing, it's really windy?"...

Anyone had the chance to sail one of these "bad boys"? Looking for info and reviews. thanks db

A groups is it's own worst enemy. it's long

3 year subscription to Windsurfing via ebay, nice!
I took a chance and ordered one of those ultra cheap subscriptions to Windsurfing magazine through ebay. To my surprise I actually got the magazine. I think I spent $12.99 on the 3 year sub...

ATTN FW RACERS Good deal on Ebay
AHD 98NT for sale. Not mine. Plus other stuff. Also, not mine. -Dan

Slalom Fins - Curtis vs Select
I'm after a speed oriented fin, around 40cm, for my JP SuperX 116. This will be my light air fin to be used with a 7.5m V8. Purely recreational use but I want to focus on speed. The only loc...

Wireless service, iwindsurf, isabella and rio vista
I am kind of frustrated with the wind pager since we no longer get updates at Isabella. Iwindsurf has recommended using some kind of wireless service to receive their data - however this is...

FS: Curtis/Drake 64cm fin - brand new
Curtis/Drake Race 64cm fin. Deep Tuttle box. Brand new. Never used. Perfect for a formula or free formula board. This is the fin supplied with the larger star-board 2003, 2004, and 2005 free...

Another Kitesurf Fatality
According to the reports his name was Bill, and like many kitesurfers, he was a former windsurfer. Play safe! Jon www.isl...

Have you some pictures of you in Portopollo?
Hello everyone, I'm doing the website and I'm getting crazy to find pictures in my archives and to find texts to describes... So i ask myself who better than who...

How to check for board leak
I wondering what the best way to check for a leak into a board. My beloved 04 Hyfly 110 was blown off the van before I could strap it down. It landed on the tail and had a small delam abou... now in english
Dear friends, after differents requests from you, I worked to translate the website. I'm sure I did a lot of mistakes so if you find some errors tell me :-) Bye and hope to see you surf...

Tushingham Formula Light
What is a Tushingham Formula light? I can maybe get a 6.5 or 7.0 at a good price but I can't find any info on the sail. It seems strange to have a sail in this size named Formula anything. I...

Speed checks
Here's another topic: The other day The Dog mentioned that he had clocked 36MPH on a twin-fin MADD 135 (pretty darn good IMO) - what other "free-ride" combos are clocking good s...

I have a windsurfing board heavy duty carrying strap
my board is ancient and heavy my Strap-It carries this puppy no problyn Im happy --- MAF Anti-Spam ID: 20050525134643J2r2CwR1

Not lurking, more like puking
Ray Kuntz wrote in "Get some help": > I wonder if those [WARHOLE's] attacked and no longer post > continue to lurk or are simply gone. Not so much "lurking" as glancing in t...

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