After Sailing in Bonaire
Bonaire Beach and Culture Week: May 15 - 22, 2005 May 15 - 22, 2005, Bonaire will also host Bonaire Beach and Culture Week. Windy Lac Bay will be the picturesque setting for King of t...

Formula Regatta- western long island sound
The yacht club that i sail keel boats out of, hosted a high-performance dinghy regatta in october last year. they had several classes including 505's, 470's, 49er's and flying dut...

The old line through the sail trick
I know this must have been discussed before but I can't find anything. I have just bought an old 2000 9.5 V8 to squeeze out that extra bit of early planing. The only reason I chose tha...

Takin' the Euro out of Europin...
Allright peoples. We resisted and resisted, but the time has come. Chinook is producing a "euro" format mast base and extension. Since we aint Euro, it shall henceforth be called the Powerha...

Kitesurfing conditions in Thailand in March
Am interested in going to Thailand for Kitesurfing Beginner lessons. Any comments of whether this is the right time of the year to go and where in Thailand has consistant winds. Am thinkin...

windsurfing in the arab emirates?
does anybody know about windsurfing conditions in and around Abu Dhabi?

The bar has been raised for new record
40 surfers on a surfboard. Let's do this with a windsurfer and hope it doesn't pearl <g>. Ben

Is windsurfing on lava possible ???
I want to try it next week.Do you think it will work?

Calema Midwinters Race Report
March 4th -- Calema Midwinters Race Report [below]. Source: Devon Boulon Event URL is at: -Barry ====================== ...

North Power XT?
Can anyone describe their experience using the North Power XT extension? It looks like it will make rigging faster and sail tuning easier and more precise. -- Richard ...

Hints of Northwest Flow in SF
Anybody think things will be sailable in the SF Bay Area Soon. When does iwindsurf start there live people forecast. Also do you think there new computer forecasts will be accurate?

Old guy having problems? (funny, really)
I was on the beach just north of Kihei on Monday wind only about 15 when I see an old guy going out alone. He uphauls (first time I saw that on Maui in a while) and off he goes. He's heading...

Kewlest Sail Innovation
Severne Sails has really stepped up their sail and bag program this year...quality is attention to detail and striving for excellence...and they are really busting a move: New S...

Bike trolley for your gear ?
Hi everyone, Do some you living close to the water go sailing using one ? Might be handy I'm wondering... TIA

Seal Beach Swap
Any one know when the spring Seal Beach swap is going to happen?

Avon, NC.....lost rig and board in sound.
Just talked to a friend whom I have not spoken with since the fall. He informed me that he has lost his rig in the Sound around Avon, NC. He does not know about rec.windsurfing, nor is...

Björn Dunkerbeck Joins North Sails Windsurfing
The latest news is that Björn Dunkerbeck has left Neil Pryde to join North Sails. The deciding factors were that Jimmy Diaz joined North and that North Sails is opening a sail design center ...

when does Hatteras start??
Hi, I am new to the east coast and would like to know when Hatteras begins to blow consistently. I am mostly a wave sailor, but at this point in the winter I am ready for any k...

'05 SPI Blowout
Posted as a courtesy to SPI Windsurfing with minor editing. Pretty cool that this event has survived for 25 years !! -Barry -------- South Padre Island Windsurfing PO Box 38...

Punta San Carlos
I see on Kevin's web site that the road is bad from the rains(see below). I am traveling down there by myself on March 18th and would like to caravan the dirt road or the Mexico leg with s...

F2 Air 255
I was wondering if anybody remembers the F2 Air 255 board (mod. 2000). I am looking for something of that size. I'm attracted by a width and weight. I'm not a freestyler though...

Laird Hamilton Windsurfing Kanaha
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_000A_01C51DD7.BD210880 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

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