pricing old sails
April 30, 2005 HELP! My boyfriend ran off and left me with some of his windsurfing gear. I need to sell it to pay his half of the rent. I have NO IDEA what it is worth. Is there a...

non skid
Has anybody found a better nonskid coating than Redek? It seems like I have to redo my boards every season, even then its not quite sticky enough for me.

Boston area windsurfing lessons?
Hi, I've been searching around for some windsurfing lessons in the Boston area. I'm raring to go, but nothing starts until June or later (Community Boating, AMC, etc...

Where on the Gulf coast of Florida is windsurfing good in winter ?
Separate Question : Where on the Gulf coast of Florida is windsurfing good in winter ? - assume that we drive from the Great Lakes with our own equipment looking for great weather...

TR: Aruba
got back from aruba a week or so ago, and my trip report and pics are finally up on the web: bottom line: ...

=?iso-8859-2?Q?Najta=F1sze?= szkolenia windsurfingowe.
Najtańsze szkolenia windsurfingowe. -- Wyslano z

Boards on Packasports (long question)
Hello, I am in the process of researching a new vehicle which unfortunately needs to be both a daily commuter and a weekend play-mobile. A station wagon is very appealing for the ...

Where in Mexico is windsurfing good in winter ?
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Foretex 201 on sale at EMS two days only
I've been waiting for this sale at EMS for the GARMIN Foretrex 201 GPS Price: Originally $170.00 Sale $136.00

large sail size on a seatrend AVS
Hi, I have a Seatrend AVS 62 (I think the original design was by Roberts), which is 130L in volume. It recommends a sail size between 6.0 and 8.0. I currently use anyw...

Fiberspar v Gulftech
Is there much difference between the masts? I'm trying to compare a Radius RDM 430 vs an approximately equivalent Gulftech. How different are they?

8.0m sail on a 460 ?
Does anyone know a make/model of 8.0 meter sail that is reccomended for use on a 460 mast ? I was thinking about my favourite sail, a Retro, but they reccomend a 490 and lis...

Sailworks Retro 2005
I'm interested in buying a 7M Retro. Can anyone comment on the sail as I haven't seen any reviews on the 2005 design here in the UK?. I'm looking for a durable freeride sail for flat water ...

Bahamas Islands WS
Is there any widsurfing on Bahamus in June ? My wife is dragging me away from Cabaret.

Kite Surf in Vancouver ????
Hi Guys, Any kite surf obvious spots around Vancouver? I was thinking about White Rock that I discovered last Sunday. I did a few boat sailing in the Bay of Vancouver ...

Szkolenie windsurfingowe. Bardzo tanio !!!!
Zapraszam na szkolenie windsurfingowe organizowane przez firmę JasiekSurf. Bardzo niskie ceny, 10 lat doświadczenia, świetni ludzie, imprezy itp. Szczeguły na stronie

Group by issues
I'm having a brain fade, and hope someone can help out. Consider a table as bolow. ID CODE VALUE --------------------- 1 a 1 2 a 2 3 b...

Naish Titan 125
Any thoughts on the Naish Titan 125 board? cheers G

costa del lisboa
Has anyone [reading this] been to the Costa del lisboa in Portugal? I'm curious about windsurfing conditions there, also about accommodation. Thanks, Mark Holden ...

Hatteras or bust
WindFest Hatteras starts tomorrow although several have already ventured south for the event. My wife and I are headed there Friday morning to return on Sunday and expecting fair weather for...

Looking for a vest to use with a waist harness (Thermoform). Any recommendations? Thanks, Matt

Matrix vs. Madd
Hi all, A question for those in the know about new boards. After a 6 year hiatus from the sport, I've recently decided to consider getting back on the horse. Skill background: At the...

Brisbane: Wello to Moreton or Strattie
Last Sunday was a landmark for my windsurfing life when Geoff and myself set off for the biggest windsurf venture to date - we sailed all the way from Wellington Point to Moreton Island, rig...

san pablo bay site?
Iwindsurf has a sensor at a site called San Pablo Bay, but no other information. Anyone know anything about this place? Where's the launch? Since it's near the mouth of the delta, does it ge...

Boot problem
After sailing in very gusty 5m - 6m conditions with pretty decent size surf yesterday I became aware of a strange problem with wearing boots: My second toe on the right foot is bruise...

Physical Therapist Employment on MAUI!
Aloha, Wailuku Physical Therapy is looking to hire a per diem physical therapist for two months a year on Maui. For details email [email protected]

Wanted: LI, NY
Anybody got an old mast... bottom of a two piece? For sale, trade or free? I'm out east on North Fork. Get me at [email protected] Thanks Gary

I need recommendations for light wind slalom board
Hi I'm looking to buy a good light wind slalom board, I don't really want one of those new revolutionary wide boards, I'm looking for something more conventional. I'm about ...

earn some extra money
If I told you, I can show you how to make $40k within 4-5 months but your cost will be $6 and 1-2 hours to do it. Would you spend the $6 and 1-2 hours? If you would, read on. Ok, ...

AHD 300 fin size
Hi I am repairing/restoring a `98 AHD 300 Pro Race and was wondering about the maximum fin size for light wind early planing with a 9.0 Transam,i weigh 95kg so holding that rail down i...

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